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Aarts, S; Smith-Dennis, E; (2018) Using corpora for English language teaching and learning. In: McIntyre, D and Price, H, (eds.) Applying linguistics: language and the impact agenda. Routledge: Abingdon.

Agocs, Peter A; (2018) Speaking in the Wax Tablets of Memory. In: Ceccarelli, P and Castagnoli, L, (eds.) Greek Memories: Theories and Practices. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom. (In press).


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Berkowitz, Michael; (2018) The art market in photography: modernity, Jews, and Wiedergutmachung? In: Lerner, P, (ed.) Jewish Consumer Cultures in 19th and 20th century Europe and America. Palgrave Macmillan (In press).

Bird, SR; (2018) Nazis Disguised as Jews and Israel’s Pursuit of Justice: the Eichmann Trial and the kapo trials in Robert Shaw’s The Man in the Glass Booth and Emanuel Litvinoff’s Falls the Shadow. Holocaust Studies: a journal of culture and history 10.1080/17504902.2018.1428783. (In press).

Bolanos-Garcia-Escribano, A; (2018) Subtitling Audiovisual Humour: The Case of ‘Early Almodóvar’ Films during ‘La Movida’ in Spain (1980-1984). MonTI (Monographs in Translation and Interpreting) 10.6035/MonTI.2017.9. (In press). Green open access


Cagnoli Fiecconi, E; (2018) Enmattered virtues. Metaphysics (In press).

Carbone, Marco Benoît; (2018) Transformations of Scylla and Charybdis: Encounters with Otherness and Ancient Greek Myth in Post-Classical Perspective. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), UCL (University College London).

Causer, T; Grint, K; Sichani, A; Terras, M; (2018) 'Making such bargain': Transcribe Bentham and the quality and cost-effectiveness of crowdsourced transcription. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities , Article fqx064. 10.1093/llc/fqx064. (In press).

Cooper, AJ; (2018) A Critical Method for Natural History: the development of Kant's teleological principle. Estudos Kantianos (In press).


Davies, MP; (2018) “Burn, Baby! Burn!”: Paris, Watts, Brussels, Berlin and Vietnam in the Work of Kommune I, 1967. Forum for Modern Language Studies (In press).

Davies, MP; (2018) On (Not) Reading Wales In W.G. Sebald's Austerlitz (2001). Oxford German Studies (In press).

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2018) Film Censorship in Franco’s Spain: The Transforming Power of Dubbing. Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice 10.1080/0907676X.2017.1420669. (In press).


Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; Schwarz, G., ; (2018) Gli ebrei nell’Italia contemporanea (XVIII-XX). [Book]. Carocci: Roma.


Geraerts, J; Symonds, MT; (2018) XML and the archaeology of reading. In: Philips, H and Williams, CB, (eds.) A handbook of editing early modern texts. Routledge: London, UK.

Gonis, N; (2018) Lease of shoreland. In: UNSPECIFIED Istituto Papirologico 'G. Vitelli': Florence.

Gonis, N; (2018) Ostracologica. Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete

Gonis, N; (2018) An entrepreneurial tenant farmer? In: Azzarello, G, (ed.) Ricchezza e potere nell'egitto bizantino. De Gruyter

Gonis, N; Morelli, F; (2018) A lady and an amir in a fruitful relationship. In: Dokumentarische Texte der Berliner Papyrussammlung aus byzantinischer Zeit. De Gruyter

Grieveson, LJ; (2018) Cinema and the Wealth of Nations: Media, Capital, and the Liberal World System. [Book]. University of California Press: Berkeley, California. (In press).


Hanrahan, MMC; (2018) ‘Time to Laugh or to Cry? “Le Rire de la méduse” after 40 years’. In: Atack, M and Fell, A and Holmes, D, (eds.) Les Femmes s’entêtent. Liverpool University Press: Liverpool.

Hanrahan, MMC; (2018) La Rhétorique du silence dans l'écriture de Genet. In: Dichy, A, (ed.) Cahiers de l'Herne: Genet. Editions de l'Herne: Paris. (In press).

Heuer, U; (2018) The Relevance of the Wrong Kind of Reasons. In: Whiting, D and Way, J and McHugh, C, (eds.) Normativity. Epistemic and Practical. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Hicks, AE; Lloyd, A; (2018) Seeing information: Visual methods as entry points to information practices. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (In press).

Hicks, AE; Reyes, B; Maxson, B; (2018) Information literacy practices of incoming Spanish-speaking graduate students at the University of Kansas. Portal: Libraries and the Academy (In press).


Kahn, LO; (2018) The Kitsur Shulhan ‘Arukh, hasidic tale, and maskilic literature as exemplars of Ashkenazic Hebrew. Jewish Quarterly Review (In press).


Lack, RF; (2018) Lumière, Méliès, Pathé & Gaumont: French filmmaking in the suburbs, 1896-1920. In: Met, P and Schilling, D, (eds.) Screening the Paris suburbs, from the silent era to the 1990s. Manchester University Press: Manchester.

Lomas, EJ; Broughton, V; (2018) The good, the bad and the ugly: a study of the organization through the lens of popular films of the western World. Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations , 19 (In press).


Mac Góráin, F; (2018) Review of R. Kania, 2016, Virgil's Eclogues and the Art of Fiction, Cambridge. Journal of Roman Studies (In press).

Mac Góráin, F; (2018) The poetics of vision in Virgil's Aeneid. Harvard Studies in Classical Philology , 109 (In press). Green open access

Mai, G; Tuomainen, J; Howell, P; (2018) Relationship between speech-evoked neural responses and perception of speech in noise in older adults. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (In press). Green open access

Murphy, ML; De Felice, R; (2018) Routine politeness in American and British English requests: use and non-use of please. Journal of Politeness Research: Language, Behavior, Culture (In press).


Núñez Faraco, HR; (2018) The entanglements of freedom: Simón Bolívar's Jamaica Letter and its socio-political context (1810–1819). Global Intellectual History , 3 (1) 10.1080/23801883.2017.1332882.


Rideal, L; Bell, J; (2018) 500 Self-portraits. [Book]. Phaidon: London. (In press).

Rideal, MEC; (2018) The erotic cloth: seduction and fetishism in textiles. In: Kettle, A and Millar, L, (eds.) The erotic cloth: seduction and fetishism in textiles. Bloomsbury Academic: London. (In press).

Rideal, MEC; Soriano, K; (2018) Madam and eve. [Book]. (Vol.1). (1 vols). (1 ed.). Laurence King: London. (In press).

Ring, AG; (2018) DEFA in transition: films of genre- and system-failure. In: Carter, E and Sandberg, C and Bergfelder, T and Göktürk, D, (eds.) The German Cinema Book, Volume 2. BFI: London.

Rothschild, D; Spectre, L; (2018) At the threshold of knowledge. Philosophical Studies , 175 (2) pp. 449-460. 10.1007/s11098-017-0876-7.


Shuttleworth, M; (2018) Translation and the Production of Knowledge in Wikipedia: Chronicling the Assassination of Boris Nemtsov. Alif , 38 (In press).

Silva, ACS; (2018) The elegy of Dom Casmurro. Comparative Literature Studies (In press).

Silva, ACS; (2018) O texto e imagem nas revistas de moda brasileiras do século XIX. In: Luca, T and Granja, L, (eds.) Suportes e mediadores: a circulação transatlântica dos impressos (1789 -1914). Editora da Unicamp: Campinas, Brazil. (In press).

Silva, ACS; (2018) O papel da imprensa na inserção do Brasil no sistema da moda parisiense. In: Monteleone, J and Debom, P and Sila, CB, (eds.) A história na moda, a moda na história. Alameda Editorial: São Paulo, Brazil. (In press).

Simpson, RM; (2018) Regulating Offense, Nurturing Offense. Politics, Philosophy and Economics 10.1177/1470594X17741228. (In press). Green open access

Sleeman, J; (2018) Restoring some period color to Roelof Louw's pyramid of oranges (1967). In: Applin, J and Spencer, C and Tobin, A, (eds.) London art worlds. (pp. 77-93). Pennsylvania University Press

Swaab, PA; (2018) Romantic Poetry and Victorian Nonsense Poetry: Some Directions of Travel. Romanticism (In press).


Vasunia, Phiroze; (2018) Memories of Empire. In: Bang, P and Bayly, CA and Scheidel, W, (eds.) The Oxford World History of Empire. Oxford University Press: New York, New York. (In press). Green open access

Vasunia, Phiroze; (2018) Of Europe. In: Harrison, T and Skinner, J, (eds.) Herodotus in the Long Nineteenth Century. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom. (In press). Green open access

Vidro, N; (2018) Calendar tables in manuscript and printed Arba'ah Turim (Tur Orah Hayyim, chapter 428). Journal of Jewish Studies (In press).


Young, CSR; (2018) Law, Poetics and Legal Fictions. 'Law and Poetics' conference, Cambridge University. [Lecture]. Presented at: Law and Poetics, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Zalabardo, JL; (2018) The Tractatus on unity. Australasian Philosophical Review (In press).

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