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Anziska, S; (2013) Global Politics and Border Crossings: Craig Daigle, The Limits of Détente: The United States, The Soviet Union, and the Arab–Israeli Conflict, 1969–1973 (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, 2012). Pp. 448. $55.00 cloth. [Review]. International Journal of Middle East Studies , 45 (4) pp. 820-822. 10.1017/S0020743813001013. Green open access

Anziska, SE; (2013) Israel and the U.S. In: Great Decisions 2014 Briefing Book. (pp. 15-28). Foreign Policy Association: New York, NY, USA. Green open access


Beeri, S; (2013) Language in its Place: Yiddish as seen through the historical prism of Literarishe Bleter 1924-1939. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Berkowitz, M; (2013) Preface: Towards the next 120. Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England , 45 ix-xv.

Berkowitz, M; (2013) A funny thing happened on the way to globalization: Nationalism, meet religion. Diaspora: a journal of transnational studies , 16 (3) 431 - 440.

Berkowitz, M; (2013) "A hidden theme of Jewish self-love? Eric Hobsbawm, Karl Marx, and Cesare Lombroso on 'Jewish criminality' in The Cesare Lombroso Handbook, eds. Paul Knepper and P. J. Ystehede. In: The Cesare Lombroso Handbook. (253 - 267). Routledge

Berkowitz, M; (2013) review of Barricades and Banners: The Revolution of 1905 and the Transformation of Warsaw Jewry by Scott Ury. Slavonic and East European Review , 91 (4) 906 - 908.

Berkowitz, M; (2013) review of Jewish Masculinities: German Jews, Gender, and History. Edited by Benjamin Maria Baader, Sharon Gillerman, and Paul Lerner. Central European History , 46 (04) pp. 904-906. 10.1017/S0008938914000119.

Berkowitz, M; (2013) review of Natan M. Meir, Kiev, Jewish Metropolis: A History, 1859-194. Journal of Jewish Studies , LXIV (2) 422 - 424.

Berkowitz, M; (2013) review of Rebecca T. Alpert, Out of Left Field: Jews and Black Baseball. Journal of Jewish Studies , LXIV (2) 430 - 433.

Berkowitz, M; (2013) review of Yehoshue Perle, Ordinary Jews. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.hnet.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=36372

Bultrighini, I; (2013) Παραλία καì Μεσόγεια: ‘Coastalness’ and ‘Inlandness’ in the Ancient Greek World. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://wp.chs.harvard.edu/chs-fellows/2013/10/17/c...

Bultrighini, I; (2013) Gli horoi rupestri dell'Attica. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://chs.harvard.edu/CHS/

Bultrighini, I; (2013) Review: D.J. Geagan, The Athenian Agora, vol. XVIII, Inscriptions: The Dedicatory Monuments, Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2011. American Journal of Archaeology , 117 (2)

Bultrighini, I; (2013) Riflessioni su una dedica dei Lamptreis ad Apollo. Rivista di Cultura Classica e Medioevale , 55 (1) pp. 29-44.

Bultrighini, I; (2013) "Twin inscriptions" from the Attic deme of Myrrhinous. Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik , 186 pp. 141-151.


Cakirlar, C; (2013) Aesthetics of self-scaling: parallaxed transregionalism and Kutluğ Ataman's art practice. Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies , 27 (6) pp. 684-706. 10.1080/02560046.2013.867591.

Conway, D; (2013) Natalie Clein celebrates Bloch. Jewish Renaissance 41 - 42.


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de Blois, F; (2013) Bactria, Bāxδī-, Balx. In: Commentationes iranicae, Vladimiro f. Aaron Livschits nonagenario donum natalicium. (268 - 271). : Sankt-Peterburg.

de Blois, F; (2013) ‘Classical and vernacular features in Persian folk-poetry from Afghanistan’. Presented at: , International conference on poetry and politics: Modern reception of classical Persian tradition,, Leiden.

de Blois, F; (2013) Some early Islamic and Christian sources regarding the Jewish calendar (9th to 11th centuries). In: Time, astronomy, and calendars in the Jewish tradition. (65 - 78). Brill: Leiden. Green open access

de Blois, F; (2013) al-Bayruni, the twelve apostles, and the twelve months of the Julian year. [Lecture]. Presented at: 4th International Conference on the Church of the East in China and Central Asia, Salzburg.


Geller, M; Bohak, G; (2013) Babylonian astrology in the Cairo Genizah. In: Boustan, R and Hermann, K and Leicht, R and Yoshiko Reed, A and Veltri, G, (eds.) Envisioning Judaism: studies in honor of Peter Schäfer on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. (607 - 622). Mohr Siebeck: Tübingen Germany.

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Greenberg, G; Walter, DM; Greenberg, G; (2013) Syriac Peshitta Bible with English translation - Lamentations, Prayer of Jeremiah, Epistle of Jeremiah and Epistles of Baruch. Gorgias Press: Piscataway NJ US.

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Guesnet, F; (2013) Der angestupste Sohn des Vorstehers, oder: Jüdische Lebenswelt, Recht und Geschlecht in einer jiddischen Komödie des 19. Jahrhunderts. In: Leiserowitz, R and Lehnstaedt, S and Nalewajko-Kulikov, J and Krzywiec, G, (eds.) Lesestunde / Lekcja czytania. (139 - 154). Neriton: Warsaw, Poland.

Guesnet, F; (2013) Revolutionary Hinterland: transformations of Jewish associational life in the Kingdom of Poland, 1904-06. In: Schedewie, F and Grüner, F and Utz, R, (eds.) The Russian Revolution of 1905 in Transcultural Perspective: Identities, Peripheries, and the Flow of Ideas. (105 - 121). Slavica: Bloomington, Indiana.

Guesnet, F; (2013) Revolutionary Hinterland: transformations of Jewish associational life in the Kingdom of Poland, 1904-1906. In: Weikersthal , F and Grüner , F and Hohler , S and Schedewie, F and Utz , R, (eds.) The Russian Revolution of 1905 in transcultural perspective. Identities, peripheries, and the flow of ideas. (105 - 120). Slavica Publishers: Bloomington, Indiana.


Isserles Leacacos, JC; Isserles, J; (2013)  « Medieval Hebrew Fragments in Switzerland : Some Highlights of the Discoveries », Proceedings of the European Association for Jewish Studies Colloquium (18-20 July 2011, Wolfson College, Oxford), Books within Books. New Discoveries in Old Book Bindings,eds. Andreas Lehnardt and Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, ' European Genizah' Texts and Studies, 3, Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2013.


Jacobus, HR; (2013) Review of David Miano. Shadow on the Steps: Time Measurement in Ancient Israel. (Resources for Biblical Study 64) Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta 2010. Journal of Semitic Studies , 58 pp. 192-194.

Jacobus, HR; (2013) Slave wives and transgressive unions in biblical and ancient near eastern laws and literature. In: Leviticus and Numbers. (pp. 55-76).

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Jacobus, HR; (2013) Introduction. In: Jacobus, HR and de Hemmer Gudme, AK and Guillaume, P, (eds.) Studies on Magic and Divination in the Biblical World. (ix-xvii). Gorgias: Piscataway, NJ.

Jacobus, HR; (2013) The Babylonian Lunar Three and the Qumran calendars of the priestly courses: a response. Revue de Qumran , 26 (101) pp. 21-52.

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Jacobus, HR; (2013) Flood calendars and birds of the ark in the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q252 and 4Q254a), Septuagint and ancient Near East texts. In: Silverman, JM, (ed.) Opening heaven's floodgates: The Genesis Flood narrative, its context and reception. (pp. 85-112). Gorgias: Piscataway, NJ.

Jacobus, HR; (2013) Calendrical Variations in Second Temple Judaism: New Perspectives on the 'Date of the Last Supper Debate.' Publisher: Leiden: Brill (2012). By Stéphane Saulnier. Review of Biblical Literature


Lochery, N; (2013) Lisboa: A Cidade Vista de Fora, 1933-1974. Editorial Presenca: Lisbon.

Lochery, NF; (2013) Lisboa 1939-1945: La guerra secreta de la Ciudad de la Luz durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Aguilar: Madrid, Spain and Latin America.


Nothaft, CPE; (2013) "The Easter Controversy of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages", edited by Immo Warntjes and Dáibhí Ó Cróinín. The Mediaeval Journal , 3 (2013) (1) 141 - 143.

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Nothaft, CPE; (2013) Augustine and the Shape of the Earth: A Critique of Leo Ferrari. In: John Doody, and Adam Goldstein, and Kim Paffenroth, , (eds.) Augustine and the Sciences. (99 - 113). Lexington Books: Langham, MD.

Nothaft, CPE; (2013) "Me pudet audire Iudeum talia scire: A Late Medieval Latin School Text on the Jewish Calendar. In: Sacha Stern, and Charles Burnett, , (eds.) Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in the Jewish Tradition. (327 - 365). Brill: Leiden. (In press).


Paluch, A; (2013) The Enoch-Metatron tradition in the kabbalah of Nathan Neta Shapira of Krakow (1585-1633). Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Schulte, J; (2013) Saul Tchernichowsky and Vladislav Khodasevich: A Chapter in Philological Coopera­tion. Trumah : Zeitschrift der Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg , 21 9 - 27.

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Vidro, N; (2013) A Karaite tool-kit for teaching Hebrew grammar. Journal of Jewish Studies , 64 (1) pp. 98-118.

Vidro, N; (2013) A medieval Karaite pedagogical grammar of Hebrew: a critical edition and English translation of Kitāb al-ʿuqūd fī taṣārīf al-luġa al-ʿibrāniyya. [Book]. Cambridge Genizah Studies Series: Vol.6. Brill: Leiden, Netherlands. Green open access


Wartenberg, I; (2013) Mathematical Terminology (medieval and modern). UNSPECIFIED

Wartenberg, I; (2013) Mathematics in Judaism. Springer

Wartenberg, I; (2013) The Zoroastrian Persian Calendar in a Medieval Hebrew Treatise on The Jewish Calendar by Abraham bar Ḥiyya. Tarikh-e Elm , 10 (1) 31 - 53.

Wartenberg, I; (2013) The Epistle of the Number: The Diffusion of Arabic Mathematics in Medieval Europe. In: Federici-Vescovini, G and Hasnaoui, A, (eds.) (Proceedings) Circolazione Dei Saperi Nel Mediterraneo: Filosofia E Scienze (Secoli IX-XVII), Circulation des Savoirs Autour de la Méditerranée: Philosophie Et Sciences (IXe-XVIIe Siècle). (pp. 101 - 110).

Wartenberg, I; (2013) The Hebrew calendrical bookshelf of the early 12th century: the cases of Abraham Bar Hiyya and Jacob Bar Samson. In: Stern, S and Burnett, C, (eds.) Time, Astronomy, and Calendars in the Jewish Tradition. (97 - 111). Brill

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