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Agocs, PA; (2009) Memory and Forgetting in Pindar’s Seventh Isthmian Ode. In: Doležalová, L, (ed.) Strategies of Remembrance: From Pindar to Hölderlin. (pp. 33-92). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne UK.


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Diaz-Cintas, J; (2009) “English varieties in subtitles”. BBC Radio 4

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Duke-Williams, OW; (2009) Internal migration and inter-household relationships. In: Stillwell, J, (ed.) Understanding Population Trends and Processes Volume 1: Fertility, Living Arrangements, Mobility and Care. Springer


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Geller, M; (2009) Homeland and Exile: Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honour of Bustenay Oded (Brill, Leiden/Boston, 2009). [Book]. Brill Academic Publishers: Leiden / Boston.

Goddard, J; (2009) Rewind & Play, An Anthology of Early British Video Art, DVD (including Judith Goddard's 'Time Spent'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://lux.org.uk/shop/products/dvds/rewind-play-a...

Goeres, EM; (2009) Saintly Exile: The Commemoration of King Óláfr inn helgi in the Poetry of Heimskringla. Saga and East Scandinavia: Preprint Papers of the 14th International Saga Conference, Uppsala 9th-15th August pp. 309-317.

Gonis, N; (2009) ‘4980–4982, 4986–4988. Census Declarations’, ‘4992. Notification of Death’, ‘4999. Registration of a Child’, ‘5001–5002, 5005–5009. Summonses’ (pp. 89–93, 99–101, 110–11, 127–30, 133–7, 139–43). In: Gonis, N, (ed.) The Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXXIV. Egypt Exploration Society: London.

Gonis, N; (2009) ‘4947. Strabo, Geographica v 4.12–13’ (pp. 117–19); ‘4949. Aelius Aristides, Panathenaicus 390, 392’ (pp. 122–3); ‘4892. Petition regarding Extortion’ (pp. 140–41); ‘4892. Sale of Irrigation Implements’ (pp. 196–9). In: Obbink, D and Gonis, N, (eds.) The Oxyrhynchus Papyri LXXIII. Egypt Exploration Society: London.


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Inskip, C; (2009) Music in the Movies: an investigation into Creative Music Search. Presented at: Online Information, London, UK. Green open access

Inskip, C; MacFarlane, A; Rafferty, P; (2009) Music in the Movies: an investigation into Creative Music Search. Presented at: Digital Music Research Network (DMRN+4), Queen Mary University of London, London, UK. Green open access

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Isserles, J; (2009) • « De la Sortie d’Égypte à la Rédemption finale : analyse de cinq folios tirés du manuscrit Hébreu 1333 de la Bibliothèque nationale de France à Paris », Cahiers Archéologiques, n° 52, (2005-2008), p.145-160. Cahiers Archéologiques (52) pp. 145-15.


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Maus de Rolley, T; (2009) Le démonologue comme conteur? Les anecdotes démonologiques dans la Démonomanie de Bodin (1580). Presented at: ’ – Paper given at the conference Narratives and Knowledge: The Early Modern Scientific Anecdote, New College, Oxford, UK.

Maus de Rolley, T; (2009) Le vol du cheval de bois: les aventures d’un motif. Presented at: Early Modern French Seminar, Maison Française d'Oxford.

Milroy, LK; (2009) The Way of the World (2009, ISBN: 978-9-0771932-2-6). Cultuurcentrum Menschen, Belgium.


Neveu Kringelbach, H; (2009) Studio Cameroon: the Everyday Photography of Jacques Touselle. Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, November 2007 – June 2008. UNSPECIFIED, Los Angeles.

Nyhan, J; (2009) Review of Deep time of the Media. Toward an Archaeology of Hearing and Seeing by Technical Means, by S. Zelinski, trans. by Gloria Custance. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews , 34.1 pp. 123-125.

Nyhan, J; (2009) Some Digital Humanities methodologies and their importance to Irish Studies. In: LULCL II - Lesser Used Languages & Computer Linguistics II. Proceedings of the Second Colloquium on Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics. (pp. 135-150). : Bolzano: Italy.

Nyhan, J; (2009) Teaching and Learning TEI: an introduction to TEI-EJ. In: (Proceedings) TEI Praxis Symposium.

Nyhan, J; (2009) An introduction to TextGrid and the Text-Image-Link-Editor. In: (Proceedings) NEH funded TILE symposium.

Nyhan, J; Schmidt O, ; (2009) TextGrid tools and concepts: present and future. In: (Proceedings) Tools for Collaborative Scholarly Editing over the Web.


Parker, J; (2009) Film 'The Reunion' shown as part of 'Opera' a programme curated by Artprojx. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2009) Film 'Trilogy: Kettle's Yard' at Media City Film Festival, 15th Annual Festival of Film and Video Art, Windsor, Ontario. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2009) ...but the clouds... UNSPECIFIED


Rayner, SJ; (2009) Death and the 'grimly voice' in David Jones's In Parenthesis. In: Cherewatuk, K and Whetter, KS, (eds.) The Arthurian way of death. (pp. 226-240). Ds Brewer: Woodbridge, UK.

Rideal, L; Davidson, J; (2009) in [In]visible [in]tangibles: Visual portraits of the business élite. Accounting, Organizations and Society pp. 171-172.

Rideal, L; Dye, M; (2009) Aspects of Kent. [Book]. University of Kent: Canterbury, Kent, UK.

Ruggaber, K; (2009) Glo-Ball. UNSPECIFIED


Schoenaers, DJ; (2009) My es leet dat ics vergat. De Vijfde Partie van Lodewijk van Velthem en het vierde boek van Jan van Boendales Brabantsche yeesten. In: Besamusca, B and Sleiderink, R and Warnar, G, (eds.) De boeken van Velthem. (pp. 231-250).

Shamdasani, S; (2009) Coming to Terms with Jung: On Tina Keller's Memoirs. In: Swan, W, (ed.) The Memoir of Tina Keller-Jenny. Spring Journal, Inc

Sleeman, AJ; (2009) Elegiac Inscription: a discussion of the use of words in the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Richard Long. The Sculpture Journal , 18 (2) pp. 189-203. 10.3828/sj.2009.6.

Sleeman, J; (2009) Land art and the moon landing. UNSPECIFIED

Smelik, WF and Ter Haar Romeny, B (Eds). (2009) Aramaic Studies. [Whole issue]. Aramaic Studies , 7 (1-2).

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) 'Whichwait', Nir Segal. Catalogue introduction by Andrew Stahl. [Catalogue].

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) ANYWHERE ANYTIME ANYHOW. Catalogue introduction by Hassapop Tangmahamek. Ardel Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Andrew Stahl, Lecture, Arts Club, Dover Street. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Beauty So Ancient and So New, in discussion with Gregory Tingay, Arts Club, Dover Street, London. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Modern 9 TV Interview with Andrew Stahl. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Review by Andrew J West on Andrew Stahl, Bangkok Post, August 20th. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Review by Stephen Pettifor on Andrew Stahl, Bangkok Art Map (BAM) August Highlights. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Review on Andrew Stahl, Bangkok Post, 14th August. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Review on Andrew Stahl, Daily Xpress, 11th August. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Review on Andrew Stahl, Muse Culturewatch, August 22-28th. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Review on Andrew Stahl, Thai Nation, 17th August. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2009) (2009) Thai PBS day (TV) Interview with Andrew Stahl. UNSPECIFIED

Stern, TJ; (2009) On Substitution and Total Criticism. Studies in Social and Political Thought , 16 pp. 37-47.

Stevens, G; (2009) Gary Stevens: Lateral Ladder. In: Marcia Farquhar's 12 Shooters. Live Art Development Agency: London.

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Welsh, A; Lomax, K; (2009) Open, free, easy? Building a catalogue from scratch on open source software. Presented at: Internet Librarian International, London, UK.

Widmann, AM; (2009) Kontrafaktische Geschichtsdarstellung. Untersuchungen an Romanen von Günter Grass, Thomas Pynchon, Thomas Brussig, Michael Kleeberg, Philip Roth und Christoph Ransmayr. [Book]. Studien zur historischen Poetik (Band 4).

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Zalabardo, JL; (2009) An argument for the likelihood-ratio measure of confirmation. Analysis , 69 pp. 630-635.

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