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Abram, C; (2006) The Viking Boat Race. UNSPECIFIED

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BODDY, K; (2006) 'Altogether too busy', review of Lisa Moore, Alligator. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Chain reactions in the post-nuclear family', review of Deborah Eisenberg, Twilight of the Superheroes. The Observer

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Corsets and cappuccinos', review of Liz Jensen, My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Deaths and the Maiden', review of Tania Unsworth, Before We Began. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) '"Give him one (metaphorically) in the gizzard": Boxing in Ulysses'. James Joyce Broadsheet , 73 (February) p. 1.

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Im not "emotional" - I really do need herception'. The Guardian

BODDY, K; (2006) 'King chiller to ring thriller', review of Amir Khan, A Boy from Bolton. The Observer

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Meet my sister the monster', review of Margaret Atwood, Moral Disorder. The Observer

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Navel-gazing, LA -style', review of A.M. Homes, This Book Will Save Your Life. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Sense and the City', review of Claire Messud, The Emperor's Children. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) 'Silver teaspoons and golden oldies', review of Candida Clarke, The Chase. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) 'The one in which David writes a sitcom and makes big money', review of Douglas Kennedy, Temptation. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2006) 'The ordinary nightmare of the sentimental', review of Suzanne Berne, The Ghost at the Table. The Telegraph

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Barlow, P; (2006) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) 'What will you do with that degree?'.

Barlow, P; (2006) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, Royal Academy Courtyard.

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Beaumont, M; (2006) Influential Force: Shafts and the Diffusion of Knowledge at the fin de siècle. 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century , 3 (no-pagination).

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Boddy, K; (2006) Borat. UNSPECIFIED

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Butterfield, A; (2006) In Our Time. UNSPECIFIED

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Callanan, MJ; (2006) Sonification of You. SCEMFA.org, audio installation.

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Clark, DJ; (2006) Palaeography: reading old handwriting 1500-1800, A practical online tutorial. UNSPECIFIED

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