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Al-Sayed, K; (2014) Design Cognition and Behavior: Usability in the Built Environment. [Scholarly edition]. Emo, B and Varoudis, T (Eds). Universität Bremen / Universität Freiburg: Bremen.

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Anciaes, PR; Boniface, S; Dhanani, A; (2014) Community Severance glossary. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://discovery.ucl.ac.uk/1540248/ Green open access

Anciaes, PR; Boniface, S; Dhanani, A; Groce, N; (2014) Initiating dialogue between stakeholders and establishing a common language for community severance through cross disciplinary workshops. (Street Mobility and Network Accessibility Working Paper 01). University College London (UCL): London, UK. Green open access

Armstrong, RA; (2014) Vibrant architecture: How 'vibrant matter' may raise the status of the material world in architectural design practice and be recognised as a codesigner of our living spaces. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Behrens, M; Schieck, AFG; Valkanova, N; Brumby, DP; (2014) Smart citizen sentiment dashboard: A case study into media architectural interfaces. In: PerDis 2014 - Proceedings: 3rd ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2014. (pp. 19 - 24). ACM: New York. Green open access

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Colletti, M; (2014) Lobbying for the Spectacular in Architecture. Interview with Marjan Colletti by Nahed Jawad-Chakouf. In: Lobby magazine, issue 1: Un/Spectable. (pp. 96-98). Bartlett School of Architecture: London.

Colletti, M; (2014) Openness and FrAgility of (Post)digital Design-Reseach. In: Joekalda, J and Tali, J and Tuksam, S, (eds.) INTERSPACE - Essays on the Digital and the Public. The catalogue of the Estonian National Exhibition at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia, Italy. (pp. 200-223). Architecture Center of Estonia and Lugemik: Tallinn, Estonia.

Colletti, M; (2014) (Post)digitaalsete Disiainiuuringute Avatus Ja Habras Paindlikkus. In: Joekalda, J and Tali, J and Tuksam, S, (eds.) Vaba Ruum. Esseed Digitaalsest Ja Avalikust. (pp. 196-219). Museum of Estonian Architecture: Tallinn, Estonia.

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Colletti, M; Cruz, M; Beckett, M; (2014) PoroCITIES. Architectures of Permeability for Contemporary Urban Dwelling. [Book]. ListLab Laboratorio Internazionale di Strategie Editoriali: Trento, Italy.

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; Liu, R; (2014) STRIATED LANDSCAPE Competition entry for the new entrance of South China University [not built], Hengyang P.R.China. UNSPECIFIED

Colletti, M; Tamre, K; Grasser, G; Weiler, A; (2014) (Fr)Agile Materiality: Approximating uncertain fabrication processes. In: Gramazio, F and Kohler, M and Langenberg, S, (eds.) Fabricate: Negotiating Design and Making. (pp. 216-223). gta Verlag: Zurich, Switzerland.


De Haas, CJ; (2014) The doll's house and the Enclave: a toolkit. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Denison, EB; (2014) China and the Landscape of Multiple Modernities up to 1949. [Book]. Ashgate

Denison, EB; (2014) China’s Concealed Crisis. Architectural Design

Denison, EB; (2014) Luke Him Sau, Architect: China's Missing Modern. [Book]. (1st ed.).

Denison, EB; (2014) Manchuria: China's Mirror to Modernism. [Book]. Hong Kong University Press


Eylers, E; (2014) Planning the Nation: the sanatorium movement in Germany. The Journal of Architecture , 19 (5) 667 - 692. 10.1080/13602365.2014.966587. Green open access


Fatah gen. Schieck, A; Moutinho, A; Kostopoulou, E; Freeman, R; Senevirathne, S; Grover, C; (2014) Augmented Urban Experience through Mediated Spatial Narratives. Presented at: UrbanIxD: City. Data. Future Symposium, Venice, Italy.


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Hanna, S; (2014) Machine intuition. In: Graz, TU, (ed.) GAM 10: Intuition & the Machine. (40 - 53). Ambra

Hultzsch, A; (2014) Architecture, travellers and writers: constructing histories of perception 1640-1950. Legenda Press: Oxford.


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LAU, JTC; (2014) Design by Means of Archival Research: Exploring the Notion of Multiple Interpretations and the Proposal for Another Ditchley Portrait. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).



Manolopoulou, Y; (2014) Delivering Green Design. [Digital scholarly resource]. https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/home/deliverin...

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Manolopoulou, Y; (2014) The Life of Montpelier Community Nursery. Presented at: Green Sky Thinking: Delivering Sustainable Buildings, London School of Economics.

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2014) East Ham Fire Station. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2014) Eclectic Mix. UNSPECIFIED

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2014) Montpelier Community Nursery. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://phaidonatlas.com/building/montpelier-commun...

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2014) Proposal for St Anne’s Community Project. Vimeo

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2014) St Anne's Close. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2014) St Anne's Community Project. [Building]. .

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Migayrou, FM; (2014) The Organon of Frank Gehry. In: Frank Gehry. Centre Pompidou


Nabil, A; Pitt, M; Hanna, S; Tsigkari, M; (2014) Neural network architectures for a user overridable dynamic shading system. In: Malki-Epsthein, L and Spataru, C and Marjanovic Halburd, L and Mumovic, D, (eds.) (Proceedings) Building Simulation and Optimization. The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering: London, UK.


O'Brien, JR; (2014) Shaping Knowledge: Complex Social-Spatial Modelling for Adaptive Organizations (Chandos Information Professional Series). Elsevier-Chandos


Penner, BJ; (2014) Icon of the Month: London's Sewers. Icon

Penner, BJ; (2014) Viewpoints: Building conservation can be about preserving a way of life. The Architectural Review

Penner, BJ; (2014) Viewpoints: Rem Koolhaas needs to get back to fundamentals. The Architectural Review

Penner, BJ; (2014) Invitations to a Candy-Floss World. In: Lasansky, M, (ed.) Archipop. Berg

Penner, BJ; (2014) "Filthy Lucre: Urine for Sale". In: Thrift, N and Tickell, A and Woolgar, S, (eds.) Globalization in Practice. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

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Rawes, P; (2014) Relational Architectural Ecologies. [Lecture]. Presented at: MArch Urbanism, Sheffield University, UK.

Rawes, P; (2014) Situated Architectural Historical Ecologies. In: Borden, I and Fraser, M and Penner, B, (eds.) Forty Ways to Think About Architecture: Architectural History and Theory Today. (pp. 204-209). John Wiley and Sons Ltd: Chichester.

Rawes, P; (2014) Everyday Architectural Ecologies. P.E.A.R. (Paper for Emerging Architectural Research) , 6

Roberts, D; (2014) Telling Stories / Empty Words Build Empty Homes. Opticon 1826 (16) 10.5334/opt.bq. Green open access


Schieck, AFG; Schnädelbach, H; Motta, W; Behrens, M; North, S; Ye, L; Kostopoulou, E; (2014) Screens in the wild: Exploring the potential of networked urban screens for communities and culture. In: (pp. pp. 166-167).

Scholes, S; Vaughan, L; Dhanani, A; Boniface, S; Mindell, J; (2014) The importance of co-location and culture in determining destinations for transport planning: a case study of access to a suburban healthy food basket. Presented at: Transport Research Board (Subcommittee on Health and Transportation), Washington, D.C., USA. Green open access

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Wilson, RM; (2014) Lecture: Generic Expectation and Intermediary Space:The Reflexive Utopics of Architectural Photography. UNSPECIFIED

Wilson, RM; (2014) Over-Doing: Figural Form in Calais. Presented at: Architecture's Unconscious Phase II, Maison de Verre, Paris.

Wilson, RM; (2014) Highrise Detachment: Irony and Performance in the Work of Peter Bobby. In: Bobby, P, (ed.) Highrise: The Work of Peter Bobby. Ffotogallery: Cardiff.

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