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ALLINGTON, E; (2009) Airfix Lifeboat. [Artefact]. Digital Print. Hull.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) Apprentice Indenture. [Artefact]. Print. Hull.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) The Lost Landscapes. In: Naoko Yogo. (pp. 1-6). Chelsea Future Space: UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) Some Interesting Cheques. [Artefact]. Digital print on paper. Hull.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) lead biro. [Artefact]. cast lead. London.

ALLINGTON, E; (2009) From My Cold Dead Hand, or metamatics, the removed gesture and Louise Montalesot’s painting machine. In: Satz, A and Wood, J, (eds.) Articulate objects. (pp. 139-156). Peter Lang Pub Inc

Abram, C; (2009) Gylfaginning and Early Medieval Conversion Theory. Saga Book - Viking Society for Northern Research , 33 pp. 5-24.

Abram, C; (2009) Snorri Sturluson. In: Clark, R, (ed.) The Literary Encyclopedia.

Agar, JN; (2009) "Hypervisibility II: Homosexualities in Contemporary Francophone Visual Cultures, University of Stirling, 25- 27 June 2008" A Report by James N Agar, University College London. (Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies Issue 13 ). Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies: University of Nottingham.

Agar, JN; (2009) review of 'Herve Guibert: vers une esthetique postmoderne' by Arnaud Genon. Modern & Contemporary France , 17 (2) pp. 226-227. 10.1080/09639480902853906.

Agar, JN; (2009) review of 'The Cambridge Companion to Michel Foucault' by Lisa Downing. Modern and Contemporary France , 17 (3) pp. 353-354.

Agocs, PA; (2009) Memory and Forgetting in Pindar’s Seventh Isthmian Ode. In: Doležalová, L, (ed.) Strategies of Remembrance: From Pindar to Hölderlin. (pp. 33-92). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne UK.

Allan, K; (2009) Metaphor and metonymy: a diachronic approach. [Book]. Blackwell Pub

Antonsson, H; (2009) False Claims to Papal Canonisations of Saints: Scandinavia and Elsewhere. Mediaeval Scandinavia , 19 pp. 171-204.

Antonsson, HT; (2009) Memories of the Conversion: Missionary Saints and the Christianization of Scandinavia. Presented at: 16th Viking Congress, Reykjavik and Reykholt, Iceland.

Ashton, R; (2009) How George Eliot Came to Write Fiction. George Eliot Review: Journal of the George Eliot Fellowship pp. 7-13.

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Athanassoulis, N; Wilson, J; (2009) When is deception in research ethical? Clinical Ethics , 4 (1) 44 - 49. 10.1258/ce.2008.008047. Green open access

Azzarello, G; Gonis, N; (2009) P.Stras. VIII 800: lettera ad un pronoetes della domus divina. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik , 171 pp. 211-212.


BERKOWITZ, M; (2009) In memoriam John Klier, 1944-2007. Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England , 42 xv-xviii.

BERKOWITZ, M; (2009) review of Becoming Judy Chicago. Jewish Quarterly (214) pp. 81-82.

BERKOWITZ, M; (2009) Kristallnacht in context: Jewish war veterans in America and Britain and the Crisis of German Jewry. In: Mazzenga, M, (ed.) American religious responses to Kristallnacht. (pp. 57-84). Palgrave MacMillan: New York, US.

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BOWLBY, R; (2009) Please enter your pin. London Review of Books , 31 (20) pp. 31-32.

BOWLBY, R; (2009) 'Speech Creatures': New men in 'Pamela' and 'Pride and Prejudice'. Paragraph , 32 (2) pp. 243-254.

BOWLBY, R; (2009) Psychoanalysis. In: Boys-Stones, G and Graziosi, B and Vasunia, P, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Hellenic Studies. (pp. 102-810).

BURROWS, D; (2009) Stanley Picker Gallery Public Lectures on Art: 2. David Burrows (Plastique Fantastique) and Andy Sharp (English Heretic). [Book]. Stanley Picker Gallery Public Lectures on Art: Sex, Magick, Utopia, Finance: Vol.2. Centre for Useless Splendour/Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University: Kingston, UK.

Bacle, BJPGJ; (2009) A la croisée des chemins : Maine de Biran, Samuel Taylor Coleridge et la question de la volonté. In: Bourque, Y and Mielusel, R and Pillet, M, (eds.) (Proceedings) 2009 Annual Conference of the SESDEF.

Bakola, E; (2009) Cratinus and the Art of Comedy. [Book]. Oxford Univ Pr

Banos, R; Chaume, F; (2009) Prefabricated Orality: A Challenge in Audiovisual Translation. InTRAlinea, , Specia

Banos Pinero, R; (2009) La oralidad prefabricada en la traducción para el doblaje. Estudio descriptivo-contrastivo del español de dos comedias de situación: Friends y Siete Vidas. Doctoral thesis , Universidad de Granada.

Banos Pinero, R; (2009) Native and dubbed fictional dialogues: (In)credible spontaneity? Presented at: 3rd International Conference “Media for All”: Quality Made to Measure, Artesis University College, Antwerp (Belgium).

Banos Pinero, R; (2009) Estudio descriptivo-contrastivo del discurso oral prefabricado en un corpus audiovisual comparable en español: oralidad prefabricada de producción propia y de producción ajena. In: Cantos, P and Sánchez, A, (eds.) Panorama de investigaciones basadas en corpus. (pp. 399-413). Asociación Española de Lingüística del Corpus: Murcia.

Beagrie, N; Beagrie, R; Rowlands, I; (2009) Research data preservation and access: the views of researchers. Ariadne (60) unpaginate-. Gold open access

Beaumont, M; (2009) Cutting Up the Corpse: Agatha Christie, Max Ernst, and Neo-Victorianism in the 1930s. In: LIT-LITERATURE INTERPRETATION THEORY. (pp. 12 - 26). ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD

Beaumont, M; (2009) Utopia, Ltd.: Ideologies of Social Dreaming in England, 1870-1900. [Book]. Historical Materialism. Haymarket books: Chicago.

Beaumont, M; Beaumont, ; (2009) 'The Anamorphic Estrangements of Science Fiction'. In: Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction. (pp. 29-46). : London.

Beaumont, M; Eagleton, T; (2009) Introduction. In: Eagleton, T and Beaumont, M, (eds.) The Task of the Critic. (xi-xxvi). Verso Books

Benaissa, A; Gonis, N; (2009) P. OXY. XII 1561: DEMOSIOSIS OF A LOAN. J JURISTIC PAPYROL , 39 23 - 29.

Beniston, J; (2009) 'Aber eine Ohrfeige in einem Trauerspiele!' The Earl of Essex on the Nineteenth-Century Austrian Stage. PUBL ENGL GOETHE SOC , 78 (3) 147 - 165. 10.1179/095936809X12478281221355.


Beniston, J; (2009) 'Unsinn! Höherer Blödsinn! Parodie!': eine komische Replik auf Friedrich Halms 'Der Fechter von Ravenna'. Nestroyana , 29 (3-4) pp. 165-184.

Berkowitz, M; (2009) Photography as a Jewish business: from high theory, to studio, to snapshot. EAST EUR JEW AFF , 39 (3) 389 - 400. 10.1080/13501670903298286.

Berkowitz, M; (2009) Robbing the Jews: The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust, 1933-1945. AM HIST REV , 114 (3) 853 - 854.

Berning, D; (2009) Guardian - Guide to Drawing, Saturday 19 September 2009 Guide: Edited by Nell Card and Dale Berning. pp. 46-47.

Biedermann, Z; (2009) The Matrioshka Principle and How it was Overcome: Portuguese and Habsburg Attitudes toward Imperial Authority in Sri Lanka and the Response of the Rulers of Kotte (1506-1656). Journal of Early Modern History , 13 (4) pp. 265-310.

Blanco, MDP; (2009) "Technology and the Making of Memory in José Martí's Exilic Writing". In: Carpenter, V, (ed.) (Re)collecting the past: History and Collective Memory in Latin American Narrative. (pp. 243-266). Peter Lang

Blanco, MDP; (2009) New versions of pastoral. In: James, D and Tew, P, (eds.) New Versions of Pastoral: Post-Romantic, Modern, and Contemporary Responses to the Tradition. (pp. 195-213). Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Pr

Bloom, H; Atkinson, J; (2009) Bloom's Classic Critical Views: George Eliot (Edition). [Scholarly edition]. Chelsea House Publishing: New York.

Bowersox, JD; (2009) The Devil's Handwriting: Precoloniality and the German Colonial State in Qingdao, Samoa, and Southwest Africa. German History , 27 (3) pp. 445-446.

Bowlby, R; (2009) 'Speech Creatures': New Men in Pamela and Pride and Prejudice. In: (Proceedings) Conference in Honor of Malcolm Bowie. (pp. pp. 240-251). EDINBURGH UNIV PRESS

Boyle, F; Eveleigh, A; Needham, H; (2009) Preserving local archival heritage for ongoing accessibility. Ariadne (58)

Britton, CB; (2009) Globalization and Political Action in the Work of Edouard Glissant. Small Axe , 13 (3) pp. 1-11.

Britton, CB; (2009) Exile, incarceration and the homeland: Jewish references in French Caribbean novels. In: Murphy, D and Procter, J and Keown, M, (eds.) Comparing Postcolonial Diasporas. (pp. 149-167). Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, UK.

Broda, K; Clark, K; Miller, R; Russo, A; (2009) SAGE: A Logical Agent-Based Environment Monitoring and Control System. In: Tscheligi, M and Markopoulos, P and Wichert, R and Mirlacher, T and Meschterjakov, A and Reitberger, W, (eds.) (Proceedings) 3rd European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI'09). (pp. pp. 112-117). Springer

Brown, S; Nonnecke, B; Ruecker, S; Warwick, C; (2009) Studying Orlando’s Interfaces. In: (Proceedings) Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI) 2009, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, May 25 - 27..

Buchanan, A; Shepherd, E; Williams, C; (2009) Editorial. Journal of the Society of Archivists , 30 (1) pp. 1-2. 10.1080/00379810903278997.

Butterfield, A; (2009) 'Chaucerian Vernaculars'. Studies in the Age of Chaucer , 31 pp. 25-51.

Butterfield, A; (2009) ‘Guerre et paix: l’anglais, le français et “l’anglo-français"'. Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-lettres , 9 pp. 7-23.

Butterfield, A; (2009) Poetry and Music in Medieval France from Jean Renart to Guillaume de Machaut (paperback edn). [Book]. Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 49. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

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CAKIRLAR, C; (2009) Queer Art of Sodomitical Sabotage, Queer Ethics of Surfaces: Embodying Militarism and Masculinity in Erinç Seymen’s Portrait of a Pasha (2009). [Review]. Nowiswere: A Contemporary Art Magazine , 5 38 - 43. Green open access

CALLANAN, M; Neuhaus, F; (2009) Location of I on Google Earth. CASA, UCL

CALLANAN, M; PESCOVITZ, D; (2009) Artwork and book about clouds. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.boingboing.net/2009/07/06/artwork-and-b...

Callanan, M; (2009) Location of I. In: Gapševičius, M and Hopkins, J and Lilas, Z and Michelkevičius, V, (eds.) Migrating Reality. KHM - Kunsthochschule für Medien: Berlin.

Callanan, MJ; (2009) Denkzelle im Niemandsland, VON JENNY BECKER. Der Tagesspiegel

Callanan, MJ; (2009) Nephology. UNSPECIFIED

Callanan, MJ; (2009) A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe). UCL Environment Institute, London, UK.

Callanan, MJ; (2009) A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe). Rubric Journal (2)

Callanan, MJ; (2009) You Are Here. [Book]. Broken Dimanche Press: Berlin.

Callanan, MJ; (2009) Data Soliloquies: Graphical Communication in Science. In: Triscott, N, (ed.) (Proceedings) Eye of the Storm. Arts Catalyst: London.

Callanan, MJ; Hamblyn, R; (2009) Data Soliloquies. [Book]. (1 ed.). UCL Environment Institute: London.

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Carotenuto, SPOE; (2009) ‘La Lingua di Cleopatra. Traduzioni e sopravvivenze decostruttive’. In: Merlo, EZ, (ed.) ‘La Lingua di Cleopatra. Traduzioni e sopravvivenze decostruttive’,. (pp. 159-163). Marietti,: Milano, Italy..

Chandler, D; Brown, C; Bode, S; Gallery, P; Goodwin, D; (2009) Cast - Dryden Goodwin - MONOGRAPH. [Book]. Steidl / Photoworks: Gottingen Germany.

Clark, R; (2009) Exhibitions preview: Pattern Recognition, Leicester. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2009/jun/27...

Collins, S; (2009) Keynote Lecture: “Framing the digital: Materialising New Media", Critical Perspective - British Art Production. In: (Proceedings) Sergio Motta Institute International Art and Technology Forum: Critical Perspectives on Art and Technology. Sergio Motta Institute: São Paulo, Brazil.

Collins, S; (2009) Love Brid. Animate Projects, UK.

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Davies, S; Schonfield, E; (2009) Alfred Döblin: Paradigms of Modernism. [Book]. De Gruyter

Dawson, A; (2009) Digital Relationships. UNSPECIFIED

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Dawson, A; (2009) Why do computers hate us? UNSPECIFIED

De Felice, R; Pulman, SG; (2009) Automatic detection of preposition errors in learner writing. CALICO Journal , 26 (3) pp. 512-528.

De Francisci, E; (2009) Review of Henry IV by UCLU Drama Society, Bloomsbury Theatre, London, Friday 6 March 2009. Pirandello Studies , 29 pp. 167-170.

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Fulbrook, M; (2009) Interview on Berlin Wall with BBC World Service. UNSPECIFIED

Fulbrook, M; (2009) Interview with Geraldine Doogue on 'Saturday Extra', Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National. UNSPECIFIED

Fulbrook, M; (2009) Interview with Swiss radio about the GDR. UNSPECIFIED

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