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Baker, M; Fisher, C; O'Riordan, E; Grove, M; Fulford, M; Warwick, C; Terras, M; (2008) VERA: A Virtual Environment for Research in Archaeology. Presented at: Fourth International Conference on e-Social Science, University of Manchester, June 18-20, 2008.

Barrett, S; Duffy, C; Inskip, C; (2008) The EASAIER project: Digital musicianship and evaluating music technology in the classroom. Presented at: 4th i-Maestro Workshop on Technology-Enhanced Music Education, Genova, Italy.

Barrett, S; Inskip, C; (2008) Deriving context from users' evaluations to inform software development. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Beagrie, N.; (2008) Keeping research data safe: JISC research data digital preservation costs study. Presented at: LIFE2 Conference, British Library, London, UK. Green open access

Bikakis, A; Antoniou, G; (2008) Distributed reasoning with conflicts in a multi-context framework. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Bikakis, A; Antoniou, G; (2008) Alternative Strategies for Contextual Reasoning with Conflicts in Ambient Computing. In: Calvanese, D and Lausen, G, (eds.) WEB REASONING AND RULE SYSTEMS, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 234 - 235). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN

Blandford, A; Adams, A; Attfield, S; Buchanan, G; Gow, J; Makri, S; Rimmer, J; (2008) The PRET A Rapporter framework: Evaluating digital libraries from the perspective of information work. INFORM PROCESS MANAG , 44 (1) 4 - 21. 10.1016/j.ipm.2007.01.021.


Cohen, G; Flinn, AD; Morgan, K; (2008) 'Towards a Mixed Method Social History: Combining Quantatitve and Qualitative Methods in the Study of Collective Biography'. In: Keats-Rohan, KBS, (ed.) A Guide to Prosopography. : Oxford.


Fieldhouse, M; Nicholas, D; (2008) Digital literacy as information savvy. In: Lankshear, C and Knobel, M, (eds.) Digital Literacy: Concepts, policies and practices. (pp. 47-72). Peter Lang Publishing Group: New York.

Fisher, C; Terras, M; Warwick, C; (2008) User Engagement Research. Presented at: VRE 2 Community Workshop, University of Reading, 29th November 2007.

Fisher, C; Terras, M; Warwick, C; Baker, M; O'Riordan, E; Grove, M; Fulford, M; (2008) Digital Archaeology: excavating user needs for archaeological systems. Presented at: World Archaeological Congress 6 (WAC-6), Dublin, Ireland, 29th June - 4th July 2008.

Flinn, A; (2008) Other Ways of Thinking, Other Ways of Being. Documenting the Margins and the Transitory: What to Preserve, How to Collect. In: Craven, L, (ed.) What are Archives? Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives. (pp. 109-128). Ashgate: Aldershot.

Flinn, AD; (2008) 'Archives and their communities: serving the people'. COMMA (1) 157 - 168.

Flinn, AD; (2008) Conference keynote, ‘Whose memories, whose archives? Community archives, autonomy and the mainstream’. Presented at: 4th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, 'Minority Reports: Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives', Perth, Australia.

Flinn, AD; (2008) Migrations, disputed heritages and multicultured identities: archives in a post-colonial society. Archives and Manuscripts , 36 (2) 54 - 75.


Gooding, P; Terras, M; (2008) ‘Grand Theft Archive’: a quantitative analysis of the current state of computer game preservation. The International Journal of Digital Curation , 3 (2) Green open access


Huntingdon, P; Nicholas, D; Jamali, H; (2008) Web robot detection in the scholarly environment. Journal of Information Science , 34 (4) pp. 726-741.


Inskip, C; MacFarlane, A; Rafferty, P; (2008) Content or context? Searching for musical meaning in task-based interactive information retrieval. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Inskip, C; Macfarlane, A; Rafferty, P; (2008) Music, movies and meaning: Communication in film-makers' Search for pre-existing music, and the implications for music information retrieval. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Jamali Mahmuei, H.R.; (2008) Information-seeking behaviour of physicists and astronomers: an interdisciplinary study. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Kritsotakis, M; Michou, M; Nikoloudakis, E; Bikakis, A; Patkos, T; Antoniou, G; Plexousakis, D; (2008) C-NGINE: A Contextual Navigation Guide for Indoor Environments. In: Aarts, E and Crowley, JL and DeRuyter, B and Gerhauser, H and Pflaum, A and Schmidt, J and Wichert, R, (eds.) AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 258 - 275). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN


Leung, S; Martin, D; Treves, R; Duke-Williams, O; (2008) Exchanging e-learning materials, modules, and students. In: E-Learning for Geographers: Online Materials, Resources, and Repositories. (pp. 20-37).


Nicholas, D; (2008) Adapt to the new information seeking paradigm (and avoid disconnecting from the digital consumer). Presented at: Online Information Conference.

Nicholas, D; (2008) If We Do Not Understand Our Users, We Will Certainly Fail. In: The E-Resources Management Handbook. (pp. 122-129).

Nicholas, D; (2008) Tracking behavior changes on the Web. (Nieman Reports ).

Nicholas, D; Huntingdon, P; (2008) Evaluating the use and users of digital journal libraries in Digital Libraries. [Book]. Hermes Publishing: Paris.

Nicholas, D; Huntingdon, P; Rowlands, I; Jamali, HR; (2008) Information obsolescence. In: Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences.

Nicholas, D; Huntingdon, P; Tenopir, C; Jamali, HR; Dobrowolski, T; (2008) Viewing and reading behaviour in a virtual environment: the full-text download. ASLIB Proceedings , 60 (3) pp. 186-198.

Nicholas, D; Rowlands, I; (2008) In praise of Google. Library and Information Update pp. 44-45.

Nyhan, J; (2008) Developing Integrated Editions of Minority Language Dictionaries: The Irish Example. LLC , 23 (1) pp. 3-12. 10.1093/llc/fqm038.

Nyhan, J; (2008) Electronic lexicography: medieval and modern. Presented at: Seminar in Medieval History, Trinity College Dublin: Ireland.

Nyhan, J; (2008) Encoding Old Irish glossaries with TEI P5. Presented at: Old Irish Glossaries Symposium, Cambridge University: UK.

Nyhan, J; (2008) Review of The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft. Literary and Linguistic Computing: the journal of digital scholarship in the humanities , 23 497 - 499.

Nyhan, J; (2008) The advantages and disadvantages of the application of XML to medieval inflected languages: a case study of electronic resources for medieval Irish. Presented at: Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics (LULCL) II, 2008.

Nyhan, J; (2008) The problem of date and context in electronic editions of Irish historical dictionaries. In: Mooijaart, M and van der Wal, M, (eds.) Yesterday’s words: Contemporary, Current and Future Lexicography. (pp. 319-332). Cambridge Scholars publishing: UK.


Rimmer, J.; Warwick, C.; Blandford, A.; Gow, J.; Buchanan, G.; (2008) Information seeking in the Humanities: physicality and digitality. In: Ghazali, M. and Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Hornecker, E. and Dix, A., (eds.) Physicality 2006: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Physicality. (pp. pp. 37-38). Computing Department, Lancaster University: Lancaster, UK. Green open access

Robson, S; Hess, M; Millar, F; Were, G; Brown, I; MacDonald, S; Ong, Y-H; (2008) Traceable storage and transmission of 3D colour scan data sets. In: Ioannides, M and Addison, A and Georgopoulos, A and Kalisperis, L, (eds.) VSMM 2008: Digital heritage: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia: Full papers, 20-25 October 2008, Limassol, Cyprus. (pp. 93 - 99). Archaeolingua: Budapest, Hungary. Green open access

Rowlands, I; Nicholas, D; (2008) Open access publishing. In: Donsbach, W, (ed.) The International Encyclopedia of Communication. (unpaginate-unpaginate). Blackwell Publishing: Oxford.


Shepherd, E; (2008) Review of 'Archival Internships by J Bastian and D Webber'. Journal of the Society of Archivists , 29 (2)

Stevens, M; (2008) Immigrants into Citizens: Ideology and Nation-Building in the <i>Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration</i>. Museological Review , 13 pp. 57-73.

Stevens, M; (2008) Re-membering the Nation: The Project for the Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

Stevens, M; (2008) Kader Attia's <i>Arabesque</i>: Reinscribing Islam in a Provincialized Europe. In: D Haen, T and Bemong, N and Truwant, M and Vermeulen, P, (eds.) Re-Thinking Europe – Literatures and Literary Histories as Media of (Trans-)National Identities and Collective Memories. (pp. 123-138). Rodopi: Amsterdam.

Stevens, M; (2008) La création de la Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration (CNHI) : vers un nouveau modèle de société ou la réinvention du musée d'histoire coloniale ? In: Rolland, A-S and Murauskaya, H, (eds.) De nouveaux modèles de musées? Formes et enjeux des créations et rénovations de musées en Europe XIXe - XXIe siècles. (pp. 257-270). L'Harmattan: Paris.

Stevenson, I; (2008) Books and the environment:a curious paradox. LOGOS , 19 (3) pp. 131-135.

Stevenson, I; (2008) Harry potter, riding the bullet and the future of books: Key issues in the anglophone book business. Publishing Research Quarterly , 24 (4) pp. 277-284. 10.1007/s12109-008-9086-7.

Stevenson, N; Inskip, C; (2008) Visualising London. London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries , 1 (1)


Tarte, SM; Brady, JM; Roued Olsen, H; Terras, M; Bowman, AK; (2008) Image Acquisition and Analysis to Enhance the Legibility of Ancient Texts. Presented at: UK e-Science Programme All Hands Meeting 2008 (AHM2008), Edinburgh, September 2008.

Terras, M; (2008) Digital Heritage: Applying Digital Imaging to Cultural Heritage. Lindsay MacDonald (ed.). Amsterdam etc.: Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier. [Review]. Literary and Linguistic Computing , 23 (2) pp. 244-246. 10.1093/llc/fqn002. Green open access

Terras, M; (2008) Digital Images for the Information Professional. [Book]. Ashgate: London.

Terras, M; (2008) Permanent Pixels: Building Blocks for the Longevity of Digital Surrogates of Historical Photographs. René van Horik. Literary and Linguistic Computing , 23 (2) pp. 241-242. 10.1093/llc/fqm049. Green open access

Terras, M; (2008) Digital Images. In: In Bates, MJ and Maack, MN, (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. The Encyclopedia Group at Taylor & Francis: New York.

Terras, M; Bowman, AK; (2008) The Material World, BBC Radio 4. 4.30-5.30pm. UNSPECIFIED

Terras, M; Warwick, C; Fisher, C; Baker, M; Clarke, A; Fulford, M; Grove, M; (2008) Virtual Environments for Research in Archaeology (VERA): Use and Usability of Integrated Virtual Environments in Archaeological Research. Presented at: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts 2008 'New Communities of Knowledge and Practice' University of Cambridge, 14th- 17th September 2008.


Van den Branden, R; Terras M, V; E, ; (2008) TEI by Example: Pedagogical Approaches Used in the Construction of Online Digital Humanities Tutorials. Presented at: Digital Humanities 2008, University of Oulu, Finland, June 2008..


WELSH, A; (2008) We can get you what you want. Library & Information Gazette (4-17 April) 13 - 13.

WELSH, A; (2008) Why charter? London Clip (15 May) 2 - 2.

WELSH, A; Goodair, C; (2008) Information retrieval and terminology. Addiction , 103 (4) p. 695. 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2008.02150.x.

Warwick, C; (2008) Humanities scholars, research and reading, in physical and digital environments, part of Siemens et al, The building Blocks of the Electronic book (panel session). Presented at: Digital Humanities 2008, University of Oulu, Finland, June 25-29 2008.

Warwick, C; (2008) If you build it…The LAIRAH project and users of digital resources. UNSPECIFIED

Warwick, C; (2008) Le Grand Tour à l’heure des Digital Humanities: OBSERVATOIRE CRITIQUE des ressources numériques en histoire de l'art et archéologie (Web based). [Digital scholarly resource].

Warwick, C; (2008) Reading and pleasure: humanities scholars and positive experiences of physical and virtual information environments. Presented at: Models of Partnership in Digital Research, Sheffield University, June 17th 2008.

Warwick, C; (2008) Premature elegies: e-books, electronic publishing and reading. In: Hornby, S and Glass, B, (eds.) Reader Development in Practice: bringing literature to readers. (pp. 159-174). Facet: London.

Warwick, C; Siemens, R; Ruecker, S; (2008) Codex Redux: Books and New Knowledge Environments. Presented at: BooksOnline 2008 workshop at ACM 17th Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2008) Napa Valley, California, October 26-30, 2008.

Warwick, C; Terras, M; Fisher, C; (2008) iTrench: A Study of user reactions to the use of IT in field archaeology. Presented at: Digital Humanities 2008, University of Oulu, Finland, June 25-29 2008.

Warwick, C; Terras, M; Galina, I; Huntington, P; Pappa, N; (2008) Library and Information Resources, and Users of Digital Resources in the Humanities. Program , 41 (2) pp. 5-27.

Warwick, C.; Terras, M.; Galina, I.; Huntington, P.; Pappa, N.; (2008) Library and information resources and users of digital resources in the humanities. Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems , 42 (1) pp. 5-27. 10.1108/00330330810851555. Green open access

Welsh, A; (2008) Finding the time. Presented at: NCVO Publishers Forum, London.

Welsh, A; (2008) First person drug accounts: does the truth matter? Presented at: St George's Medical School Seminar on First Person Drug Accounts, London, UK.

Welsh, A; (2008) Online collaboration: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Presented at: Elisad 2008, Turin, Italy.

Welsh, A; (2008) Third Sector 2.0. Presented at: Online Information, London.

Williams, P; Dean, K; Rowlands, I; John, JL; (2008) Digital Lives: Report of interviews with the creators of personal digital collections. Ariadne (55) unpaginate-. Gold open access

Woodward, H; Estelle, L; Nicholas, D; Rowlands, I; (2008) The National E-Books Observatory. Presented at: Online Information Conference.


Xanthidis, D; Nicholas, D; Argyrides, P; (2008) Proposed Template For The Evaluation Of Web Design Strategies Emerging Markets and E-Commerce. In: Rouibah, K and Khalil, OEM and Hassanien, AE, (eds.) Developing Economies in Emerging Markets and E-Commerce in Developing Economies.


Yeo, G; (2008) Concepts of record (2): prototypes and boundary objects. American Archivist , 71 (1) pp. 118-143.

Yeo, GE; Ander, E; (2008) "My first professional post": students’ expectations of the job market in archives and records management in the United Kingdom. Journal of the Society of Archivists , 29 (2) 171 - 191.

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