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ABRAM, C; (2011) Review of Odd Einar Haugen and Åslaug Ommundsen, ed., Vår eldste bok: Skrift, miljø og biletbruk i den norske homilieboka. Saga-Book , 35

ALLINGTON, E; (2011) Plates Which Told Stories. In: Lomax, J, (ed.) Rob Kesseler. (pp. 74-85). Andreas Papadakis Pub

Abram, C; (2011) Myths of the Pagan North: The Gods of the Norsemen. [Book]. Continuum: London, UK.

Agar, JN; (2011) Queer in France: AIDS dissidentification in france. In: Queer in Europe: Contemporary Case Studies. (pp. 57-70).

Agar, JN; (2011) Developing gay con/texts in early Gael Morel. In: Grandena, F and Johnston, C, (eds.) Cinematic queerness. Gay and lesbian hypervisibility in contemporary Francophone feature films. (pp. 173-191). Peter Lang: Bern, Switzerland.

Agocs, PA; (2011) Látni az Erinyst. Aischylos, Eumeniszek 307-96. Ókör. Folyóirat az antik kultúrákról. , 10 (4) pp. 18-33.

Akkerman, N; (2011) The Correspondence of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. [Book]. (Vol.2). Oxford University Press

Allan, K; Robinson, JA; (2011) Current Methods in Historical Semantics. [Book]. Mouton De Gruyter

Allan, KL; (2011) Using OED data as evidence. In: Allan, K and Robinson, JA, (eds.) Current Methods in Historical Semantics. (pp. 17-40). De Gruyter Mouton

An, X; Xu, S; Mu, Y; Wang, W; Bai, XY; Dawson, A; Han, H; (2011) Toward a Meta-Synthesis Support System for Reuse of Government Information Resource on City Travel And Traffic: Knowledge Asset Management Approaches for Beijing. In: Ribiere, V and Worasinchai, L, (eds.) (Proceedings) 8th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning (ICICKM). (pp. pp. 33-41). ACAD CONFERENCES LTD

Antonsson, HT; (2011) East of Allegory: Yngvars saga víðförla. Presented at: Research Seminar - Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) The Genesis of Historical Writing in Medieval Iceland. Presented at: Scandinavian Research Seminar, University of Aberdeen, Edinburgh.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) The Icelandic Commonwealth and Historical Writing in the 12th Cenury. Presented at: Earlier Middle Ages Seminar - Institute of Historical Research, London.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) Theories and Conversion. Presented at: Pagan and Christian (Converting the Isle Network), University of Cambridge.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) Yngvars saga víðförla and the Beginning of Saga Writing in Iceland. Presented at: Research Seminar - Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.

Ashton, R; (2011) MYTHS AND THE MYTHMAKER A literary account of J. M. Barrie's formative years. TLS-TIMES LIT SUPPL (5624) 27 - 27.

Ashton, R; (2011) Oh so quietly. TLS-TIMES LIT SUPPL (5635) 15 - 15.

Ashton, R; (2011) The Thirty-Ninth George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 2010: The Mill on the Floss and the Difficulties of Relationships. George Eliot Review: Journal of the George Eliot Fellowship , 42 pp. 26-37.


BIRD, S; (2011) ‘Er gab mir, was äußerst ungewöhnlich war, zum Abschied die Hand’: On Touch and Tact in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz and Die Ausgewanderten. Journal of European Studies (In press).

BOWLBY, R; (2011) 'Half art': Baudelaire's 'Le Peintre de la vie moderne'. Paragraph , 34 (1) pp. 6-15.

BOWLBY, R; (2011) Introduction to Marion Milner, A Life of One's Own. In: Milner, M, (ed.) A Life of One's Own. Routledge

BROUGHTON, VD; (2011) Facet analysis as a tool for modelling subject domains and terminologies. In: Slavic, A, (ed.) (Proceedings) Classification and ontology: formal approaches and access to knowledge.

BUGLIANI KNOX, F; (2011) The eye of the eagle: John Donne and the legacy of Ignatius Loyola. [Book].

BURROWS, D; (2011) Death by Design. In: Burnt Wood Stories. (pp. 33-39). The Agency Gallery: London.

BUTLER, J; (2011) Maddeleşen/Sorunlaşan Bedenler (Bela Bedenler) (BAYER, D ; CAKIRLAR, C, Trans.). Cogito , 65-66 (Spring) 52 - 86. Green open access

Banos Pinero, R; (2011) Friends y Siete Vidas: ¿Parecidos razonables? Presented at: IV Setmana de la Traducció Audiovisual, Universitat Jaume I (Spain).

Banos Pinero, R; Toto, P; (2011) Challenges and Constraints in Designing a Localization Module for a Multilingual Cohort. Presented at: First international Conference “Tradumàtica, Translation Technologies and Localization”, UAB, Barcelona (Spain).

Baron, SA; (2011) James Joyce and the Nineteenth-century French Novel. In: Fordham, F and Sakr, R, (eds.) James Joyce and the Nineteenth-Century French Novel. (pp. 128-145). Rodopi: Amsterdam and New York.

Baron, SA; (2011) Invisible Author-Gods: Flaubert, Joyce and Intertextual Theory. Dix-Neuf, Journal of the Society of Dix-Neuviémistes , vol. 1 (1) pp. 92-103.

Beaumont, M; (2011) THE NOVEL AND THE SEA. TLS-TIMES LIT SUPPL (5643) 27 - 27.

Beaumont, M; (2011) ‘Pater as Psychagogue: Psychology, Aesthetics, Rhetoric’. 19: interdisciplinary studies in the long nineteenth century , 12

Benaissa, A; Gonis, N; (2011) Documentary fragments from upper Egypt in the Hunterian museum. Journal of Juristic Papyrology , 41 pp. 35-43.

Berkowitz, M; (2011) Historians of the Jews and the Holocaust. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW , 116 (5) pp. 1442-1443.

Berkowitz, M; (2011) Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora. SLAVIC REV , 70 (3) 679 - 679.

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Berkowitz, M; (2011) “Post-Second World War Europe: Jews and Perceptions of Law and Order in Germany,” in Jewish-non-Jewish relations: Between exclusion and embrace – An online teaching resource, eds. Hannah Holtschneider and Maria Diemling, hosted by University of Edinburgh, URL: http://www.jnjr.div.ed.ac.uk/Primary%20Sources/holocaust/berkowitz_jewsperceptions.html. [Digital scholarly resource].

Berkowitz, M; (2011) review of The Jews in Poland and Russia, Volume I: 1350-1881 by Antony Polonsky. Slavonic and East European Review , 89 (4) pp. 742-744.

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Long review of Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya, ‘The Portuguese in the East. A Cultural History of a Maritime Trading Empire’. e-Journal of Portuguese History , 9 (1)

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Um viajante sem mapas? Figueroa e a cartografia da Pérsia. In: Loureiro, R and Resende, V, (eds.) Estudos sobre Don García de Silva y Figueroa e os “Comentarios” da embaixada à Pérsia (1614-1624). (pp. 367-393). CHAM: Lisbon, Portugal.

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Mapping the Backyard of an Empire: Portuguese Cartographies of the Persian Littoral, 1500-1600. In: Matthee, R and Flores, JM, (eds.) Portugal, the Persian Gulf and Safavid Persia. (pp. 51-78). Peeters: Ghent.

Bikakis, A; Antoniou, G; (2011) Semantics for conflict resolution in contextual defeasible logic. In:

Bird, S; (2011) 'Er gab mir, was äußerst ungewöhnlich war, zum abschied die hand': Touch and tact in W. G. Sebald's die Ausgewanderten and Austerlitz. Journal of European Studies , 41 (3-4) pp. 359-375. 10.1177/0047244111413699.

Bjørnson, B; Bætzmann, F; Lie, JLI; (2011) Lyset kommer fra sør Italias frigjøringskamp sett av datidens norske forfattere.

Bobbio, N; Garin, E; (2011) «Della stessa leva». Lettere (1942-1999). [Book]. Nino Aragno Editore: Turin Italy.

Borch-Jacobsen, M; Shamdasani, S; (2011) The Freud Files. [Book]. Cambridge Univ Pr

Bowlby, R; (2011) ‘Half Art’: Baudelaire's Le Peintre de la vie moderne. Paragraph , 34 (1) pp. 1-11. 10.3366/para.2011.0002.

Bowlby, R; (2011) Real Life and Its Readers in Mrs. Dalloway. In: Woolf as Reader/Woolf as Critic, or The Art of Reading in the Present. (pp. 19-37). PU de la Méditerranée: Montpellier, France.

Bowlby, RH; (2011) Two interventions on realism: Untold stories in Mrs Dalloway; Versions of Realism in George Eliot's Adam Bede. Textual Practice: an international journal of radical literary studies , 25 (3) pp. 395-396.

Bowlby, RH; (2011) Untold Stories in 'Mrs Dalloway'. Textual Practice: an international journal of radical literary studies , 25 (3) pp. 397-416.

Bowlby, RH; (2011) Versions of Realism in George Eliot's Adam Bede. Textual Practice: an international journal of radical literary studies , 25 (3) pp. 417-436.

Britton, CB; (2011) Dual Identities: The Question of ‘Départementalisation’ in Michel Leiris’s Contacts de civilisations en Martinique et en Guadeloupe. French Cultural Studies , 22 (1) pp. 61-72. 10.1177/0957155810386671.

Broughton, V; (2011) Brian Vickery, september 11, 1918-october 17, 2009. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly , 49 (1) pp. 42-46. 10.1080/01639374.2011.531235.

Broughton, V; (2011) Essential Library of Congress Subject Headings. [Book]. Facet: London.

Broughton, V; (2011) Teaching reference and information sources at the Department of Information Studies, University College London. Refer: The Journal of the Information Services Group , 27 (1) pp. 2-8.

Broughton, VD; (2011) Essential Library of Congress Subject Headings. [Book]. Facet: London, UK.

Broughton, VD; (2011) Facet analysis as a tool for modelling subject domains and terminologies. In: Slavic, A and Civallero, E, (eds.) (Proceedings) Classification and ontology: formal approaches and access to knowledge. (pp. pp. 207-228). Ergon: Wurzburg, Germany.

Bruzzi, S; (2011) 'It Will Be a Magnificient Obsession': Femininity, Desire, and the New Look in 1950s Hollywood Melodrama. In: Fashion in Film. (pp. 160-180). Indiana UP: Bloomington, IN.

Bruzzi, S; (2011) Rush to Judgement: Imperfect Justice in Fury (1936). Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism , 3 pp. 2-11.

Bunn, JJ; (2011) Multiple Narratives, Multiple Views: Observing Archival Description. Doctoral thesis , University College London.

Burlamaqui, L; Castro, AC; Kattel, R; (2011) Introduction. In: UNSPECIFIED (xv-xxx).


CAKIRLAR, C; (2011) Cinephilic Bodies: Todd Haynes's Cinema of Queer Pastiche. KÜLT: Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies Journal , 1 (1) pp. 162-200. Green open access

CAKIRLAR, C; (2011) Masculinity, Scatology, Mooning and the Queer/able Art of Gilbert & George: On the Visual Discourse of Male Ejaculation and Anal Penetration. Paragraph: A Journal of Modern Critical Theory , 34 (1) 86 - 104. 10.3366/para.2011.0007. Green open access

CAKIRLAR, C; DELICE, S; (2011) Catalogue Note on Taner Ceylan's 1879 (2011). In: Contemporary Art/ Turkish: London, April 07, 2011. Sotheby's: London, UK. Green open access

CALLANAN, M; Hamblyn, R; (2011) Future Climate Change. In: Maslin, M and Randalls, S, (eds.) Future Climate Change. Routledge

COUNSELL, M; (2011) Art Monthly. Art Monthly (No.345)

Cakirlar, C; (2011) Queer art of parallaxed document: the visual discourse of docudrag in Kutlug Ataman's Never My Soul! Screen , 52 (3) 358 - 375. 10.1093/screen/hjr020.

Callanan, MJ; Thomson, J; Collins, S; Jackson, M; LOWE, B; Head, T; Faithfull, S; (2011) Several Interruptions: 15 Years of the Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art. [Group exhibition]. North Lodge, Gower Street, UCL. 2011-01-24 - 2011-04-17. Green open access

Carey, C; (2011) The third stasimon of Oedipus at Colonus. In: Goldhill, S and Hall, E, (eds.) Sophocles and the Greek Tragic Tradition. (pp. 119-133).

Chaney, SJ; (2011) “A Hideous Torture on Himself”: Madness and Self-Mutilation in Victorian Literature. Journal of Medical Humanities , 32 (4) 279 - 289. 10.1007/s10912-011-9152-6. Green open access

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Coleman, NAT; (2011) What? What? In the (black) butt. The Newsletter on Philosophy and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues , 11 (1) pp. 12-15.

Collins, SAR; (2011) Unfolding Time: Landscapes, Seascapes and the Aesthetics of Transmission. In: Rugg, J and Martin, C, (eds.) Spatialities: The Geographies of Art and Architecture. Intellect L & D E F A E: UK.

Colvin, S; (2011) "The Koine. A New Language for a New World". In: Erskine, E and Llewellyn-Jones, L, (eds.) Creating a Hellenistic World. (pp. 31-45). Classical Press of Wales: Swansea.

Colvin, SC; (2011) Oxford Bibliographies Online - Ancient Greek Language. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/...

Colvin, SC; (2011) Sophie Minon, Les Inscriptions Éléennes Dialectales (VI-II siècle avant J.-C.). Volume I: Textes. Volume II: Grammaire et Vocabulaire Institutionnel. (Genève: Librairie Droz 2007). Review by: Stephen Colvin. Bryn Mawr Classical Rewiew , 2007/2

Craigie, J; (2011) Thinking and feeling: Moral deliberation in a dual-process framework. PHILOS PSYCHOL , 24 (1) 53 - 71. 10.1080/09515089.2010.533262.


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Dawson, AD; (2011) XHTML workbook v4.15 (XHTML 1.01). [Pamphlet]. (4.15 ed.). : UCL Department of Information Studies, London UK. Green open access

De-Shalit, A; Wolff, J; (2011) The Apparent Asymmetry of Responsibility. pp. 1-14. 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199565801.003.0011.

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2011) "Dubbing and the manipulation of films”. Radio Vienna

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Dickie, J; (2011) Blood Brotherhoods: The Rise of the Italian Mafias. [Book]. Sceptre: London.

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Dillon, CJ; Lee, X; Yee, J; (2011) Report on Chinese variants in internationalized top-level demains. ICANN

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Duijzings, G; (2011) Cultura şi experienţele urbane în oraşele post-socialiste: propuneri pentru un program de cercetare antropologică. Urbanismul (serie nouă) , 9 pp. 48-53.

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Duke-Williams, O; (2011) The role of questions about migration in UK censuses: A simple matter of counting, or a means of exerting power? GEOFORUM , 42 (5) pp. 615-623. 10.1016/j.geoforum.2011.04.004.


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Faithful, S; (2011) Macht. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 80-83). Rohkunstbau: Berlin.

Faithful, S; (2011) Far Field. In: Polli, A and Marsching, J, (eds.) Far Field. (pp. 77-86). Intellect L & D E F A E

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Flinn, AD; (2011) Allen Smith Lecture, ‘Telling our stories, creating our histories: some reflections on the role of oral history in community history and archive projects’. [Lecture]. Presented at: Allen Smith Lecture, Simmons College, Boston, USA.

Flinn, AD; (2011) ‘Archival activism. Independent and community-led archives, radical public history and the heritage professions’. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies , 7 (2)

Flinn, AD; (2011) Invited lecture, ‘Archival activism: independent and community archives, radical history making and the heritage professions’,. [Lecture]. Presented at: Diversity and the Archive Colloquium Series, UCLA, USA.

Flinn, AD; (2011) Invited lecture, ‘Independent & Community Archives: Preserving local histories and sites of resistance?’. [Lecture]. Presented at: CAS/MillerComm Lecture Series, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA.

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