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BERKOWITZ, M; (1992) review of 1948 and after: Israel and the Palestinians. Shofar pp. 155-157.

BERKOWITZ, M; (1992) review of The labyrinth of exile: A life of Theodor Herzl. Studies in Contemporary Jewry , VIII pp. 383-385.

BODDY, K; (1992) 'Companion Souls of the Short Story: Anton Chekhov and Raymond Carver'. Scottish Slavonic Review , 18 pp. 105-112.

BUGLIANI, F; (1992) Petruccio Ubaldini e la conformity elisabettiana. Lingua e letteratura , 19 pp. 71-84.

BUGLIANI, F; (1992) 'To suffer in the mind'. In: Rutelli, R and Johnson, A, (eds.) (Proceedings) XIII Congresso nazionale AIA. (pp. pp. 207-237). Campanotto: Udine.

Bonnefoy, Y; (1992) On the Motion and Immobility of Douve: Du mouvement et de l'immobilité de Douve. [Scholarly edition]. Mathews, T (Ed). Bloodaxe Books

Bowlby, R; (1992) 'But She Could Learn Something from Lady Chatterley': The Obscene Side of the Canon. In: Decolonizing Tradition: New Views of Twentieth-Century 'British' Literary Canon. (pp. 113-135). U of Illinois P: Urbana.

Bowlby, R; (1992) Walking, Women and Writing: Virginia Woolf as flâneuse. In: New Feminist Discourses: Critical Essays on Theories and Texts. (pp. 26-47). Routledge: London.

Butterfield, A; (1992) Review of Christopher Page. The Owl and the Nightingale: Musical Life and Ideas in France 1100–1300. London: Dent 1989. Plainsong and Medieval Music , 1 (1) pp. 96-98. 10.1017/S0961137100000280.

Butterfield, A; (1992) Review of Jane Chance, The Mythographic Art: Classical Fable and the Rise of the Vernacular in Early France and England. Review of English Studies , 43 pp. 590-591.

Butterfield, A; (1992) Review of Katherine Heinrichs, The Myths of Love: Classical Lovers in Medieval Literature. Medium Aevum , 61 pp. 147-148.

Butterfield, A; (1992) 'Monophonic Song'. In: Fallows, D and Knighton, T, (eds.) Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music. (pp. 104-106). Dent: London.


Char, R; (1992) The Dawn Breakers: Les Matinaux. [Scholarly edition]. Worton, M (Ed). Bloodaxe Books


Dickie, J; (1992) 'A word at war: the Italian army and brigandage, 1860-70'. History Workshop (33) pp. 1-24.

Duijzings, G; (1992) "De Egyptenaren in Kosovo en Macedonia". Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift , 18 (4) pp. 24-38.


England, L; Mann, P; Rowlands, I; Moore, N; (1992) Social trends in information use. In: Martyn, J and Vickers, P and Feeney, M, (eds.) Information UK 2000. (pp. 35-72). Bowker-Saur: London.



FULBROOK, M; (1992) POLICE AND STATE IN PRUSSIA, 1815-1850 - LUDTKE,A. SOC HIST , 17 (2) 362 - 365.

Fenoulhet, J; (1992) Tried and Tested in the Classroom: An Evaluation of Two Major New Dutch Courses. Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies , 46 (1)

Forsås-Scott, H; (1992) Dorothea Barrett, Vocation and Desire: George Eliot's Heroines. Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift , 13 (3) p. 82.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1992) Eva Heggestad, Fången och fri. 1880-talets svenska kvinnliga författare om hemmet, yrkeslivet och konstnärsskapet [Imprisoned and free. Swedish women writers of the 1880s on the home, employment and creativity]. Scandinavica , 31 (2) pp. 244-245.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1992) Jacqueline Rose, The Haunting of Sylvia Plath. Samlaren , 113 pp. 181-182.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1992) The Voice of Elin Wägner: Kvarteret Oron. In: Allison, M and White, A, (eds.) Women's Voice in Literature and Society. (pp. 41-58). University of Bradford: Bradford.

Fulbrook, M; (1992) ‘Historians and Historiography in the former GDR’. Bulletin of the German Historical Institute London pp. 3-10.

Fulbrook, M; (1992) The Two Germanies 1945-1990: Problems of Interpretation. [Book]. Macmillan

Fulbrook, M; (1992) ‘The rise of Brandenburg-Prussia’. Early Modern History Review , 1 (2) pp. 2-6.

Fulbrook, M; (1992) 'Nation, state and political culture in divided Germany, 1945-90’. In: Breuilly, J, (ed.) The State of Germany. (pp. 177-200). Longman


Geller, MJ; (1992) CT 58, no. 70. A Middle Babylonian eršahunga. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies , 55 (03) p. 528. 10.1017/S0041977X00003694.

Giaquinto, M; (1992) Infant Arithmetic: Wynn's hypothesis should not be dismissed. Mind and Language , 7 pp. 364-366.

Giaquinto, M; (1992) Visualizing as a Means of Geometrical Discovery. Mind and Language , 7 pp. 382-401.



Hackett, H; (1992) The Gendering of Melancholia: Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and the Symbolics of Loss in Renaissance Literature, by Juliana Schiesari. Times Higher Education Supplement p. 25.

Hackett, H; (1992) A History of Women in the Past, vol.1, From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints, ed. Pauline Schmitt Pantel. Times Higher Education Supplement

Hackett, H; (1992) Women of the Renaissance by Margaret L. King. Times Higher Education Supplement p. 23.

Hackett, H; (1992) The Word of a Prince: A Life of Elizabeth I from Contemporary Documents, by Maria Perry. Notes and Queries , 237/39 (2) pp. 221-222.

Hackett, H; (1992) ‘“Yet tell me some such fiction”: Lady Mary Wroth’s Urania and the “femininity” of romance’. In: Purkiss, D and Brant, C, (eds.) Women, Texts and Histories 1575-1760. (pp. 39-68). Routledge: London.

Hart, SM; (1992) Review of A. Charlon, La condicio de la dona en la narrativa femenina catalana. Journal of Hispanic Research , 1 (1) p. 161.

Hart, SM; (1992) Review of A. Sotelo Vasquez (ed.), Pepita Jimenez. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies , LXIX p. 296.

Hart, SM; (1992) Review of R. Boland & A. Kenwood, War and Revolution. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies , LXIX p. 391.

Hart, SM; (1992) Review of Samuel & Alma Amell (eds), Literature, the Arts and Democracy. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies , LXIX pp. 396-397.

Hart, SM; (1992) The other scene: psychoanalytic readings in modern Spanish and Latin American literature. [Book]. (1st ed.). Univ of Colorado Dept of Spanish & Spanish American Studies: Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Henn, D; (1992) Barry Jordan, Writers and Politics in Franco's Spain. Modern Language Review , 87 pp. 1015-1017.

Henn, D; (1992) Stephanie Sieburth, Reading 'La Regenta'. Modern Language Review , 87 779-.

Hermans, T; (1992) The Flemish Movement. A Documentary History. [Book]. (1 ed.). Athlone Press: London.

Hermans, T; (1992) Renaissance Translation between Literalism and Imitation. In: Kittel, H, (ed.) Geschichte, System, Literarische Übersetzung / Histories, Systems, Literary Translations. (pp. 95-116). Erich Schmidt Verlag: Berlin.

Hooft, P; Gilbert, L; Hermans, T; (1992) Oration Concerning the Excellence of Poetry. UNSPECIFIED


JARDINE, L; (1992) BACON,FRANCIS AND THE RHETORIC OF NATURE - BRIGGS,JC. ISIS , 83 (2) pp. 319-320. 10.1086/356142.

Jardine, L; (1992) Erasmus, man of letters: a current project in renaissance intellectual history. Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies , 10 pp. 1-5.

Jardine, L; (1992) Scholarship and passion -- the Toronto Erasmus. Common Knowledge , 1 pp. 135-146.

Jardine, L; (1992) Twins and travesties: gender, dependency and sexual availability in Twelfth Night. In: Zimmerman, S, (ed.) Erotic Politics: Desire on the English Renaissance Stage. (pp. 27-38). Routledge


Knox, D; (1992) Disciplina: Le origini monastiche e clericali della civiltà delle buone maniere in Europa. Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico in Trento. Jahrbuch des italienisch-deutschen historischen Instituts in Trient , 18 (1992) pp. 335-370.

Knox, JD; (1992) Antiphrasis. In: Ueding, G, (ed.) Historisches Wörterbuch der Rhetorik. (pp. 713-720). Niemeyer: Tubingen.

Kord, S; (1992) Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Deutschsprachige Dramatikerinnen im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert [Glance back-stage: German women playwrights in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries]. [Book]. Ergebnisse Der Frauenforschung: Vol.27. Metzler, Metzler: Stuttgart, Germany.

Kord, S; (1992) Eva Dessau Bernhardt, Goethe's Römische Elegien: The Lover and the Poet (New York, Bern, Frankfurt, Paris: Peter Lang, 1990). Goethe Yearbook of North America , 6 pp. 247-250.

Kord, S; (1992) Jeannine Blackwell and Susanne Zantop, Eds., Bitter Healing: German Women Writers 1700-1830 (University of Nebraska Press: 1990). The German Quarterly , 65 (3/4) pp. 452-453.

Kord, S; (1992) Jutta Linder, Ästhetische Erziehung: Goethe und das Weimarer Hoftheater (Bonn: Bouvier, 1990). The Lessing Yearbook , 24 pp. 172-174.

Kord, S; (1992) Katherine Goodman and Edith Waldstein, Eds., In the Shadow of Olympus. German Women Writers Around 1800 (SUNY Press 1992). Women and Language , 15 (2) pp. 42-43.

Kord, S; (1992) Margaret C. Ives, Ed., Women Writers of the Age of Goethe, 2 vols. (Lancaster: University of Lancaster Press, 1987-88). The Lessing Yearbook , 24 pp. 171-172.

Kord, S; (1992) Not in Goethe's Image: The Playwright Charlotte von Stein. In: (Proceedings) Not in Goethe's Image: The Playwright Charlotte von Stein.

Kord, S; (1992) Otto Drude, Ed., Briefe und Begegnungen: Christoph Martin Wieland; Sophie Brentano (Weinheim: VCH, Acta Humaniora, 1989). The Lessing Yearbook , 23 pp. 237-239.

Kord, S; (1992) Re/Creating Her Story: Nineteenth-Century Historical Plays by Women. In: (Proceedings) Re/Creating Her Story: Nineteenth-Century Historical Plays by Women.

Kord, S; (1992) Robert Browning, Ed. and Trans., Selections from Goethe´s Letters to Frau von Stein, 1776-1789 (Columbia, S. C.: Camden House, 1990). The Lessing Yearbook , 23 pp. 219-220.

Kord, S; (1992) Ulrich Kronauer, Ed., Vom Nutzen und Nachteil des Mitleids (Frankfurt: Keip, 1990); Peter Wagner, Ed., Erotica and the Enlightenment (Frankfurt: Lang, 1991); Klaus P. Hansen, Ed., Empfindsamkeiten (Passau: Rothe, 1990). Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert , 16 (2) pp. 175-179.

Kord, S; (1992) Wenn sich das Volk um unsere Buden drängt: Theaterpraxis im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert. In: (Proceedings) Wenn sich das Volk um unsere Buden drängt: Theaterpraxis im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert.

Kord, S; (1992) Wolfgang Wittkowski, Ed., Revolution und Autonomie: Deutsche Autonomieästhetik im Zeitalter der Französischen Revolution. Ein Symposium (Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1990); Jürgen Wertheimer, ‘Der Güter Gefährlichstes, die Sprache’: Zur Krise des Dialogs zwischen Aufklärung und Romantik (München: Wilhelm Fink, 1990). Zeitschrift fur Germanistik pp. 189-191.


Lack, RF; (1992) How to do things with theory, review of Christine Brooke-Rose, Stories, Theories and Things. Paragraph , 15 (2) pp. 206-209.

Lomax, T; (1992) Artist intervention. Paul Hyett Architects, Urban Learning Foundation London E14.

Lomax, T; (1992) Street Lamps. Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, Roath Basin Cardiff Bay.

Lundskær-Nielsen, T; (1992) The Syntactic Status of Relatives in Danish. In: (Proceedings) Ninth biennial conference of the British association of Scandinavian studies. (pp. pp. 182-199). University of East Anglia: Norwich.


MATHEWS, T; (1992) Introduction: Yves Bonnefoy, Du mouvement et de l'immobilite de Douve. [Scholarly edition]. Bloodaxe Books: Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Mathews, T; (1992) Introduction: Yves Bonnefoy, Du mouvement et de l'immobilite de Douve. In: UNSPECIFIED Bloodaxe Books: Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Matlock, J; (1992) Lire dangereusement: Les Mémoires du diable et ceux de Madame Lafarge. Romantisme , 76 (2) pp. 3-21.

Michaux, H; (1992) Spaced, Displaced: Deplacements Degagements. [Scholarly edition]. Broome, P (Ed). Bloodaxe Books

Myers, J; Rideal, L; (1992) Screen Deep -. UNSPECIFIED


Palandri, E; (1992) Un uomo grasso. In: Fosfori. Nardi: Florence.

Palandri, E; (1992) Panta. Follia Io e mio cugino. In: Auster, P and Lupieri, G, (eds.) Panta. Follia. (pp. 85-92). RCS: Milan.

Palandri, E; (1992) Fosfori. In: Barbaro, P, (ed.) Fosfori. (pp. 107-133).

Palandri, E; (1992) Cahiers Elsa Morante. In: Schifano, JN and Notarbartolo, T, (eds.) Cahiers Elsa Morante. Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane

Palandri, E; Sellés, F; (1992) Les pedres i la sal (Catalan Translation of Le pietre e il sale). [Book]. Tres i quatro: Valencia.

Peacocke, C; (1992) Sense and justification. Mind , 101 (404) pp. 793-816. 10.1093/mind/101.404.793.


Rideal, L; (1992) The (Changing ) English Face - Drawings on paper. UNSPECIFIED

Rowlands, I; (1992) Cultural Trends in Scotland. [Book]. Policy Studies Institute: London.


SHELL, A; (1992) Catholic texts and anti-Catholic prejudice in the seventeenth-century book trade. In: Myers, R and Harris, M, (eds.) Censorship and the control of print in England and Wales, 1600-1910. (pp. 33-57). St Paul's Bibliographies: Winchester.

Salverda, R; (1992) Kroniek van de Taalkunde. Neerlandica Extra Muros , 30 (19 (1 (feb)) pp. 39-47.

Salverda, R; (1992) Nederlands als twaalfde wereldtaal. Onze Taal , 61 (19 (6 (juni)) pp. 119-121.

Salverda, R; (1992) Nochte heel vroom nochte heel onvroom. Naar een strategie voor de Nederlandse cultuur in Europa. Ons Erfdeel , 35 (19 (4 (sept-) pp. 482-503.

Salverda, R; (1992) Perspectieven voor een internationale neerlandistiek. In: Gussenhoven, C and Verhofstadt, E, (eds.) Talen zonder grenzen. Verslag van een conferentie georganiseerd door de Verkenningscommissie Moderne Letteren op 23 oktober 1992 te Amsterdam. (pp. 35-42). VCML - Verkenningscommissie Moderne Letteren: Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Samek-Lodovici, V; (1992) A Unified Analysis of Crosslinguistic Morphological Gemination. In: Ackema, P and Schorlemmer, M, (eds.) Proceedings of CONSOLE 1. (pp. 265-283). Holland Academic Graphic: The Hague.

Shamdasani, S; (1992) “Two Unknown Early Cases of Jung”. Harvest: Journal for Jungian Studies , 38 pp. 38-43.

Short, TL; (1992) The Design of the ZEUS regional first level trigger box and associated trigger studies. Doctoral thesis , University of Bristol. Green open access

Sleeman, J; (1992) paper entitled 'Sculpting words: a discussion of the use of words in land art'. In: (Proceedings) Association of Art Historians annual conference.

Stahl, A; (1992) (1992) Andrew Stahl Paintings, Lecture, Norwich School of Art and Design. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (1992) (1992) New Paintings, Flowers East, London. Catalogue introduction by Guy Brett, ‘Paintings by Andrew Stahl’. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (1992) (1992) New Paintings. Catalogue introduction by Andrew Stahl. Flowers East, London. [Catalogue].

Stahl, A; (1992) (1992) Review by John McEwen on Andrew Stahl, The Sunday Telegraph, 26 April. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (1992) (1992) Review by Sue Hubbard on Andrew Stahl, Time Out, 13-20 May. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (1992) (1992) Review by William Feaver on Andrew Stahl, The Observer, 17 May. UNSPECIFIED

Stern, S; (1992) Review of E.P.Sanders, Judaism: Practice and Belief: 63BCE - 66CE. Journal of Jewish Studies , 43 (2) pp. 307-312.


Took, JF; (1992) Review of Christopher Ryan (trans), Dante, Convivio (Saratoga, 1989). Modern Language Review , 88 (part 1) pp. 218-219.

Took, JF; (1992) Review of H. A. Kelly, Tragedy and Comedy from Dante to Pseudo-Dante (Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1989). Modern Language Review , 87 (part 1) pp. 216-217.


Wolff, J; (1992) Not bargaining for the welfare state. Analysis (United Kingdom) , 52 (2) pp. 118-125. 10.1093/analys/52.2.118.

Wyke, M; (1992) Augustan Cleopatras: Female power and poetic authority. In: Powell, A, (ed.) Roman Poetry and propaganda in the Age of Augustus. (pp. 98-104). Bristol Classical Press


Zuboff, A; (1992) A Presentation Without an Example? Analysis , 52 pp. 190-191.

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