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A, N; (2004) ‘Quo vadis, avantgardo?? Mladá brtiská architektura‘. Hospodářské Noviny

A, N; (2004) ‘Where is Young British Architecture Heading after Foster? New Projects from the Bartlett School of Architecture’. Architekt

Allen, L; (2004) Citation/image: ‘Marcos Cruz and Marjan Colletti, 2002 New Tomihiro Museum, Azuma, Japan‘. The Bartlett Undergraduate and Diploma Guide 2004-2006 35-.

Allen, L; Smout, M; (2004) Eqypt Competition - Blooming Landscape, Deep Surface. [Design]


Baptista, A; (2004) Citation: ‘Projectar em Pequim‘. Construir 27-.

Baptista, A; (2004) Citation: ‘“Metamorfoses“ em Veneza‘. Construir pp. 10-11.

Barros, JX; (2004) Urban growth in Latin American cities: exploring urban dynamics through agent-based simulation. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Birksted, Jan Kenneth; (2004) Landscape History and Theory: from Subject Matter to Analytic Tool. Landscape Review , 8 (2) pp. 4-28. Green open access

Borden, Iain; (2004) Machines of possibility. [Lecture]. Presented at: Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Inaugural Professorial Lecture, London, UK. Green open access


Catarino, J; (2004) Citation: ‘Arquitectura na Cordoaria‘. Independente

Coates, N; (2004) Grubs, Grubs, but Barely a Butterfly in Sight - The Independent UK. The Independent UK

Coetzer, NR; (2004) The production of the city as a white space: representing & restructuring identity and architecture, Cape Town, 1892-1936. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Colletti, M; (2004) Space Architecture. Transcripts of an Architectural Journey. Musings on an outset for a new genre of [space] architecture

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) Bai Jia Zhuang Retail and Office Building. [Design]

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) NURBSTERS I-VIII. [Building]. London-Venice-Prague-Taichung-Lisbon-Hamburg- Lisbon-Istanbul-Badajoz. Green open access

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) XIYUAN ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX. [Design] Green open access

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) 'marcosandmarjan'. In: Allen, L and Borden, I and Cook, P and Stevenson, R, (eds.) Bartlett Works. (pp. 110-112). August Projects/UCL: London.

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) 'marcosandmarjan architects'. In: Gadanho, P and Pereira, L, (eds.) Influx - Recent Portuguese architecture. (pp. 122-129). Civilização Editora: Porto, Portugal.

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) 'marcosandmarjan architects'. In: Gadanho, P and Pereira, L, (eds.) Metaflux, catalogue of the Portuguese Official Representation at the 9th Architecture Biennial Venice. (pp. 123-131). Civilização Editora/Instituto das Artes,: Lisbon, Portugal.

Colletti, M; Cruz, M; (2004) 'Estética do fofinho e da repugnância'. Revista NU - Revolução Digital # Digital Revolution (17) pp. 28-32.

Cook, P; Hawley, C; (2004) Citation/image: ‘Architectural Education – the Information and the Argument‘. AD Architectural Design. Back to School: Arquitectural Education – the Information and the Argument , 74 (5) 8, 133-.

Costa, N; (2004) Citation/image: ‘“Metafluxos“ para a Bienal de Veneza‘. Diário de Notícias

Cunha e Silva, P; (2004) Citation/image: : ‘Metamorfose/Fluxos de Influência e Contexto‘. Arquitectos (140) 4-.


Dyckhoff, T; (2004) Marooned in the Lagoon - The Times: Arts. The Times: Arts


Ednie, C; (2004) Jerry + the Deadly Sins - The Herald, The Herald Magazine UK. The Herald, The Herald Magazine


Fernandes, JM; (2004) Citation: ‘Fluxos arquitectónicos’. Expresso pp. 42-43.

Figueira, J; (2004) Citation: ‘Bienal de Veneza, O alargamento europeu‘. Jornal Público , Mil Fo pp. 12-13.

Foster, K; (2004) Citation/image: 'marcosandmarjan'. Metamorph – 9th International Architecture Exhibition 95-.

Fraser, M; (2004) Davies, Richard Llewelyn, Baron Llewelyn-Davies (1912-1981. In: Academy, B and Matthew, H and Harrison, B, (eds.) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. (31369 - 31369). Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK.

Fraser, M; Bjornsson, H; (2004) Real-time digital modelling in design education and practice. Urban Design International , 9 (4) pp. 187-196.


Glancey, J; (2004) Architecture’s High Flier Soars to New Heights - The Guardian UK. The Guardian UK

Glancey, J; (2004) New British Talents: Concrete Achievements - The Guardian UK. The Guardian UK


Henson, D; Stone, PG; Corbishley, M; (2004) Education and the historic environment. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 1-227).

Hillier, B; (2004) Can streets be made safe? Urban Design International , 9 (1) pp. 31-45. 10.1057/palgrave.udi.9000079.

Hillier, B; Penn, A; (2004) Rejoinder to Carlo Ratti. ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING B-PLANNING & DESIGN , 31 (4) pp. 501-511. 10.1068/b3019a. Green open access


Juránková, S; (2004) ‘Bartlett School: Young British Architecture‘. Architecture


Lim, C; (2004) Virtually Venice: The Giardini. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2004) Virtually Venice: Fortuna Pozzo-Pozzi. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2004) Virtually Venice: Par Xien Gou Hai. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2004) Virtually Venice: San Marco. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2004) Virtually Venice: San Michele. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2004) Virtually Venice: The Four Seasons. [Design].

Lim, CJ; (2004) Virtually Venice: The Lido. [Design].

Lobo, P; (2004) Citation: ‘Metamorfoses‘. Diário de Notícias

Lobo, P; (2004) Citation: ‘Modos de fazer e pensar a arquitectura‘. Diario de Notícias 34-.

Luís, C; (2004) Citation: ‘Transformar arquitectura a partir do inconformismo‘. Jornal de Notícias


Mahdavi, SH; Hanna, S; (2004) Blurring the boundaries between actuator and structure: Investigating the use of stereolithography to build adaptive robots. In: (Proceedings) 8th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV 2004). (pp. pp. 1291-1296). IEEE Green open access

Manolopoulou, Y; (2004) Bartlett Mimarlik Okulu. Arredamento Mimarlik , issue 06 91 - 92.

Manolopoulou, Y; (2004) Between Drawing and Writing: Notes, Sketches and Diagrams. In: (Proceedings) Architecture and Philosophy, Congress. : Bradford, UK.

Manolopoulou, Y.; (2004) The interior of vision: Beckett's film and experiments with viewing instrument 1 (VI1). The Journal of Architecture , 9 (3) pp. 315-330.

Marinho, L; (2004) Citation: ‘As metamorfoses na arquitectura portuguesa para ver em Veneza‘. O Comércio – Porto 37-.

Merrick, J; (2004) International Land Rescue - The Independent. The Independent UK

Merrick, J; (2004) Through the Looking Glass - The Independent UK. The Independent UK

Merrick, J; (2004) The Tomorrow People - The Independent UK: Architecture. The Independent UK

Migayrou, FM; (2004) IaN+ - Microinfrastructure (Design Document). [Book]. Damdi Publishing Company

Migayrou, FM; (2004) Architectures of the Intensive Body. In: Berggruen, O and Hollein, M and Pfeiffer, I, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED Hatje Cantz Publishers


N, A; (2004) Citation/image/press release: ‘De Veneza para Lisboa‘. Diário Económic 9-.

N, A; (2004) Citation/image: ‘9.a Edição da Bienal de Arquitectura de Veneza‘. Jornal de Letras , Suplem

N, A; (2004) Citation: 'Arquitectura para Veneza‘. Expresso Actual 7-.

N, A; (2004) Citation: 'Portugal leva confronto enre duas gerações de arquitectura à Bienal de Veneza'. O Comércio – Porto 47-.

N, A; (2004) Citation: ‘Arquitectos porugueses em Veneza‘. Jornal de Letras 2-.

N, A; (2004) Citation: ‘Bienal de Arquitectura de Veneza‘. Arquitectos (137) 9-.

N, A; (2004) Citation: ‘“Metaflux“ em Lisboa na próxima semana‘. Jornal de Notícias


PSARRA, S; (2004) The Parthenon and the Erechtheion: The Architectural Formation of Place, Politics and Myth. The Journal of Architecture , 9 (3) 369 - 391.

Pearman, H; (2004) Showing Our Metal - The Sunday Times: Culture. The Sunday Times UK: Culture

Penner, B; Rice, C; (2004) Constructing the interior - Introduction. Journal of Architecture , 9 (3) pp. 267-273. 10.1080/13602360412331296099.


Rawes, P; (2004) Aesthetics and Geometry in Proclus, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant and Bergson. UNSPECIFIED thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Rawes, P; (2004) Marelle. UNSPECIFIED, Toronto, Canada.

Rawes, P; (2004) Panellist. [Lecture]. Presented at: Circulation Spaces.

Rawes, P; (2004) The Plenum. In: (Proceedings) Material Matters. University of East London: London.

Rawes, P; (2004) Redrawing the line. In: (Proceedings) Re-discovering Aesthetics. University College Cork

Rawes, P; (2004) Sand Drawings. In: (Proceedings) "Place, Aesthetics , Politics, Poetics". University of London

Rawes, P; (2004) Sonic Envelopes: Aurality, Subjectivity and Geometry. [Lecture]. Presented at: Economies and Technologies of Affect.

Rawes, P; (2004) Panellist. In: Phillips, A and Lefeuvre, L, (eds.) (Proceedings) Curating Architecture. : London/ Photographer's Gallery.

Rawes, P; (2004) Pulsion. pp. 3-9.

Rendell, J; (2004) Architectural research and disciplinarity. Architectural Research Quarterly , 8 (2) pp. 141-147. 10.1017/S135913550400017X.


Sailer, K; (2004) Raum beisst nicht! [Book]. Beiträge zur Planungs- und Architektursoziologie: Vol.2. Peter Lang Verlag: Frankfurt am Main.

Salema, I; (2004) Citation: ‘Arquitectura portuguesa mostrada em Veneza está agora esposta em Lisboa‘. Jornal Público / P2 45-.

Sampaio, I; (2004) Citation: ‘Projectos nacionais mostram-se lá fora‘. Correio da manhã 56-.

Sheil, R; (2004) ‘Design through Making’. In: (Proceedings) CEBE 2004: Studio Culture - Touching the Real.

Smith, R; (2004) Inside and out. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 16-45).


Vaz Milheiro, A; Salema, I; (2004) Citation/image: ‘Portugal leva para primeria vez embaixada de arquitectos‘. Jornal Público pp. 1-3.

Vaz Milheiro, A; Salema, I; (2004) Citation: '20 Arquitectos portugueses na Bienal de Veneza’. Jornal Público pp. 1-3.

Vitória, A; (2004) Citation: 'Confronto de gerações na 9.ª Bienal de Veneza'. Jornal de Notícias 38-.


Wilson, RM; (2004) Border Zone: Review of Beyond Nature, Construction of Landscape by Margherita Spilittuni. The Architects' Journal , 219 (4) p. 52.

Wilson, RM; (2004) Gone to Waste: The Landscape Photography of Nigel Green. The Architects' Journal , 219 (7) pp. 38-41.

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