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Al-Sayed, K; (2007) Discursive and non-discursive design processes. Masters thesis, UCL.

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Lim, C.; (2007) Guangming eco-city, Shenzhen. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) The Celestial River. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) Cooling Tower Site Masterplan, Sheffield UK. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) The Discontinuous Cities. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) Egremont Castle New Performance Structure International Competition, UK. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) The Globetrotter. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) MOCAPE Museum of Contemporary Arts + Planning Exhibition, Shenzhen China. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) Madame Delia’s Urban Roost. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) New Visitors Facilities, Brockholes Wetland Nature Reserve Int. Competition, UK. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) The Nocturnal Tower. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2007) Parkway Iconic Bridge, Sheffield International Competition, UK. [Design].


Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2007) Anningsley Park House. [Building]. .

Manolopoulou, Y; AY Architects, ; (2007) Sheffield Festival Centre. [Design]

Migayrou, FM; (2007) Disposizioni Elementari. In: Mancini, D, (ed.) La Seconda Natura dell Architettura. Postmedia Books


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Porter, A; Hawley, C; (2007) Pan Gyo Housing. [Design]


Raford, N; Chiaradia, A; Gil, J; (2007) Space syntax: The role of urban form in cyclist route choice in central London. In:

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Rawes, P; (2007) Second-order cybernetics, architectural drawing and monadic thinking. Kybernetes , 36 (9-10) 1486 - 1496.

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Sailer, K; Budgen, A; Lonsdale, N; Penn, A; (2007) Changing the Architectural Profession - Evidence-Based Design, the New Role of the User and a Process-Based Approach. In: (Proceedings) Ethics and the Professional Culture. A multi-disciplinary approach.

Sailer, K; Budgen, A; Lonsdale, N; Turner, A; Penn, A; (2007) Effective workplaces – bridging the gap between architectural research and design practice. Presented at: 6th International Space Syntax Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey. Green open access

Sailer, K; Penn, A; (2007) The performance of space – exploring social and spatial phenomena of interaction patterns in an organisation. In: (Proceedings) International Architecture and Phenomenology Conference. Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology: Haifa, Israel. Green open access

Sleeman, AJ; Kent, S; Rawes, P; Dezeuze, A; (2007) Drawing the Line: a Round Table on Rebecca Horn. Papers of Surrealism (5) Gold open access

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Sykes, C; (2007) Observatory Contest Launched - BBC England. BBC England


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Tzortzi, Kali; (2007) The interaction between building layout and display layout in museums. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Wilson, RM; (2007) Image, Text, Architecture: Sites of Utopic Critique. Doctoral thesis, UCL.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Image, Text, Architecture: The Presence that “WAS HERE”. In: Critical Architecture. Routledge: London.

Wilson, RM; (2007) “Now, this square is beautiful”: the utopic document of Lacaton & Vassal. Presented at: 8th International Conference of Utopian Studies, Plymouth University, Faculty of Architecture.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Photolanguage: Curating in Calais and Copenhagen. Presented at: 4th Annual AHRA International Conference: Architecture, Urbanism and Curatorship, Kingston University, Faculty of Architecture.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Reflections on a First Encounter: The Cave de St Lubin. In: Box01, Berthelier, Fichet, Tribouillet Architectes. Archibooks: Paris.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Review of Daniel Buren, Intervention II, MOMA, Oxford. Blueprint p. 74.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Review of Le Channel Performing Arts Centre, Calais by Patrick Bouchain/Construire Architects. Blueprint (261) pp. 64-70.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Review of the work of Mike Marshall at Union Gallery. The Architects' Journal , 225 (8) p. 45.

Wilson, RM; (2007) Review of ‘OSH House' by Toh Shimazaki Architects. The Architects' Journal , 225 (14) pp. 23-35.

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