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Desloovere, C; (2013) Introduction. ROYAL BELGIAN SOC EAR, NOSE, THROAT, HEAD & NECK SURGERY

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Duindam, J; Harries, J; Humfress, C; Hurvitz, N; (2013) INTRODUCTION. BRILL

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McIntosh, M; (2013) Introduction. In: McIntosh, M, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED (pp. 1-12). GREENLEAF PUBLISHING

Meuwly, D; (2013) Introduction. FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL , 230 (1-3) p. 1. 10.1016/j.forsciint.2013.04.012.

Moawad, A; Bikakis, A; Caire, P; Nain, G; Traon, Y; (2013) R-CoRe: A rule-based contextual reasoning platform for AmI. In:

Moawad, A; Bikakis, A; Caire, P; Nain, G; Traon, YL; (2013) A Rule-Based Contextual Reasoning Platform for Ambient Intelligence Environments. In: Morgenstern, L and Stefaneas, PS and Lévy, F and Wyner, AZ and Paschke, A, (eds.) (pp. pp. 158-172). Springer

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Morgera, E; Buck, M; Tsioumani, E; (2013) Introduction. In: Morgera, E and Buck, M and Tsioumani, E, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED (1-+). MARTINUS NIJHOFF

Mouton, A; Rutherford, I; Yakubovich, I; (2013) INTRODUCTION. BRILL

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Park, SJ; (2013) Introduction. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 1-3). SOOKMYUNG WOMENS UNIV

Piquette, Kathryn; (2013) “It Is Written”?: Making, remaking and unmaking early ‘writing’ in the lower Nile Valley. In: Writing as Material Practice: Substance, Surface and Medium. (pp. 213-236). Ubiquity Press: London, United Kindom. Green open access

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