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Alexandrou, M; (2016) A commentary on the fragments of the iambic poet Hipponax. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Anderson, SC; (2016) Culture rules: what’s wrong with internet piracy? and other questions in the philosophy of intellectual property. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London).

Andujar, R; (2016) Uncles ex Machina: Familial Epiphany in Euripides' Electra. Ramus: Critical Studies in Greek and Roman Literature , 45 (2) pp. 165-191. 10.1017/rmu.2016.9. Green open access

Anziska, SE; Baconi, T; (2016) The Consequences of Conflict Management in Israel/Palestine. Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF): Oslo, Norway. Green open access

Aradi, N; Baraness, A; Garber, D; Segev, S; Simonson, S; Wagner, R; Wartenberg, I; (2016) Mathematics in Hebrew. In: Katz, VJ and Folkerts, M and Hughes, B and Wagner, R and Berggren, JL, (eds.) Sourcebook in the Mathematics of Medieval Europe and North Africa. (pp. 224-380). Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey, US.

Armstrong, F; (2016) Inclusive education: The key role of Teaching Assistants. In: Key Issues for Teaching Assistants: Working in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms: Second Edition. (pp. 1-12).

Arscott, C; Beaumont, M; Carter, W; Day, G; Duncan, C; Edwards, S; Ford, C; ... Wu, CT; + view all (2016) Review of renew marxist art history. Art Bulletin , 98 (4) 534-. 10.1080/00043079.2016.1215191.

Arshad, Y; (2016) Imagining Cleopatra: Performing Gender and Power in Early Modern England. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Atkinson, J; (2016) Fin-de-Siècle female biographers and the reconsideration of popular women writers. In: Writing Women of the Fin de Siècle: Authors of Change. (pp. 111-123).


Bafa, D; (2016) An edition of unpublished papyri of Greek prose from Oxyrhynchus. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Bailey-Ross, C; Gray, S; Ashby, J; Terras, MM; Hudson-Smith, A; Warwick, C; (2016) Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 10.1093/llc/fqw041. (In press).

Baker, C; Basham, V; Bulmer, S; Gray, H; Hyde, A; (2016) Encounters with the Military. International Feminist Journal of Politics , 18 (1) pp. 140-154. 10.1080/14616742.2015.1106102.

Baron, SA; (2016) Dissidence, Compromise, and Submission in Higher Education Today. Moveable Type , 2016 (8) pp. 7-11. Green open access

Baron, SA; (2016) In Pursuit of Fact: Joyce and Flaubert's Documentary Letter-Writing. Genetic Joyce Studies , 16 Green open access

Basile, D; (2016) Changing humanity: a study of four dystopias at the dawn of the biotechnological age. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Bassiliades, N; Bikakis, A; Vrakas, D; Vlahavas, I; Vouros, G; (2016) Foreword. In: (pp. iii-).

Beaumont, M; (2016) Foreword. In: Nights in the Big City Paris, Berlin, London 1840-1930. (pp. 9-12). Reaktion Books

Beavan, D; (2016) A Beginners Guide to Digital Humanities. Presented at: Digital Humanities for Asian and African Texts, School of African and Asian Studies (SOAS).

Berkowitz, M; (2016) Dorothy Bohm and Paris: A Proustian community (and romance), revisited. In: Unseen: London Paris New York. (pp. 49-71). Ben Uri Gallery and Museum: London.

Berkowitz, M; (2016) E. Lawrence Levy and Muscular Judaism 1851–1932: Sport, Culture, and Assimilation in Nineteenth-Century Britain Together with 'The Autobiography of an Athlete'. [Review]. The International Journal of the History of Sport , 32 (18) pp. 1-2. 10.1080/09523367.2016.1138647. Green open access

Berkowitz, M; (2016) "Humour wholesalers"? Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran's Anglo-Jewish Television Comedy. Studies in Contemporary Jewry , XXIX pp. 75-89.

Berkowitz, M; (2016) Introduction. Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England , 47 ix-xiii. 10.14324/111.444.jhs.2016v47.001. Green open access

Berkowitz, M; (2016) Jewish questions lurking in Peeping Tom (1960). In: Hidden in plain sight: Jews and Jewishness in British film, television, and popular culture. (pp. 91-114). Northwestern University Press: Evanston, Illinois.

Berkowitz, M; (2016) On Photography: Walter Benjamin. [Review]. Jewish Quarterly , 63 (1) pp. 71-73. 10.1080/0449010X.2016.1162469. Green open access

Berkowitz, M; (2016) Review of Before Auschwitz: Jewish Prisoners in the Prewar Concentration Camps by Kim Wünschmann. The British Journal of Criminology: an international review of crime and society , 56 (4) pp. 825-828. 10.1093/bjc/azw040.

Bhuvanendra, S; (2016) Friendship with an Ideally Coherent Eccentric: A Problem for Korsgaard’s Attitude-Dependent Account of Value. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Biedermann, Z; (2016) The Temporal Politics of Spiritual Conquest: History, Geography and Franciscan Orientalism in the Conquista Espiritual do Oriente of Friar Paulo da Trindade. Culture & History Digital Journal , 5 (2) , Article e014. 10.3989/chdj.2016.014. Green open access

Bikakis, A; Caire, P; Clark, K; Cornelius, G; Ma, J; Miller, R; Russo, A; (2016) Collaborative explanation and response in assisted living environments enhanced with humanoid robots. In: (pp. pp. 506-511).

Bikakis, A; Fodor, P; Giurca, A; Morgenstern, L; (2016) Introduction to the special issue on the International Web Rule Symposia 2012–2014. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming , 16 (3) pp. 243-246. 10.1017/S1471068416000028. Green open access

Bird, S; (2016) Comedy and Trauma in Germany and Austria after 1945: The Inner Side of Mourning. Germanic Literatures. Legenda: Cambridge, England.

Blackburn, T; (2016) Experiencing Temporal Properties. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Blatti, S; Snowdon, PF; (2016) Animalism New Essays on Persons, Animals, and Identity. Oxford University Press

Bolanos-Garcia-Escribano, A; (2016) Baños Piñero, Rocío and Díaz Cintas, Jorge (eds) (2015). Audiovisual Translation in a Global Context: Mapping and Ever-changing Landscape. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 291, £65.00. ISBN: 978-1-137-55288-4 (hardback). JoSTrans : the Journal of Specialised Translation (26) pp. 308-311. Green open access

Bowlby, R; (2016) Everyday Stories. Literary Agenda. Oxford UP: Oxford, England.

Boxall, P; Jonik, M; Coetzee, JM; Franklin, S; Milne, D; Felski, R; Salisbury, L; ... Smith, A; + view all (2016) 30@30: the future of literary thinking. Textual Practice , 30 (7) pp. 1149-1185. 10.1080/0950236X.2016.1252578.

Brodie, G; (2016) The sweetheart factor: Tracing translation in Martin Crimp’s writing for theatre. Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance , 9 (1) pp. 83-96. 10.1386/jafp.9.1.83_1. Green open access

Brodie, GS; (2016) Theatre translation in performance. Perspectives: Studies in Translatology 10.1080/0907676X.2015.1126108.

Brodie, GS; Karsky, MN; (2016) Editorial. Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance , 9 (1) pp. 3-12. 10.1386/jafp.9.1.3_2.

Brown, DJ; (2016) Information needs and habits of unaffiliated knowledge workers in the United Kingdom. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Brueton, JL; (2016) Geometry in Jean Genet: Shaping the subject. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Bruzzi, S; (2016) Making a genre: the case of the contemporary true crime documentary. Law and Humanities , 10 (2) pp. 249-280. 10.1080/17521483.2016.1233741.

Bryan, J; (2016) Genres of Ancient Philosophy. [Book]. Routledge

Bryan, J; Hodkinson, O; (2016) The Platonic Epistles: translation and notes. [Book]. Oxford University Press

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Bunn, J; (2016) Archival description and automation: a brief history of going digital. Archives and Records: The Journal of the Archives and Records Association , 37 (1) pp. 65-78. 10.1080/23257962.2016.1145577. Green open access

Bunn, JJ; (2016) Mind the explanatory gap: Quality from quantity. In: (Proceedings) 2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (ICBDA). IEEE (In press). Green open access

Bâcle, B; (2016) Les contre-écritures de Maine de Biran (1766-1824) et de Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834). TRANS- (20) 10.4000/trans.1355.


Caire, P; Moawad, A; Efthymiou, V; Bikakis, A; Le Traon, Y; (2016) Privacy challenges in Ambient Intelligence systems. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments , 8 (6) pp. 619-644. 10.3233/AIS-160405. Green open access

Calikli, G; Law, M; Bandara, AK; Russo, A; Dickens, L; Price, BA; Stuart, A; ... Nuseibeh, B; + view all (2016) Privacy dynamics: Learning privacy norms for social software. In: 2016 IEEE/ACM 11th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS 2016): Proceedings. ACM: New York, USA. Green open access

Campagnolo, A; (2016) Errata (per oculos) corrige: Visual identification of meaningless data in database records of bookbinding structures. In: Driscoll, MJ, (ed.) Care and conservation of manuscripts 15: proceedings of the fifteenth international seminar held at the University of Copenhagen, 2nd–4th April 2014. (pp. pp. 79-88). Museum Tusculanum Press: Copenhagen. Green open access

Campkin, B; Duijzings, G; (2016) Engaged urbanism: experimental and situated methodologies for fairer cities. In: Campkin, B and Duijzings, G, (eds.) Engaged urbanism: cities and methodologies. (pp. 1-20). I.B.Tauris: London and New York. (In press).

Campkin, B; Marshall, L; (2016) LGBTQI Nightlife in London. UCL Urban Laboratory: London.

Carbone, E; (2016) Nordic Italies Representations of Italy in Nordic Literature from the 1830s to the 1910s. Edizioni Nuova Cultura

Carbone, E; Sjögren, K; (2016) The Many Facets of a Diamond: Space and Gender in Selma Lagerlöf’s Antikrists Mirakler and in her Italian Legends. In: Forsås-Scott, H and Stenberg, L and Thorup Thomsen, B, (eds.) Re-Mapping Lagerlöf Performance, intermediality and European transmissions. (pp. 207-221). Nordic Academic Press

Cheliotis, K; (2016) Capturing Real-Time Public Space Activity Using Publicly Available Digital Traces. In: Proceedings of Tenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media. AAAI Press: Cologne, Germany.

Chiari, EC; (2016) The whisper with a thousand echoes: Tony Gentile’s photograph of Falcone and Borsellino. Modern Italy , 21 (04) pp. 441-452. 10.1017/mit.2016.48.

Chiari, EC; Montaldo, S; (2016) Human Skulls and Photographs of Dead Bandits: The Problems of Presenting a 19th Century Museum to 21st Century Audiences. In: Museums and Photography Displaying Death. Taylor & Francis

Chow, P; (2016) Traversing the Øresund: The Transnational Urban Region in Bron/Broen. In: Andersson, J and Webb, L, (eds.) Global Cinematic Cities: New Landscapes of Film and Media. (pp. 36-58). Columbia University Press: New York.

Chow, PS; (2016) ‘A Symptom of Something Real’: The Øresund Region on Film and Television, 1999–2014. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Clarke, HHP; (2016) Ways of thinking: an essay on referential coordination. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Cole, R; (2016) Towards a Typology of Absence in Old Norse Literature. Exemplaria , 28 (2) pp. 137-160. 10.1080/10412573.2016.1151201.

Colvin, SC; (2016) The modal particle in Greek. The Cambridge Classical Journal , 62 pp. 65-84. 10.1017/S1750270516000026. Green open access

Conway, D; (2016) The Merchant's long journey. Jewish Renaissance (October ) pp. 38-39.

Cooper, A; (2016) Philosophy's Tragedy. Metaphilosophy , 47 (1) pp. 59-74. 10.1111/meta.12169.

Cooper, A; (2016) Terry Eagleton, Hope without Optimism. Philosophy Today , 60 (4) pp. 991-994. 10.5840/philtoday2016604137.

Cooper, A; (2016) The Tragedy of Philosophy Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Project of Aesthetics. SUNY Press

Cooper, AJ; (2016) Interested Creatures: Kant on normativity and nature. Kant Studies Online

Cooper, AJ; (2016) Nature’s Ultimate End: hope and culture in Kant’s third Critique. Philosophica

Court, EMA; (2016) Émigré Representations of the American Roadside in Postwar Literature, Film and Photography. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Cross, JA; (2016) Real normativity. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Cubitt, E; (2016) Arthur Morrison, the Jago, and the realist representation of place. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Curran, FG; (2016) Towards a fractured topography of the present: art, ecology and the political economy of speed. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Cushing, IR; Hellmuth, S; (2016) Phonetics and Phonology. In: Knowing About Language Linguistics and the Secondary English Classroom. Routledge


Dal Borgo, MM; (2016) Thucydides: father of game theory. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Datiles, MJ; (2016) The battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) in American popular culture. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Davies, LVL; (2016) The tramp in British interwar literature. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Davies, M; (2016) Writing and the West German Protest Movements: The Textual Revolution. [Book]. imlr books: London.

Davies, MIJ; Moore, HL; (2016) Landscape, time and cultural resilience: a brief history of agriculture in Pokot and Marakwet, Kenya. Journal of Eastern African Studies , 10 (1) pp. 67-87. 10.1080/17531055.2015.1134417.

Davis, P; (2016) Recovering a Restoration Scribal Poet: The Life and Work of Robert Wolseley, with Notes on His Association with Rochester. Huntington Library Quarterly , 79 (4) pp. 677-704. 10.1353/hlq.2016.0032.

De Blois, F; (2016) The Concept of Iran in Zoroastrian and Other Traditions. [Lecture]. Presented at: The Nineteenth Dastur Dr Sohrab Hormasji Kutar Memorial Lecture, London, UK.

De Felice, R; (2016) Impoliteness in corpora: A comparative analysis of British English and spoken Turkish. JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS , 52 (3) pp. 709-713. 10.1017/S0022226716000177.

De Felice, R; (2016) Understanding pragmatic markers: A variational pragmatic approach. ENGLISH LANGUAGE & LINGUISTICS , 20 (1) pp. 168-174. 10.1017/S1360674315000350.

Declercq, C; (2016) From Antwerp to Britain and Back Again. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 94-107). Palgrave Macmillan UK: London.

Declercq, C; (2016) Belgium and the Semantic Flux of Flemish, French and Flemings. In: Walker, J and Declercq, C, (eds.) Languages and the First World War: Communicating in a Transnational War. (pp. 159-172). Palgrave Macmillan UK: London.

Declercq, C; Baker, H; (2016) Belgian Refugee Communities of Twickenham, Richmond: "The Belgian Village on the Thames". Presented at: Voices of the Home Fronts, The National Archives, Kew.

Declercq, C; Baker, H; (2016) The Pelabon Munitions works and the Belgian village on the Thames: Community and forgetfulness in outer-metropolitan suburbs. Immigrants & Minorities , 34 (2) pp. 151-170. 10.1080/02619288.2016.1174585.

Delacruz, MA; (2016) Unveiling the invisible wound: the relevance of tragedy in the public sphere. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2016) “El futuro de la traducción audiovisual es muy prometedor”. Interview by Héctor Pavón. Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires.

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2016) Entredichos, nº 26, 27/4/16 (especial traducción audiovisual). UNSPECIFIED

Diaz-Cintas, J; Parini, I; Ranzato, I; (2016) The Discreet Charm of Manipulation. Altre Modernità: NUMERO SPECIALE Ideological Manipulation in Audiovisual Translation (Spec. I.) I-IX. 10.13130/2035-7680/6798. Green open access

Dickie, J; (2016) Mafia and Prostitution in Calabria, c. 1880 - c. 1940. Past & Present , 232 (1) pp. 203-236. 10.1093/pastj/gtw012.

Duran, JP; (2016) From the Experimental to Experimentalism. Italo Calvino and Julio Cortázar in Paris (1963-1973). Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

de Blois, F; (2016) ‘Remarks on some European names in the Syriac life of Mār Yaḇalāhā’. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society pp. 229-234. 10.1017/S1356186315000814.


Earhart, A; Gil, A; Risam, R; Bordalejo, B; Galina, I; Hughes, L; Terras, MM; (2016) Quality Matters: Diversity and the Digital Humanities in 2016. Presented at: Digital Humanities 2016, Krakow. Green open access

Easwaran, K; Fenton-Glynn, L; Hitchcock, C; Velasco, JD; (2016) Updating on the Credences of Others: Disagreement, Agreement and Synergy. Philosophers' Imprint , 16 (11) pp. 1-39. spo.3521354.0016.011. Green open access

Elber-Aviram, H; (2016) Fairyland in a crowded city: British urban fantasy, 1840–present. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Engelstad, A; (2016) Locating the problem of personhood for political theory. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Evans, JM; (2016) Territories of the Visual in Spain and Spanish America: Visual Studies and UK Hispanism. [Scholarly edition]. Routledge: London.

Evans, JM; Viejo, B; (2016) Luis Buñuel: Political Exile, Auteur, Iconoclast. [Scholarly edition]. Evans, JM (Ed).


Faithfull, S; (2016) Nowheres. [Lecture]. Presented at: Zero, Kunstverein Springhornhof, Germany.

Faithfull, S; Hill, G; (2016) Panel discusion: Gary Hill, Simon Faithfull. [Lecture]. Presented at: Club Monster, Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju, South Korea.

Fardell, BP; (2016) The Structure of Well-Being: Incommensurability, Needs, and Sufficiency. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Fenton - Glynn, L; (2016) A Proposed Probabilistic Extension of the Halpern and Pearl Definition of ‘Actual Cause’. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 10.1093/bjps/axv056. (In press). Green open access

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Ferrara degli Uberti, C; (2016) Review of La società udinese e gli ebrei fra la Restaurazione e l’età unitaria. Mondi cattolici, emancipazione e integrazione della minoranza ebraica a Udine 1830-1866/70, by Emanuele D’Antonio. Quest : Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. , 2016 (9) pp. 185-189. Green open access

Feuchtwang, S; Maxwell, C; Clark, T; Hall, J; Bennington, G; Docherty, T; Rooney, C; ... Bloom, H; + view all (2016) On Ann Wordsworth: Some Reflections and Reminiscences. Oxford Literary Review , 38 (2) pp. 309-332. 10.3366/olr.2016.0199. Green open access

Fischer, L; (2016) Scholarly book reviewing: time for a plot twist. UNSPECIFIED, Times Higher Education.

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Ford, M; (2016) Thomas Hardy. Harvard University Press

Ford, MN; (2016) Nairobi, 1963. [Pamphlet]. Periplum: Plymouth.

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Fremantle, SP; (2016) Reconstructing Rawls: a utilitarian critique of Rawls's theory of justice. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Fryer, L; (2016) An Introduction to Audio Description A Practical Guide. Routledge

Frápolli, MJ; Villanueva, N; (2016) Pragmatism. Propositional priority and the organic model of propositional individuation. Disputatio , 8 (43) pp. 203-217. Green open access


García-Escribano, AB; (2016) Culture in Theatre Translation: The Case of "Les Fourberies de Scapin" (1671) Translated by Julio Gómez de la Serna / La cultura en la traducción teatral: el caso de la versión de "Les Fourberies de Scapin" (1671) por Julio Gómez de la Serna. Estudios de Traducción , 6 pp. 9-23. 10.5209/ESTR.53001. Green open access

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Gardner, S; (2016) On Omri Boehm, Kant's Critique of Spinoza. [Review]. Critique (In press). Green open access

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