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Avgoustis, G.; (2007) The politics of criticism and the question of morality. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access


Beaumont, M; (2007) Christopher Hilliard. To Exercise Our Talents: The Democratization of Writing in Britain. Harvard Historical Studies, 150. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2006. Pp. 390. $29.95 (cloth). [Review]. The Journal of British Studies , 46 (1) 234 - 235. 10.1086/510979. Green open access


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Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2007) La «Nazione ebrea» di Livorno dai privilegi all’emancipazione (1815-1860). [Book]. Fondazione Spadolini Nuova Antologia. Le Monnier: Firenze.

Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2007) Libertà di coscienza e modelli di cittadinanza nell’Italia liberale. Ebrei e comunità ebraiche nel rapporto con le istituzioni statali. Societa e Storia , 118 pp. 699-724.

Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2007) Rappresentare se stessi tra famiglia e nazione. Il «Vessillo Israelitico» alla soglia del Novecento. Passato e Presente , 25 (70) pp. 35-58.

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UNSPECIFIED (Ed). (2007) Ebrei e nazione. Comportamenti e rappresentazioni nell’età dell’emancipazione. [Whole issue]. Storia e problemi contemporanei , 45

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Lomas, EJ; (2007) A guide to the retention of modern records on landed estates. [Book]. (2nd ed. ed.). Hall-McCartney Ltd.: Letchworth.

Lowe, B; (2007) Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007. Jerwood Drawing Prize, Wimbledon College of Art, London.


MacKeith, G.N.; (2007) Antonio Dal Masetto (1938-): A study of a writer's craft, and an exploration of his place on the Argentine literary map. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access


Neveu Kringelbach, H; (2007) Cool play: emotionality in dance as a resource in Senegalese urban women’s associations. In: The Emotions: A Cultural Reader. Berg Publishers: Oxford.

North, R; (2007) 'Old English Minor Heroic Poems'. In: North, R and Allard, J, (eds.) 'Beowulf' & Other Stories: A New Introduction to Old English, Old Icelandic and Anglo-Norman Literature. Pearson Education Ltd

Nyhan, J; (2007) Digital futures in Irish studies. In: (Proceedings) IASIL.

Nyhan, J; (2007) Duil d’fhocail o Thiobraid Arann. Tipperary Historical Journal pp. 142-144.

Nyhan, J; (2007) E-portfolios and the Dimensions of Understanding. In: (Proceedings) International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference.

Nyhan, J; (2007) Emerging electronic research infrastructures for Irish lexicography. In: (Proceedings) Tionol symposium.

Nyhan, J; (2007) Focloir an Duinnınigh: Cnuasaigh na nDeise agus Oirthear Chorca´. An Linn Bhui: Iris Ghaeltacht na nDeise , 11


O'Brien, L; (2007) Self-knowing agents (hardback). [Book]. Oxford University Press: Oxford.


Parker, J; (2007) Catalogue of Birds: Book 3. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2007) Stationary Music. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2007) 'Stationary Music' in 'Place Memory' 2007. UNSPECIFIED

Pearce, AJ; (2007) British Trade with Spanish America, 1763-1808. [Book]. (1st ed.). Liverpool University Press: Liverpool.


Ruggaber, K; (2007) EAST Discourse. UNSPECIFIED


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Smelik, WF; (2007) Slavonic, Finugrian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, report QANU. QANU

Smelik, WF and Ter Haar Romeny, B (Eds). (2007) Aramaic Studies. [Whole issue]. Aramaic Studies , 5 (1-2).

Stahl, A; (2007) (2007) Andrew Stahl’s Painting and its context, Lecture, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, China. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2007) (2007) New Painting, Public Lecture, New York Studio School, New York. UNSPECIFIED

Stevens, G; (2007) Conversation with Gary Stevens. In: Dominguez, J, (ed.) In-Presentable 03-07. (pp. 157-171). La Casa Encendida: Madrid, Spain.


Thomson, JR; (2007) Flat Earth (part one of Flat Earth Trilogy). [Artefact]. digital video. UK.

Thomson, JR; Craighead, A; (2007) Diminished Seventh. [Artefact]. UK.


Vasunia, P; (2007) Alexander and Asia: Droysen and Grote. In: Ray, HP and Potts, DT, (eds.) Memory as history: the legacy of Alexander in Asia. (pp. 89-102). Aryan Books: New Delhi.

Vasunia, P; (2007) The philosopher's Zarathushtra. In: Tuplin, C, (ed.) Persian responses: political and cultural interaction with (in) the Achaemenid Empire. (pp. 239-67). The Classical Press of Wales: Swansea.


Wallis, SA; (2007) Annotation, Retrieval and Experimentation. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English , 1 Green open access

Welsh, A; (2007) Adding value beyond Google. Presented at: Elisad 2007, Brussels, Belgium.

Welsh, A; (2007) Blogging for beginners. Presented at: UK Inmagic Users Group 2007, London, UK.

Welsh, A; (2007) Blogging for beginners. Presented at: UK Inmagic Users Group 2007, London, UK.

Welsh, A; (2007) Feminist Library Cataloguing Workshop. Presented at: Feminist Library Training, London, UK.

Welsh, A; (2007) Information architecture for internal users. Presented at: Internet Librarian International 2007, London.

Widmann, AM; (2007) Garten Eden in einem anderen Deutschland: Kontrafaktische Geschichte als Utopie in Michael Kleebergs "Ein Garten im Norden". Focus on German Studies , 14 pp. 3-18.

Widmann, AM; (2007) Pressedienst und Wirtschaftswunder. Zur Medienrepräsentation und Medienkritik in Martin Walsers "Ehen in Philippsburg". Moderna Spraak , CI (Nr. 2) pp. 140-156.

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