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Number of items: 447.


Abram, C; (2001) Scribal Authority in Skaldic Verse: Þórbjörn hornklofi’s Glymdrápa. Arkiv för nordisk filologi , 116 pp. 1-19.

Antonsson, H; (2001) Insigne Crucis: A European Motif in a Scandinavian Setting. In: Liszka, T and Walker, L, (eds.) The North Sea World. Studies in the Cultural History of North-Western Europe. (pp. 15-31).

Ashton, R; (2001) The 'Edge of the Crowd': A novel of love, science and photography. TLS-TIMES LIT SUPPL (5126) 23 - 23.

Ashton, R; (2001) Participant in Channel 4 television programme 'Victorian Marriages'. UNSPECIFIED

Ashton, R; (2001) Review of 'Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle', vol. 28.

Ashton, R; (2001) Review of 'Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books' by H.J. Jackson.

Ashton, R; (2001) Review of 'The Edge of the Crowd: A Novel of Love, Science and Photography' by Ross Gilfillan.

Ashton, R; (2001) Review of 'Victorian Sensation: the Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation"' by James A. Secord.

Ashton, R; (2001) Review of , 'Annie's Box: Charles Darwin, his Daughter and Human Evolution' by Randal Keynes.

Ashton, R; (2001) The collected letters of Thomas Carlyle and Jane Welsh Carlyle, volume 28: 1853. TLS-TIMES LIT SUPPL (5122) 8 - 8.


BERKOWITZ, M; (2001) Between Orthodoxy and modernism: Hermann Struck's influence on the countenance and soul of Zion. In: Greenspoon, L, (ed.) (Proceedings) Eleventh Annual Symposium of the Klutznick Chair in Jewish Civilization. (pp. pp. 261-284). Creighton University Press: Omaha, Nebraska, US.

BERKOWITZ, M; (2001) Embarrassing relations: myths and realities of the Ashkenazi influx, 1650-1750 and beyond. In: Vigne, R and Littleton, C, (eds.) From strangers to citizens: The integration of immigrant communities in Britain, Ireland and Colonial America, 1550-1750. (pp. 247-253). Sussex Academic Press: Brighton, UK and Portland, Oregon, US.

BODDY, K; (2001) 'Broken-hearted nation', review of Alice Walker, The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart. The Guardian

BODDY, K; (2001) 'Franchising Fight Club'. Berliner Debatte Initial , 12 (1) pp. 110-120.

BODDY, K; (2001) 'In the gutter', review of Tim Cresswell, The Tramp in America. The Guardian

BUGLIANI KNOX, F; (2001) Faith among faiths. The Heythrop Journal , 42 pp. 244-246.

BUGLIANI KNOX, F; (2001) La poesia, la morte e lo spirito. In: Oltre confine: lingue e culture tra Europa e mondo. (pp. 97-111). Donzelli: Rome.

Barlow, P; (2001) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) Paper, On Being Judged, given at the conference: Artistic Judgements. A Discussion about Quality in the Visual Arts at St Catherine's College, Oxford, 8 Sep. (pp. pp. 3-11). Southern Arts: Winchester.

Barlow, P; (2001) Knives in Hens. UNSPECIFIED

Barlow, P; (2001) Sculpture in the Park. UNSPECIFIED

Barnes, M; (2001) Faroese Language Studies. [Book]. Novus: Oslo.

Barnes, MP; (2001) Aspects of the Scandinavian runes of the British Isles. In: Roman, Runes and Ogham: Medieval Inscriptions in the Insular World and on the Continent. (pp. 103-111). Shaun Tyas: Donington.

Barnes, MP; (2001) The Hedeby inscriptions, the short-twig runes, and the question of early Scandinavian dialect markers. In: Von Thorsberg nach Schleswig: Sprache und Schriftlichkeit eines Grenzgebietes im Wandel eines Jahrtausends. (pp. 101-109). Walter de Gruyter: Berlin; New York.

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Beagrie, N; Jones, M; (2001) Preservation Management of Digital Materials: a Handbook. [Book]. British Library

Beaumont, M; (2001) Aleatory Realism: Reflections on the Parable of the Pier-Glass. Synthesis , 3 pp. 11-21.

Beaumont, M; (2001) The New Woman in Nowhere: Feminism and Utopianism at the Fin de Siècle. In: The New Woman in Fiction and in Fact: Fin-de-Siècle Feminisms. (pp. 212-223). Palgrave: New York, NY.

Beaumont, M; (2001) ‘The New Woman in Nowhere: Utopianism and Feminism at the Fin de Siècle’. In: Richardson, A and Chris Willis, C, (eds.) The New Woman in Fiction and in Fact: Fin-de-Siècle Feminisms. (pp. 212-223). Palgrave: Basingstoke.

Beniston, J; (2001) Max Mell in the First Republic: The Acceptable Face of Catholic Drama? In: Fiddler, A and Yates, WE and Warren, J, (eds.) From Perinet to Jelinek. Viennese Theatre in its Political and Intellectual Context. (pp. 179-190). Peter Lang: Berne.

Beniston, J; (2001) Claudel als Dichter der Ekstase: 'L'Annonce faite à Marie' im deutschen Sprachgebiet. In: Krobb, F and Str mper Krobb, S, (eds.) Literaturvermittlung um 1900. Fallstudien zu Wegen ins deutschsprachige kulturelle System. (pp. 147-165). Rodopi: Amsterdam; New York.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) Documents on the Holocaust: Selected sources on the destruction of the Jews in Germany and Austria, Poland and the Soviet Union. SLAVON E EUR REV , 79 (3) 551 - 552.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) 'Jewish criminals' as types and citizens: Belongingness, alienation, and being hip in the United States and Britain. Anglo-Saxonica: Revista do centro de estudos anglisticos da universidade de Lisboa , II (14-15) pp. 39-50.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) A people apart: The Jews in Europe, 1789-1939. INT HIST REV , 23 (1) 152 - 153.

Berkowitz, M; (2001) review of Jewish Thought and Theology. European Legacy , 6 (3) pp. 373-375.

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Boddy, K; (2001) 'Wuthering on and on', review of Lucasta Miller, The Bronte Myth. The Guardian

Borch-Jacobsen, M; Shamdasani, S; (2001) "Une visite aux archives Freud". Ethnopsy: Les mondes contemporains de la guérison , 3 pp. 141-188.

Bowlby, R; (2001) Carried Away: The Invention of Modern Shopping. Columbia UP: New York, NY.

Bowman, JH; (2001) Sic catalog syndrome: title page transcription as a barrier to retrieval. Cataloging and Classification Quarterly , 32 (1) pp. 39-54.

Boyle, PJ; Gatrell, AC; Duke-Williams, O; (2001) Reply to commentary: Health and variation in deprivation. SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE , 53 (6) p. 775. 10.1016/S0277-9536(00)00372-5.

Britton, CM; (2001) 'The (De)Construction of Subjectivity in Daniel Maximin's L'Ile et une nuit',. Paragraph , 24 (3) pp. 44-58.

Broughton, V; (2001) Current research on the Bliss Bibliographic Classification. Information Research Watch International (Februa) pp. 2-3.

Broughton, V; (2001) Expansion of Class 24 Buddhism. Extensions and Corrections to the UDC , 23 p. 11.

Broughton, V; (2001) Faceted classification as a basis for knowledge organization in a digital environment; the bliss bibliographic classification as a model for vocabulary management and the creation of multidimensional knowledge structures. New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia , 7 (1) pp. 67-102. 10.1080/13614560108914727.

Broughton, V; (2001) Klasifikacija za 21. stoljece: nacela i struktura Blissove bibliografske klasifikacije [A classification for the 21st century: principles and structure of the Bliss Bibliographic Classification]. Vjesnik Bibliotekara Hrvatske , 44 (1.4) Gold open access

Broughton, V; (2001) Organizing knowledge; an introduction to managing access to information by Jennifer Rowley and John Farrow (Review). Library & Information Research News , 25 (79) p. 44.

Broughton, V; (2001) Organizing knowledge; an introduction to managing access to information, by Jennifer Rowley and John Farrow. Library and information research news , 25 (79) 44-.

Brown, I; (2001) End-to-end security in active networks. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access

Brown, I; Laurie, B; (2001) Security against compelled disclosure. UCL (University College London), IEEE Computer Society Press, New Orleans, USA.

Bruzzi, S; (2001) Accidental Footage. In: The Television Genre Book. (p. 133). British Film Institute: London, England.

Bruzzi, S; (2001) Docusoaps. In: The Television Genre Book. (pp. 132-134). British Film Institute: London, England.

Bruzzi, S; (2001) New Reflexive Documentary-'The Broomfield Film'. In: The Television Genre Book. (p. 130). British Film Institute: London, England.

Bruzzi, S; (2001) Observational ('Fly-on-the-Wall') Documentary. In: The Television Genre Book. (pp. 129-131). British Film Institute: London, England.

Bruzzi, S; (2001) The Talented Mr. Ripley. EnterText: An Interactive Interdisciplinary E-Journal for Cultural and Historical Studies and Creative Work , 1 (2) pp. 6-31.

Butterfield, A; (2001) Woman's Hour. UNSPECIFIED

Butterfield, A; Stevens, J; (2001) Entry on 'Troubadours, Trouveres'. In: Stanley, S, (ed.) The New Grove Dictionary of Music. Macmillan: London.


Collins, S; (2001) Holy Mackerel. UNSPECIFIED

Collins, S; (2001) Inhabited Content: An exploration into the role of the viewer through the realisation of In Conversation and other works. Doctoral thesis , UNSPECIFIED.

Collins, S; (2001) Smoked Salmon (short story). Review , 3 (5) pp. 30-31.

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Crane, T; (2001) Elements of Mind. [Book]. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Crane, T; (2001) Knowledge and its Limits by Williamson, T.

Crane, T; (2001) Perception and Reason by Brewer, B & The Nature of Perception by Foster, J.

Crane, TM; (2001) The significance of emergence. In: Gillet, C and Loewer, B, (eds.) Physicalism and its Discontents. (pp. 207-224). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.


Dart, GC; (2001) Flash Style: Pierce Egan and the Literary Culture of the 1820s. History Workshop Journal , 51 (spring) pp. 181-205.

Davies, MP; (2001) Encoding the division of Germany in the tale of Bluebeard: Helga Schubert’s 'Das verbotene Zimmer' and other stories. New Comparison , 31 pp. 35-56.

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Diaz-Cintas, J; (2001) “Crossed lines”. UNSPECIFIED

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2001) “El reto de la calidad en la subtitulación fílmica". [Digital scholarly resource].

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Duijzings, G; (2001) "Albanian dervishes versus Bosnian ulema: the revival of popular sufism in Kosovo". Les Annales de l'Autre Islam , 2001 (7) pp. 105-125.

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Duke-Williams, OW; Rees, P; (2001) Testing user-requested geographies. In: Rees, P and Martin, D and Williamson, P, (eds.) The Census Data System. Wiley


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Fahy, C; (2001) Review of Davies, M. ed., Incunabula: Studies in Fifteenth-Century Printed Books, London, The British Library, 1999. The Library , 7:2 pp. 69-72.

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Fairclough, L; (2001) Bay 67. UNSPECIFIED

Fairclough, L; (2001) Looking for the Ideal Place to Pitch a Tent. UNSPECIFIED, Commissioned by and exhibited at Mid Pennine Gallery, Burnley.

Fairclough, L; (2001) Salsa Route Research Project. UNSPECIFIED

Fenoulhet, J; (2001) Plagiaat en de historische roman: de gevallen Boudier-Bakker en Du Perron. In: Elshout, GEA, (ed.) Perspectieven voor de internationale neerlandistiek in de 21ste eeuw. (pp. 211-216). Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandistiek: Woubrugge.

Fenoulhet, J; Steyaert, K; (2001) Louis Paul Boon 'Het eerste uur'. UNSPECIFIED

Flinn, A; (2001) ‘William Rust: Comintern’s blue eyed boy?’. In: Morgan, K and McIlroy, J and Campbell, A, (eds.) Party People – Communist Lives, Explorations in Biography <i>Party People – Communist Lives, Explorations in Biography </i>. Lawrence and Wishart: London.

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Foot, MM; (2001) Building Blocks for a Preservation. [Pamphlet]. National Preservation Office

Ford, M; (2001) Soft Sift. [Book]. Faber & Faber

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Forsås-Scott, H; (2001) Anna Williams, Stjärnor utan stjärnbilder. Kvinnor och kanon i litteraturhistoriska översiktsverk under 1900-talet [Stars without constellations. Women and the canon in 20th century textbooks of Swedish literature]. Scandinavica , 40 (1) pp. 133-136.

Forsås-Scott, H; (2001) Bibi Jonsson, I den värld vi drömmer om. Utopin i Elin Wägners trettiotalsromaner [In the world of which we are dreaming. Utopia in Elin Wägner's novels of the 1930s]. Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift , 22 (2) pp. 109-113.

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Forsås-Scott, H; (2001) 'Narratologi i kontext. Elin Wägners Tusen år i Småland, berättandet och civilisationskritiken'[Narratology in context: Elin Wägner's A Thousand Years in Småland, narration and the critique of civilisation]. Tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap , 2001 (1) pp. 70-94.

Forsås-Scott, H; (2001) Petra Broomans, Detta är jag. Stina Aronsons litteraturhistoriska öde [This is me. Stina Aronson's fate in literary history]. Tijdschrift voor Skandinavistiek , 22 (2) pp. 472-478. Gold open access

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