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ALLEN, L; Smout, M; (2013) Waterscapes and Soft Infrasturctures for the Thames Gateway: Buffering Scarcity and Abundance. Presented at: ACSA 101 New Constellations / New Ecologies, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, USA.

Adamis, A; (2013) Liquid Concepts: Liquid Architecture, the Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and the Films of David Lynch. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Agarez, RMC; (2013) Regionalism, modernism and vernacular tradition in the architecture of Algarve, Portugal, 1925-1965. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Al Sayed, K; Hanna, S; (2013) How city spaces afford opportunities for riots. In:

Al-Sayed, K; (2013) Synthetic Space Syntax: A generative and supervised learning approach in urban design. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings of the 9th International Space Syntax Symposium.

Al-Sayed, K; (2013) Thinking systems in urban design: a prioritised structure model. In: Carmona, M, (ed.) Explorations in Urban Design. (169 - 181). Lund Humphries Publishers

Al-Sayed, K; Hanna, S; (2013) How city spaces afford opportunities for riots. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings of the 9th International Space Syntax Symposium.

Allegra, M; Bono, I; Rokem, J; Casaglia, A; Marzorati, R; Yacobi, H; (2013) Rethinking Cities in Contentious Times: The Mobilisation of Urban Dissent in the 'Arab Spring'. Urban Studies , 50 (9) pp. 1675-1688. 10.1177/0042098013482841.

Allen, LJ; Smout, M; (2013) Augmented Landscapes and Delicate Machinery. Architectural Design , Drawin pp. 88-93.

Allen, LJ; Smout, MD; (2013) The “envirogrammic” response'. In: Ng, R and Patel, S, (eds.) Performative Materials in Architecture and Design. (pp. 210-211). Intellect Books: Bristol.

Allfree, C; (2013) Interpreting Dystopian London - Metro Newspaper, UK. Metro Newspaper, UK

Andrasek, A; Parisi, L; Caygill, H; Ikoniadou, E; (2013) Luciana Parisi Contagious Architecture. Computation, Aesthetics and Space. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


BORDEN, IM; (2013) Drive: Journeys through Film, Cities and Landscapes. Reaktion: London.

Behrens, M; Fatah gen. Schieck, A; Kostopoulou, E; North, S; Motta, W; Ye, L; Schnädelbach, H; (2013) Exploring the effect of spatial layout on mediated urban interactions. In: PerDis '13 Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays. (pp. pp. 79-84). ACM: New York, NY. Green open access

Bishop, PA; (2013) Design for London. [Design].

Butcher, M; (2013) Ghost of Mies at Mansion House. RIBA Journal (March 20) pp. 36-39.


Cheatle, EJ; (2013) Part-architecture: the Maison de Verre through the Large Glass. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Colletti, M; (2013) Digital Poetics. An Open Theory of Design-Reserch in Architecture. [Book]. Ashgate

Colletti, M; (2013) Foldster IV. UNSPECIFIED

Colletti, M; (2013) (Fr)agile Beauty of Architecture. ProtoRobotic FOAMing as an expression of Neo-Materialism. Archithese , 3.2013 (Weak Mat) 54-57 + cover.

Colletti, M; (2013) Form Follows Fetish. In: Azulay, J and Rice, B, (eds.) eVolo 05: Archi73c7ur3 X3nocul7ur3. (pp. 240-249). Evolo, Inc.: Los Angeles CA and New York NY.

Colletti, M; (2013) Research and Project Almanac 2011-13, Institute for Experimental Architecture.Hochbau. [Catalogue]. Research and Project Almanac: Vol.1. (1 ed.). Innsbruck University Press: Innsbruck.

Colletti, M; (2013) Research and Project Almanac 2011-13. [Book]. Innsbruck University Press: Innsbruck, Austria.

Colletti, M; (2013) 'The Arch', 'The Dome', 'The Vault', 'The Frame', 'Organic Architecture', 'CAD' and 'Biomimetics'. Book: 30-Second Architecture. The 50 most significant principles and styles in architecture, each explained in half a minute 36-41, 110-1, 142-3, 148-9-.

Colletti, M; (2013) An Example of [En]coding Neo Materialism: ProtoRobotic FOAMing. In: Werner, LC, (ed.) [En]Coding Architecture. (pp. 56-55). Carnegie Mellon University: Pittsburgh.

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2013) WIW World-in-a-World / Chong Qing Nan Lu Towers, Taipei. [Design]

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; Beckett, R; Lee, G; (2013) ProtoRobotic Foaming. [Design]

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; Lee, G; Beckett, R; (2013) Algae-Cellunoi. UNSPECIFIED

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; Shaw, A; (2013) THE MIRAGE / THE PALM ON THE PALM. UNSPECIFIED

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; Shaw, A; (2013) THE PEARL Regeneration of Union Square and proposal of new Etihad Museum, [unbuilt] Dubai UAE. UNSPECIFIED

Conti, M; Schaad, A; Vaidya, J; (2013) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED


Denison, EB; (2013) China: Architecture and Modernity before 1949. Asian Global Impact pp. 50-51.

Denison, EB; (2013) Manchuria’s Multiple Modernities - Architecture and the Role of Japan in China in the 1930s. Presented at: Alternative Modernisms, Cardiff.

Denison, EB; (2013) Raise the Roof – Review of Wa Shan Guesthouse by Wang Shu. Architectural Review pp. 30-45.

Denison, EB; (2013) ‘Sustaining Identities’ – Architectural Review. Architectural Review pp. 12-14.

Denison, EB; (2013) Transgression and Progress in China - Wang Shu and his Literati Mindset. Architectural Design


Fatah gen. Schieck, A; Memarovic, N; Kostopoulou, E; Behrens, M; Traunmueller, M; (2013) Moment Machine: Opportunities and Challenges of Posting Situated Snapshots onto Networked Public Displays. In: Winckler, M, (ed.) LNCS Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (pp. 595 - 602). Springer Berlin Heidelberg Green open access

Fournier, C; (2013) The Circadian House. [Design]. (In press).

Fournier, C; (2013) "The City Beyond Analogy". Architectural Design , 83 (4)

Fournier, C; (2013) Urban Fictions. In: Susana Oliveira, and Pedro Gadanho, , (eds.) Once Upon A Place: Architecture and Fiction. Lisbon: Editora Caleidoscópio. (In press).

Fraser, M; Sharif, Yara, ; Golzari, Nasser, ; Ozanne, Miriam, ; (2013) Regeneration of Birzeit Historic Centre as part of Riwaq’s 50 Villages project. [Design].

Frearson, A; AY Architects, ; (2013) Montpelier Community Nursery by AY Architects. UNSPECIFIED


Gil, J; Duarte, JP; (2013) Tools for evaluating the sustainability of urban design: a review.

Griffiths, S; (2013) HGIS and historical space - overcoming the epistemological barriers. In: (Proceedings) "Historians in Space" Concepts of space in recent European historiography - 7th Graduate Conference in European History.

Griffiths, S; (2013) Manufacturing innovation as urban spatial practice: Sheffield’s cutlery and metals industries c.1750‐1900. In: (Proceedings) Unscrewing the creative city: The Historical Fabrication of Cities as Agents of Economic Innovation and Creativity.

Griffiths, S; (2013) GIS and research into historical 'spaces of practice': overcoming the epistemological barriers. In: von Lünen, A and Travis, C, (eds.) History and GIS: Epistemologies, Considerations and Reflections. (153 - 172). Springer

Griffiths, S; Dhanani, A; Ellul, C; Haklay, M; Jeevendrampillai, D; Nikolova, N; Rickles, P; (2013) Using space syntax and historical land-use data to interrogate narratives of high street ‘decline’ in two Greater London suburbs. In: Kim, YO and Park, HT and Seo, KW, (eds.) Proceedings of the Ninth International Space Syntax Symposium. (pp. 036:1 - 036:15). Sejong University: Seoul, Korea. Green open access


Hanna, S; (2013) Levels of Uncertainty in Design. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://smartgeometry.org/index.php?option=com_cont...

Hanna, S; Serras, J; Varoudis, T; (2013) Measuring the structure of global transportation networks. In:

Haralambidou, P; (2013) Marcel Duchamp and the Architecture of Desire. Ashgate

Hawley, CE; (2013) Transitions: Concepts + Drawings + Buildings. [Book]. Design Research in Architecture. Ashgate

Hawley, CE; (2013) Peckham Revisited. AA files: annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture , 67 pp. 132-137.

Higson, Y; Denison, E; Heathcote, E; Ormsby, E; (2013) Al Bahr Towers - the Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters. [Book].

Hill, JM; (2013) The Ruins of the Immaterial. Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts , 14

Hill, JM; (2013) Technologies of the Self. In: Chard, Nat, and Kulper, Perry, , (eds.) Contingent Practices. Ashgate: London. (In press).

Hill, JM; (2013) Design Research: the first five hundred years. In: Fraser, M, (ed.) Design Research in Architecture. Ashgate: Chichester, UK/Burlington, Vt, USA. (In press).

Hultzsch, AK; (2013) The “Artificial Sceane”: The Re-Creation Of Italian Architecture In John Evelyn’s Diary. In: Herissone, R and Howard, A, (eds.) Concepts of Creativity in Seventeenth-Century England. (? - ?). Boydell & Brewer Ltd


Ivy Press, T; Denison, E; Antic, D; Beech, N; Colletti, M; Hultzsch, A; Littlefield, D; (2013) 30-Second Architecture. [Book]. (1st ed.).


Jewell, NGS; (2013) Socialism and Shopping: The Role of the Shopping Mall in the Formation of Public Space in Modern China. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Karamouzi, A; Papalexopoulos, D; Stavridou, A; Tzimopoulou, S; Varoudis, T; (2013) D.L.D., Dynamic Lighting Design: Parametric interactive lighting software in urban public space. Proceedings - 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, IE 2013 pp. 71-76. 10.1109/IE.2013.13.

Karimi, K; (2013) Beirut: Normalities and abnormalities of a complex city. Journal of Space Syntax , 4 (1) 110 - 122.

Karimi, K; Parham, E; Friedrich, E; Ferguson, P; (2013) Origin-destination weighted choice model as a new tool for assessing the impact of new urban developments. In:

Kenniff, T; (2013) A Dialogical Investigation into the Architectonics of Designing Public Space at Barking Town Square. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Kreider, K; O'Leary, J; (2013) Time, place and empathy: The poetics and phenomenology of Andrei Tarkovsky's film image. Visual Studies , 28 (1) pp. 1-16. 10.1080/1472586X.2013.765183.

Krolikowski, D; Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, ; (2013) Megaframe: External Structural Steelwork System of the Leadenhall Building. [Building]. London, UK.

Kunzru, H; (2013) Memory Palace - The Book. In: Britton Newell, L and Salazar, L, (eds.) Memory Palace. Victoria and Albert Museum London: UK.


Law, S; Karimi, K; Penn, A; Chiaradia, A; (2013) Measuring the influence of spatial configuration on the housing market in metropolitan London. In:

Lim, C; (2013) G House. In: Brayer, M, (ed.) Architectures Experimentales 1950-2012. Editions HYX: France.

Lim, CJ; (2013) Memory Palace - Sky Arts 1HD. Sky Arts 1HD, UK.

Lim, CJ; (2013) Smartcities. In: (Proceedings) Grow Your Own: The Urban Agriculture Revolution. Institute of Ideas: London.

Lim, CJ; (2013) Urban Food Production. In: (Proceedings) Futurefest: Shaping Things to Come. Nesta and Oxford Martin Centre: London.

Lim, CJ; (2013) WanMu Orchard Ecological Park. In: Futagawa, Y, (ed.) International 2013 Emerging Future, GA Document 122. (28 - 35). Global Architecture, ADA Edita: Tokyo.

Lim, CJ; (2013) Drawing Narratives. In: Spiller, N, (ed.) Drawing Architecture. (102 - 107). AD, John Wileys + Son Ltd: London.


Manolopoulou, Y; (2013) Architectures of Chance. [Book]. Design Research in Architecture. Ashgate (now Routledge): London.

Manolopoulou, Y; (2013) BD Life Class: Yeoryia Manolopoulou. EMAP

Manolopoulou, Y; (2013) Building and Garden. Presented at: Design Research Forum: Buildings, UCL.

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2013) AY Architects: Montpelier Community Nursery. DOMUS

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2013) Activating a Political Landsape: House of Flags. P.E.A.R. Paper for Emerging Architectural Research , VI pp. 68-73.

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2013) Dezeen & RIBA London: Regent Street Windows Project 2013. Dezeen & RIBA London

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2013) Peabody Housing: Microgarden Homes. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2013) Schools: Montpellier Community Nursery: 52 Winners of the Stirling Prize Longlist. The Architects' Journal , 237 (22) p. 81.

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2013) Torriano Infants School Library. [Design]

Manolopoulou, Y; Boulanger, A; (2013) Winners Stories: AY Architects. RIBA

Manolopoulou, Y; Boulanger, A; AY Architects, ; (2013) Montpelier Nursery. The Architects' Journal , 238 (9) p. 62.

Marmot, A; Sailer, K; (2013) Student Experience, Social Networks, Sustainability: Outcomes of Longitudinal Design Change. Presented at: Science for College and University Planning (SCUP) 48, San Diego, California.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) Edificio de oficinas Pujades 22@ - Pujades 22@ office building. On Diseño (338) pp. 62-69.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) Sede de la Confederación Hidrográfica del Miño-sil. Grandes Proyectos 2013-2014 , 1

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) Textile Façade - iGuzzini HQ Barcelona. Architecture + Design

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) The borders of architecture. In: Housing the emergency, the emergency of housing: New forms of living for cities of third millenium. UNISS Alghero: Sassari.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) Banyoles: Banyoles old town refurbishment project by Josep Miàs. [Book]. Josep Miàs Architects: Barcelona.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) ZARIQUIEY: Arenys Clinic Project. [Book]. (1st ed.). Josep Miàs Architects: Barcelona, Spain.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) Plug-in Barcelona by Josep Miàs. [Book]. Josep Miàs Architects: Barcelona.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) UNISS MiAS: Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero 2006-2012, Josep Miàs. [Book]. Josep Miàs Architects, UNISS Alghero: Barcelona / Alghero.

Mias Gifre, JM; (2013) Banyoles Old Town Refurbishment. In: Sbetti, F and Rossi, F and Talia, M and Trillo, C, (eds.) IL GOVERNO DELLA CITTA'NELLA CONTEMPORANEITA'. LA CITTA' COME MOTORE DI SVILUPPO.

Migayrou, FM; (2013) Dissynchronies de la mesure. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre Pompidou

Migayrou, FM; (2013) Kosice : Une physique de l’Architecture. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre Pompidou

Migayrou, FM; (2013) Man Ray, Objet non-euclidien. In: UNSPECIFIED Editions Gallimard

Migayrou, FM; (2013) Naturaliser l'architecture. [Book]. Editions HYX

Migayrou, FM; (2013) Toward a Critical Structuralism, The orders of the Non Standard. In: Theories of the Digital in Architecture.

Motta, W; Fatah gen. Schieck, A; Schnadelbach, H; Kostopoulou, E; Behrens, M; North, S; Ye, L; (2013) Considering Communities, Diversity and the Production of Locality in the Design of Networked Urban Screens. In: Winckler, M, (ed.) LNCS Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (pp. 315 - 322). Springer Berlin Heidelberg Green open access


North, S; Schnadelbach, H; Fatah gen Schieck, A; Motta, W; Ye, L; Behrens, M; Kostopoulou, E; (2013) Tension Space Analysis: Exploring Community Requirements for Networked Urban Screens. In: LNCS Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Berlin Heidelberg Green open access


O'Leary, JJ; (2013) Prototyping Sentinel: studies toward an interface architecture. [Lecture]. Presented at: Prototyping Architecture Conference, The Building Centre, London, UK.

O'Leary, JJ; (2013) Prototyping Sentinel: Studies toward an Interface Architecture. In: Stacey, Michael, , (ed.) Prototyping Architecture: The Conference Papers. (pp. 40-55). Building Centre Trust: London.

Orellana, N; Al-Sayed, K; (2013) ON SPATIAL WAYFINDING: Agent and human navigation patterns in virtual and real worlds. In:


Pachilova, R; Sailer, K; (2013) The effect of hospital layout on caregiver-patient communication patterns. Presented at: Design4Health, Sheffield, UK. Green open access

Paskins, J; (2013) The Boulevard Lefebvre Disaster: A Crisis in Construction. Architectural Histories , 1 (1) pp. 1-15. 10.5334/ah.ax.

Paskins, JF; (2013) Constructing Girton. The Year: The Annual Review of Girton College pp. 8-15.

Penner, BJ; (2013) "Designed-in Safety: Ergonomics in the Bathroom". In: Cupers, K, (ed.) Use Matters: An Alternative History of Architecture. Routledge

Penner, BJ; Rice, C; (2013) "The many lives of Red House". In: Sparke, P and Massey, A, (eds.) Interior lives. Ashgate: Farnham, UK.

Pradinuk, R; MacKinnon, D; Sailer, K; (2013) Ambulatory Clinic Layouts – Quantifying the Difference between the Best and the Worst. Presented at: Healthcare Design Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Psarra, S; Kickert, C; Pluviano, A; (2013) Paradigm lost: Industrial and post-industrial Detroit - An analysis of the street network and its social and economic dimensions from 1796 to the present. URBAN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL , 18 (4) pp. 257-281. 10.1057/udi.2013.4.


Rawes, P; (2013) Architectural ecologies of care. In: Relational Architectural Ecologies: Architecture, Nature and Subjectivity. (pp. 40-55).

Rawes, P; (2013) Biopolitical Architectures of Care. [Lecture]. Presented at: Invited Lecture: KTH Stockholm.

Rawes, P; (2013) Everyday Architectural Ecologies. In: Esercizi di Architettura. Dalla teoria all'idea. (pp. 81-87). Maggioli Editore: Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Rawes, P; (2013) Keynote: Architectural Ecologies of Care. In: (Proceedings) Thinking Life.

Rendell, J; (2013) Coming to Welsh. [Artefact]. The Mission Gallery, Swansea.

Rendell, J; (2013) Constellation, Insertion, Act? approaching Frontier – The Line of Style through critical spatial practice. In: Frontier – The Line of Style. Damiani: Bologna.

Rendell, J; (2013) Cut on the Bias: Relating Art and Architecture through Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity. In: Art et Architecture. HYX editions

Rendell, J; (2013) Double Take. In: Architektonika. Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof: Berlin.

Rendell, J; (2013) Feminism and Architecture: Critical Spatial Practices. In: Sex and the City. Universitat Politècnica de València: València.

Rendell, J; (2013) Fuggles Writes (an Autumn draft). [Digital scholarly resource]. http://ixia-info.com/

Rendell, J; (2013) The Scene of the Skin: Psychic Envelopes and Double Sensations. In: Negotiating (In)visibilities. Peter Lang

Rendell, J; (2013) Seven Problematics for Neoliberal Times. In: Apolonija Sustersic. Berlin: Sternberg Press.

Rendell, J; (2013) Staging Devices. In: Jasmina Cibic, For our Economy and Culture, Pavilion of Slovenia, 55th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. Galerija, Skuc: Ljubljane.

Rendell, J; (2013) To and Fro/Tours and Detours: Writing between Sites and non-Sites. In: Desvios/Detours IV – Modus Locandi: Modes of Production/Modes of Exhibition, Reciprocal Influences. Curators’ Lab: Guimarães.

Rendell, J; (2013) A Way with Words: Feminists Writing Architectural Design Research. In: Architectural Design Research. Ashgate: London.

Rendell, J; (2013) When site-writing becomes site-reading or how space matters through time. In: Space Matters Chronicles. Springer: Wein.

Rendell, J; (2013) Working Between and Across: Some Psychic Dimensions of Architecture’s Inter and Transdisciplinarity. Architecture and Culture , 1

Rendell, J; (2013) Writing Transparadiso: Across and Beside. In: transparadiso, and Holub, B and Rajakovics, P, (eds.) Direkter Urbanismus / Direct Urbanism. Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg: Nuremberg.


Sailer, K; (2013) Organizational Learning and Physical Space: How Office Configurations Inform Organizational Behaviors. In: Berthoin Antal, A and Meusburger, T and Suarsana, L, (eds.) Learning Organizations. Extending the Field. (103 - 127). Springer Netherlands: Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Green open access

Sailer, K; Pachilova, R; Brown, C; (2013) Human versus machine - testing validity and insights of manual and automated data gathering methods in complex buildings. In: Ook Kim, Y and Tae Park, H and Wook Seo, K, (eds.) Proceedings of the 9th International Space Syntax Symposium. Sejong University Press: Seoul, South Korea. Green open access

Sailer, K; Pachilova, R; Kostopoulou, E; Pradinuk, R; MacKinnon, D; Hoofwijk, T; (2013) How Strongly Programmed is a Strong Programme Building? A Comparative Analysis of Outpatient Clinics in Two Hospitals. In: Ook Kim, Y and Tae Park, H and Wook Seo, K, (eds.) (Proceedings) 9th International Space Syntax Symposium. Sejong University Press: Seoul, South Korea. Green open access

Saint, ; Reid, A; (2013) Survey of London: Battersea Part 1: Public, Commercial and Cultural. Survey of London: Vol.49. Yale University Press

Sanchez Beltran, MDP; (2013) Tracing the Cold War in Colombian architecture: a disregarded legacy. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

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Sheil, B; (2013) PERFORM/THE SCAN: EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES IN 3D SCANNING AND THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE. In: Beesley, P and Khan, O and Stacey, M, (eds.) (Proceedings) 33rd Annual Conference of the Association-for-Computer-Aided-Design-in-Architecture (ACADIA). (pp. pp. 355-359). RIVERSIDE ARCHTECTURAL PRESS

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Wu, B; Birkin, M; (2013) Moses: Planning for the Next Generation. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 17-28). International Community of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

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