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Adeyemi, K; Manolopoulou, Y; (2016) NEWNOWNEXT: Kunlé Adeyemi, NLÉ. UNSPECIFIED

Agarez, R; Forty, JA; (2016) Foreword. In: Algarve Building. Modernism Regionalism and Architecture in the South of Portugal, 1925-1965. (xxxv-xxviii). Routledge: Abingdon, Oxford.

Al-Sayed, K; (2016) How computational agent-based models trigger creative insights into architectural and urban design education. In: Weber, P, (ed.) (Proceedings) Research Based Education 2016. (pp. pp. 266-281). The Bartlett School of Architecture: London, UK.

Anagnostopoulou-Politou, K; Al-Sayed, K; (2016) Spatial Cognition in virtual environment: Spatial cognition in video games. In: Guimarães, N and Paio, A and Osório, FC and Oliveira, MJ and Oliveira, S, (eds.) [Proceedings of the 2016 Architecture in-Play International Conference]. (pp. pp. 195-202). University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) and La Sapienza Universitá of Roma: Lisbon, Portugal. Green open access

Anciaes, PR; Boniface, S; Dhanani, A; Mindell, JS; Groce, N; (2016) Urban transport and community severance: linking research and policy to link people and places. Journal of Transport and Health , 3 (3) pp. 268-277. 10.1016/j.jth.2016.07.006. Green open access

Andreen, DN; (2016) Discriminatory transient mass transfer through reticulated network geometries: a mechanism for integrating functionalities in the building envelope. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Architecture Sans Frontière, ; Apsan Frediani, A; Campkin, B; Bainbridge, E; Bennett, J; De Carli, B; French, M; ... Walker, J; + view all (2016) Change by design: reimagining regeneration through participatory design in Cape Town. Architecture Sans Frontières-UK: London.

Astengo, G; (2016) The rediscovery of Palmyra and its dissemination in Philosophical Transactions. Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 10.1098/rsnr.2015.0059. (In press). Green open access


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Bremner, L; Bottazzi, R; (2016) Architecture, Energy, Matter. University of Westminster, Department of Architecture

Bristol, JR; (2016) Interspecies Spaces: écriture féline. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Butcher, M; (2016) Mobile Signals. Architecture Today , 268 pp. 46-48. Green open access

Butcher, M; (2016) The Silt House, A Lyrical Architecture of the Flood: Landscape, Infrastructure and Symbiosis. Architecture Research Quarterly (ARQ) , 19 (3) pp. 224-233. 10.1017/S1359135515000482.

Butcher, M; Raslan, R; Taylor, J; (2016) Flood House. [Building]. Southend-On-Sea.


Campkin, B; Duijzings, G; (2016) Engaged urbanism: experimental and situated methodologies for fairer cities. In: Campkin, B and Duijzings, G, (eds.) Engaged urbanism: cities and methodologies. (pp. 1-20). I.B.Tauris: London and New York. (In press).

Campkin, B; Marshall, L; (2016) LGBTQI Nightlife in London. UCL Urban Laboratory: London.

Campkin, B; Mogilevich, M; Ross, R; (2016) Picturing place: the agency of images in urban change. In: Campkin, B and Duijzings, G, (eds.) Engaged urbanism: cities and methodologies. (pp. 147-154). I.B.Tauris: London and New York.

Capillé, C; Psarra, S; (2016) Disciplined Informality: Assembling informal spatial practices in three public Libraries in Medellin. The Journal of Space Syntax Green open access

Capillé, CC; (2016) Spatial cultures of public libraries: Architecture, collective use and political agendas in Medellín’s Library-Parks. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Chard, N; (2016) Paradoxical Sciagraphy. In: Allen, L, (ed.) Drawing Futures Speculations in Contemporary Drawing for Art and Architecture. UCL Press: London.

Chinchilla, I; Colletti, M; Farrow, V; Herron, S; Fraser, M; Lewis, T; Hufford, A; ... Archipovaite, E; + view all (2016) aae2016 Conference on Research-Based education. In: Weber, PM, (ed.) (Proceedings) Research Based Education aae2016. Bartlett School of Architecture (In press).

Claypool, ME; (2016) The Consequences of Dialogue and the Virgilian Nostalgia of Colin Rowe. Architecture and Culture , 4 (3) pp. 359-367. 10.1080/20507828.2016.1239892.

Colletti, M; (2016) The Awesome and Capricious Language of Past, Present and Future Digital Moods. Architectural Design , 86 (6) pp. 118-125. 10.1002/ad.2120.

Colletti, M; (2016) Post-digital Transdisciplinarity. Architectural Design , 86 (5) pp. 74-81. 10.1002/ad.2092.

Cruz, M; Beckett, R; (2016) Bioreceptive design: a novel approach to biodigital materiality. Architectural Research Quarterly , 20 (01) pp. 51-64. 10.1017/S1359135516000130.

Curran, FG; (2016) Towards a fractured topography of the present: art, ecology and the political economy of speed. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).


Dalton, S; Schnädelbach, H; Varoudis, T; Wiberg, M; (2016) Architects of information. Interactions , 23 (4) pp. 62-64. 10.1145/2933266.

Dhanani, A; Vaughan, L; (2016) Towards a walkability model for strategic evaluation of policy action and urban active transport interventions. In: (Proceedings) 48th Meeting of the Universities' Transport Study Group (UTSG), 6-7 January 2016, Bristol, UK. Universities' Transport Study Group (UTSG) Green open access

Dhanani, AN; (2016) Suburban built form and street network development in London, 1880–2013: An application of quantitative historical methods. Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History , 49 (4) pp. 230-243. 10.1080/01615440.2016.1220268.

Dino, B; Narvaez-Zertuche, L; Davis, H; Vaughan, L; Griffiths, S; (2016) Linking business records, cartographic sources and space syntax data to compare the spatial morphology of the furniture industry in two areas of nineteenth-century London. Presented at: Urban History Group 2016: Re-Evaluating the Place of the City in History, Robinson College, University of Cambridge.


Eylers, EC; (2016) Landscapes and Sanatorium: The changing Role of the natural Site in the Cure for Tuberculosis. Presented at: Docomomo 14th International Conference: Adaptive Reuse. The Modern Movement towards the Future, Lisbon.

Eylers, EC; (2016) Landscapes and Sanatorium: The changing Role of the natural Site in the Cure for Tuberculosis. In: Tostões, A and Ferreira, Z, (eds.) (pp. pp. 68-74). docomomo International, Casa da Arquitectura: Lisbon.

Eylers, EC; Malmberg, J; Sainio, J; (2016) Paimio Sanatorium History / The Paimio Project. In: Heikkonen, N, (ed.) Paimio Sanatorium Conservation Management Plan 2016. (pp. 20-149). Alvar Aalto Foundation: Helsinki.


Fatah gen. Schieck, A; (2016) Living Architecture: Currencies between Architectural Pedagogy and Time-based Media Performance. In: Weber, Patrick, (ed.) aae2016: Research Based Education 2016 [Conference proceedings, Volume 2]. (pp. pp. 503-514). Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London: London, UK. Green open access

Feminist Health Care Research Group, ; Bonn, J; Entner, J; Gross, I; Münch, A; Muller-Ginorio, E; Reuschling, F; ... Zimprich, I; + view all (2016) Political Feelings. [Artefact]. Berlin, Germany.

Forty, JA; (2016) Clay Forecasts. In: Bradley, F, (ed.) Damián Ortega: states of time. (pp. 33-43). The Fruitmarket Gallery: Edinburgh.

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Froy, FE; (2016) Understanding the spatial organisation of economic activities in early 19th century Antwerp. The Journal of Space Syntax , 6 (2) pp. 225-246. Green open access


Glisovic, I; Stevanovic, B; Todorovic, M; Stevanovic, T; (2016) GLULAM BEAMS EXTERNALLY REINFORCED WITH CFRP PLATES. WOOD RESEARCH , 61 (1) pp. 141-154.

Gould, PE; (2016) No More Elsewhere: Antarctica through the Archive of the Edward Wilson (1872–1912) Watercolours. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Griffiths, S; (2016) Spatial culture, processional culture and the materialities of social memory in nineteenth-century Sheffield. Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory , 17 (3) pp. 254-275. 10.1080/1600910X.2016.1183219. Green open access

Griffiths, S; Navickas, K; Mavros, P; (2016) Combining GIS and space syntax techniques to explore the urban-scale distribution of political meeting places in Manchester c.1790 - 1850. Presented at: Spatial Humanities, University of Lancaster.

Griffiths, S; Vaughan, L; (2016) Mapping spatial cultures: the contribution of space syntax to research in social and economic urban history. Presented at: Meeting of the European Association of Urban Historian, Helsinki.

Griffiths, S; von Lünen, A; (2016) Between doing and meaning in the urban past: research in historical spatial culture. Presented at: Urban History Group Conference, Robinson’s College, Cambridge.


Hanna, S; Bentley, P; (2016) Design Computing and Cognition (DCC'14). (Vol.30). CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS

Hanna, S; Bentley, P; (2016) Design Computing and Cognition (DCC'14). Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing , 30 (2) pp. 123-124. 10.1017/S0890060416000019. Green open access

Hillier, WRG; (2016) What are cities for? and how does it relate to their spatial form? The Journal of Space Syntax , 6 (2) pp. 199-212. Green open access

Hillier, WRG; (2016) The fourth sustainability, creativity: statistical associations and credible mechanisms. In: Portugali J and Stolk E,, , (ed.) Complexity, Cognition, Urban Planning and Design. Springer

Hodgson, WTC; (2016) Finding Space to House Urban Communities. Urban Pampleteer , 6 pp. 14-16. Green open access


Julier, SJ; Fatah Gen Schieck, A; Blume, P; Moutinho, A; Koutsolampros, P; Javornik, A; Rovira, A; (2016) VisAge: Augmented reality for heritage. In: Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays. (pp. pp. 257-258). ACM New York: New York, NY, USA. Green open access


Khan, SS; (2016) The spatialisation of an ethno-political migrant identity: appropriation, adaptation, and contestation of Muhajir space in Karachi. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Koenig, R; Varoudis, T; (2016) Spatial Optimisations Merging depthmapX, spatial graph networks and evolutionary design in Grasshopper. In: Herneoja, A and Osterlund, T and Markkanen, P, (eds.) (Proceedings) 34th eCAADe Conference (eCAADe). (pp. pp. 249-254). ECAADE-EDUCATION & RESEARCH COMPUTER AIDED ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN EUROPE

Kostourou, F; (2016) Conflicts of Interest: Rethinking the Future of Housing in the UK. Lobby (4) pp. 109-110.

Kostourou, F; (2016) New Modesty: Architecture of a Rising Generation. Lobby (5) pp. 58-60.

Krenz, K; Kostourou, F; Psarra, S; Capillé, C; (2016) Understanding the City as a Whole: An Integrative Analysis of Rio de Janeiro and its Informal Settlements. In: (Proceedings) 22nd International Seminar on Urban Form. U + D Edition Rome (In press).


Madsen, JL; (2016) Kleist and the space of collapse. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) Dartmouth Park House. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) Eleanor Palmer Primary School Science Lab. [Building]. London.

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) Evelina Children's Hospital Atrium Pavilion. [Design]

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) Flutes. [Artefact]. Ceramics and Milled High Density Foam. Mobile Item, No Location.

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) Marble Arch Pavilion. [Design]

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) RIBA Open Competition: Langley Vale Visitor Hub. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2016) Torriano Junior School Entrance. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; Bose, S; (2016) Venice Viewpoints. Architecture Today (268) pp. 10-13.

Manolopoulou, Y; Boulanger, A; (2016) Montpelier Community Nursery case study: Q&A with Anthony Boulanger and Yeoryia Manolopoulou. [Digital scholarly resource].

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Irish pavilion Installs Drawing Machine to Highlight Dementia at the Venice Biennale. DesignBoom

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Losing Myself (The Irish Pavilion). [Design]

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Losing Myself (website) for the Irish Pavilion of the 2016 Venice Biennale. [Digital scholarly resource].

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Losing Myself: Inside the Irish Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Arch Daily

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Losing Myself: Irish Pavilion at la Biennale di Venezia 2016 (Full Animation). Vimeo

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Losing Myself: Irish Pavilion at la Biennale di Venezia 2016 (Teaser Clip). UNSPECIFIED, Vimeo.

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Thoughts on 'Losing Myself'. Presented at: Creativity in Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA Support Group), UCL Dementia Research Centre.

Manolopoulou, Y; McLaughlin, N; (2016) Losing Myself, Ireland. In: Alejandro Aravena, , (ed.) Reporting From the Front: 15th International Architecture Exhibition (Official Catalogue). (tbc-tbc). Marsilio

Manolopoulou, Y; Mclaughlin, N; (2016) 15 Biennale di Venezia, Irish pavilion. Divisare

Memarovic, N; Schieck, AFG; Schnadelbach, H; Kostopoulou, E; North, S; Ye, L; (2016) Longitudinal, Cross-site and "In the Wild": a Study of Public Displays User Communities' Situated Snapshots. In: (Proceedings) 3rd Media Architecture Biennale Conference (MAB). ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY

Migayrou, FM; (2016) Sigfried Giedion : Permanences de la Mutation, Etats transitoire du Moderne. In: Collectif, , (ed.) Les Cahiers Du Mnam - Hors-serie Sigfried Giedion. Centre Georges Pompidou

Migayrou, FM; (2016) Pierre Paulin, Les formes d’un organicisme. In: Pitiot, C, (ed.) Pierre Paulin. Centre Pompidou

Mindell, JS; Jones, P; Haklay, M; Scholes, S; Groce, N; Vaughan, L; (2016) Community severance from major roads: Can we measure its effects on determinants of health? Lessons from Finchley Road, London, UK. Presented at: 6th International Health Policy conference, Jerusalem, Israel.

Motta, W; Fatah gen. Schieck, A; (2016) An Anthropological look at a Network of Interactive Urban Screens. In: Griffiths, S and von Lünen, A, (eds.) Spatial Cultures. Ashgate


O'Brien, JR; Serra, M; Hudson-Smith, A; Psarra, S; Hunter, A; Austwick, MZ; (2016) Ensuring VGI Credibility in Urban-Community Data Generation: A Methodological Research Design. Urban Planning , 1 (2) pp. 88-100. 10.17645/up.v1i2.620. Green open access

O'Leary, JJ; (2016) The Interface: Peace Walls, Belfast, Northern Ireland. In: Marc Schoonderbeek,, and Malkit Shoshan, , (eds.) Spaces of Conflict. (pp. 137-144). Footprint: Delft, NL.


Palaiologou, G; Griffiths, S; Vaughan, L; (2016) Reclaiming the virtual community for spatial cultures: Functional generality and cultural specificity at the interface of building and street. Journal of Space Syntax , 7 (1) pp. 25-54. Green open access

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Palaiologou, G; Vaughan, L; (2016) Diachronic comparisons – built form change and socio-economic life in Islington, London and the West Village, Manhattan 1870-2013. In: Doyle, B and Madgin, R, (eds.) (Proceedings) Urban History Group 2016: Re-Evaluating the Place of the City in History.

Pearson, LC; (2016) Architectures of Ironic Computation: How videogames offer new protocols for architectural experimentation. Inflection , 3 pp. 58-67.

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Psarra, S; Kostourou, F; Krenz, K; (2016) Designed and emergent tectonics: resituating architectural knowledge. The Plan Journal pp. 11-28. 10.15274/TPJ-2016-10003. Green open access


Ramos Ramirez, RA; (2016) Spatial Practices/Digital Traces: Embodiment and Reconfigurations of Urban Spaces Through GPS Mobile Applications. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Rawes, P; (2016) Dissimilarity : Spinoza's geometric ratios and housing crisis. In: Lord, B, (ed.) Spinoza’s Philosophy of Proportion and Ratio.

Rawes, P; (2016) Building Sexuate Architectures of Sustainability. In: Mortensen, E and Rawlinson, M and Schwab, G, (eds.) Through the Prism of Sexual Difference.

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Roberts, DJ; (2016) Make Public: performing public housing in regenerating east London. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).


Sailer, K; Griffiths, S; (2016) From Non-Discursive Qualities of Space to Conscious Design. Conscious Cities (1) Green open access

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Stevanovic, T; (2016) Building Subject to Groundworks: Youth Working Actions in Belgrade. [Lecture]. Presented at: Marxism in Culture, Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

Stevanovic, T; (2016) Humane Spontaneity: Teaching New Belgrade Lessons of the Past. In: Moravánszky, Á and Lange, T and Hopfengärtner, J and Kegler, K, (eds.) Re-framing Identites Architecture's Turn to History 1970-1990; East West Central: Re-building Europe 1950-1990. (pp. 195-208). Birkhäuser

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Thomas, A; (2016) A material history of the City of London, 1945-1993: architecture, planning and finance. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).


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Wilson, RM; (2016) Review of S. Papapetros and J. Rose (eds) Retracing the Expanded Field: Encounters Between Art and Architecture. Journal of Architectural Education

Wilson, RM; (2016) Utopic Practice in Theory and Figuration: Transversal Writing, Stockholm. Presented at: Transversal Writing, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Zografos, S; (2016) Buildings on Fire: Towards a New Approach to Urban Memory. In: Engaged Urbanism Cities and Methodologies. I.B. Tauris

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