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ALLINGTON, E; (2007) The Clouds. [Artefact]. Honeycombed aluminium and custom car paint. Longhill Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, UK.

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BODDY, K; (2007) 'Genius? Simpleton? Adventurer? Dupe?', review of Douglas Galbraith, King Henry. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2007) 'In Rome with a hamster', review of Matthew Kneale, When We Were Romans. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2007) 'Lovelorn? Go to Lapland', review od Vendela Vida, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name. The Observer 25-.

BODDY, K; (2007) 'One Last Round for Literature', review of Philip Roth, Exit Ghost. The Telegraph 23-.

BODDY, K; (2007) 'One dark and stormy night', review of Nicholas Shakespeare, Secrets of the Sea. The Telegraph 26-.

BODDY, K; (2007) 'Sex makes your muscles softer', review of Fay Weldon, The Spa Decameron. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2007) 'Sick of this dream country', review of Granta 97: Best of Young American Novelists 2. The Telegraph 23-.

BODDY, K; (2007) 'So few Jews, so many opinions', review of Charlotte Mendelson, When We Were Bad. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2007) 'To catch a tiddler is the day's triumph, review of The New Granta Book of the American Short Story, ed Richard Ford. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2007) 'A lady who consumed words', review of Hermione Lee, Edith Wharton. The Telegraph

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Biedermann, Z; (2007) ‘Notes on a Portuguese Map of Ceylon: Fernão Vaz Dourado, 1568 / Notas sobre um mapa português de Ceilão: Fernão Vaz Dourado, 1568’. Oriente , 18 pp. 97-105.

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