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Ahmed, S; Hammond, J; Rodrigo, IE; Shackley, SJ; Sohi, SP; Haszeldine, S; (2010) The potential of biochar deployment in Scotland: A preliminary assessment. (working paper 7). UKBRC: Edinburgh, UK.

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Auramaa, P.I.; (2010) The production of infrastructure in partnership with communities: does participation make owners? Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access


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BOANO, C; (2010) City of Islands: Istanbul at a crossroads. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.abitare.it/highlights/city-of-islands-i...

BOANO, C; (2010) Möbius Strip, Borders and Frontiers: Jerusalem’s urbanism revisited. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://developmentplanningunit.wordpress.com/2010/...

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BOANO, C; (2010) Why translating resilience is important? And why translating-architecture for reconstruction? In: (Proceedings) Preparing for a More Disaster-Resilient Future seminar.

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BOANO, C; Hunter, W; Leclair-Paquet, B; Wade, A; LaMarca, M; (2010) Are architects the last people needed in reconstruction? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.thepolisblog.org/2010/03/are-architects...

Biel, R; (2010) “Critical Perspectives on Issues of Global Poverty” Boran A. (ed.) Poverty – Malaise of Development, Chester (Chester Academic Press). In: Boran, A, (ed.) Poverty, Malaise of Development. Chester University Press: Chester.

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Frediani, AA; (2010) Building Communities: Architecture Sans Frontieres-UK Workshop, Salvador de Bahia- Brazil. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://developmentplanningunit.wordpress.com/2010/...

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 Participation. UN-Habitat

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Zeng, H.Y.; (2010) The impact of fiscal decentralization and market transition on local public finance in China: fiscal inadequacy and unmet social security needs. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

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