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Number of items: 394.


Agar, JN; (1998) (De)scribing the body positive: masculinities with AIDS. Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies , 5 pp. 273-288.

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BODDY, K; (1998) 'When Mom stops smiling', review of A.M. Homes, Jack and The Safety of Objects. The Guardian 10-.

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Evans, J; (1998) Actas del VII Congreso Internacional de la Asociacion Espanol de Semiotica. Mitos. In: (Proceedings) <<La mente completamente vacia>>: Myths and Mind Games in Victor Erice's El sur. Asociacion Espanola de Semiotica


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Goodwin, D; (1998) About. UNSPECIFIED

Goodwin, D; (1998) About. [Artefact]. 3 screen video installation with soundtrack.. London.

Goodwin, D; (1998) One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Eight. [Artefact]. An Installation Consisting of 3 elements: One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Ninety Eight (1998), Suspended Animation - 26 Drawings of the Same Photograph (1998) and Drawn from Memory (1998). London.

Goodwin, D; (1998) Within. [Artefact]. 4 screen video installation with soundtrack. Commissioned for Pandaemonium Festival 1998, LEA Gallery, London..

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