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BODDY, K; (2005) 'The Ben and Jerry's of the Book World', review of The Best of McSweeney's, vol.2. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'In Italy, everything smells nice', review of Michèle Roberts, Reader I Married Him. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'Magic in a box of cookies', review of Rana Dasgupta, Tokyo, Cancelled. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'Muscles for America, but fists for Harlem', review of David Margolick, Beyond Glory. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'Tales from the mine shaft', review of Ingrid Hill, Ursula, Under. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'Up to their Eyes in Snow and Sex', review of Derek Beavan, His Coldest Winter.

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BODDY, K; (2005) 'Wallis, Hitler and Endless Poached Salmon', review of Laurie Graham, Gone with the Windsors. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'When cancer collides with human rights'. The Independent

BODDY, K; (2005) 'When love is larger than life', review of Nicole Krauss, The History of Love. The Telegraph

BODDY, K; (2005) 'When you look at the moon', review of Alice Munro, Runaway. The Telegraph

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