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BERKOWITZ, M; (2007) review essay on Harry Haft: Survivor of Auschwitz, Challenger of Rocky Marciano. East European Jewish Affair pp. 399-404.

BERKOWITZ, M; (2007) Reimagining Herzl and other Zionist sex symbols. In: Gelber, MH and Liska, V, (eds.) Theodor Herzl: from Europe to Zion. (pp. 73-84). Max Niemeyer Verlag Gmbh & Co: Tübingen, Deutschland.

Berkowitz, M; (2007) The Crime of My Very Existence: Nazism and the Myth of Jewish Criminality. [Book]. University of California Press: Berkeley, Los Angeles and London.

Berkowitz, M; (2007) Jewish blood-sport: Between bad behavior and respectability. In: Berkowitz, M and Ungar, R, (eds.) Fighting back? (pp. 67-81).

Berkowitz, M; Ungar, R; (2007) From Daniel Mendoza to Amir Khan: Minority boxers in Britain. In: Berkowitz, M, (ed.) Fighting back? (pp. 3-18). University College London in association with The Jewish Museum, London: London.

Berkowitz, M; Ungar, R; (2007) Fighting back? [Book]. University College London in association with The Jewish Museum, London: London.


CONWAY, D; (2007) John Braham - from meshorrer to tenor. In: Jewish Historical Studies: Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of London, vol. 41. (pp. 37-62). Jewish Historical Society of England: London, UK.

Conway, D; (2007) Jewry in music: Jewish entry to the musical professions, 1780-1850. Doctoral thesis, University College, London.


de Blois, F; (2007) Dialect variation in Bactrian. [Lecture]. Presented at: Sixth European conference of Iranian studies, Vienna.

de Blois, F; (2007) Islamisation and Persianisation in Khurasan in the light of new documents from Bactria. [Lecture]. Presented at: Islamisation de l’Asie Centrale, Paris.

de Blois, F; (2007) Multilingualism and language change in Bactria. [Lecture]. Presented at: Multilingualism in the Middle East during the first millennium, Oxford.

de Blois, F; (2007) Some Arabic and Persian works on Quranic sciences in two early manuscripts. In: In Memory of Muhammad Qazvini. (378 - 384). : Tehran.

de Blois, F; (2007) Lunisolar calendars in ancient Iran. In: Panaino, A and Piras, A, (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th congress of the Societas Iranologica Europaea. (39 - 52). : Milan.

de Blois, F; (2007) The two Zoroastrian treatises called ‘Ulama i Islam. In: Vahman, F and Pedersen, C, (eds.) Religious texts in Iranian languages. (199 - 210). : Copenhagen.


Geller, M; (2007) Charlatans, médecins et exorcistes. Le Journal des Médecines Cunéiformes , 9 pp. 9-15.

Geller, M; (2007) Comment et de quelle facon les praticiens gagnaient-ils leur vie? Le Journal des médecines cunéiformes , 10 pp. 34-41.

Geller, M; (2007) Evil Demons: Canonical Utukku Lemnutu Incantations. [Book]. State Archives of Assyria Cuneiform Texts. Helsinki University Press: Helsinki.

Geller, M; (2007) 'Médicine e magie: l'asû, l'ashipu et le mashmashu. Le Journal des Médecines Cunéiformes , 9 pp. 1-8.

Geller, M; (2007) Review of S. Sanders, Margins of Writing, Origins of Cultures. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (13) pp. 484-485.

Geller, M; (2007) Textes médicaux du Louvre, nouvelle édition. AO 11447, AO 7760 et AO 66774. Première partie. Le Journal des médecines cunéiformes , 10 pp. 4-18.

Geller, M; (2007) Phlegm and Breath -- Babylonian Contributions to Hippocratic Medicine. In: Finkel, I and Geller, M, (eds.) Disease in Babylonia. (pp. 173-185). Brill Academic Publishers: Leiden.

Geller, M; (2007) Incantations within Akkadian Medical Texts. In: Leick, G, (ed.) The Babylonian World. (pp. 389-399). Routledge: London.

Geller, M; van Koppen, F; (2007) Mesopotamische Bezweringen. Phoenix , 52 (2) pp. 47-63.

Greenberg, G; (2007) Corpus Linguistics and Textual History,(eds)van Keulen,P.S.F.,van Peursen,W.Th. Aramaic Studies

Greenberg, G; (2007) Freedom in Biblical Translation: Choice of Lexical Equivalents in the Peshitta. In: Isaksson, B and Eskhult, M and Ramsay, G, (eds.) The Professorship of Semitic Languages at Uppsala University, 400 years. (pp. 105-117). Uppsala University

Guesnet, F; (2007) The Turkish Cavalry in Swarzedz, or: Jewish Political Culture at the Borderlines of Modern History. In: Diner, D, (ed.) Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts / Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook: Schwerpunkt / Special Issue: Early Modern Culture and Haskalah. (pp. 227-248). Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht: Leipzig, Germany. Green open access

Guesnet, F; (2007) "These Are German Houses": Polish Memory Confronting Jedwabne. In: Diner, D and Wunberg, G, (eds.) Restitution and memory: historical remembrance and material restoration in Europe. (pp. 141-160). Berghahn Books: New York, US.


Harris, E.T.; (2007) Anglo-Jewry's experience of secondary education from the 1830s until 1920. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Lochery, N; (2007) No Longer Dominant, Playing for Second: The Israeli Labour Party in the 2006 Election. Israel Affairs , 13 (2) pp. 305-325.

Lochery, N; (2007) The Politics and Economics of Israeli Disengagement 1994-2005. Middle Eastern Studies , 44 (1) pp. 1-22.

Lochery, N; (2007) Present and Post-Blair British Middle Eastern Policy. (Madeline Feher European Scholar Lecture 9 , pp. pp. 1-20 ). BESA: Ramat Gan, Israel.

Lochery, N; (2007) The View from the Fence: The Arab-Israeli Conflict from the Present to Its Roots, Revised and Updated Paperback Edition. [Book]. Continuum Books: London and New York.

Lochery, NF; (2007) Loaded Dice: The Foreign Office and Israel. [Book]. Continuum: London and New York.


Rapoport-Albert, A; Merchan-Hamann, C; (2007) "Something for the Female Sex": A Call for the Liberation of Women, and the Release of the Female Libido from the "Shackles of Shame", in an Anonymous Frankist Manuscript from Prague, c. 1800. Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought , 20 pp. 77-135.


Smelik, W; (2007) Code-switching: The Public Reading of the Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. In: Morenz, L and Schorch, S, (eds.) Was ist ein Text? — Ägyptologische, altorientalistische und alttestamentliche Perspektiven. (pp. 123-151). Walter de Gruyter: Berlin.

Smelik, WF; (2007) Slavonic, Finugrian, and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, report QANU. QANU

Smelik, WF and Ter Haar Romeny, B (Eds). (2007) Aramaic Studies. [Whole issue]. Aramaic Studies , 5 (1-2).

Stern, S; (2007) Time and Process in Ancient Judaism. [Book]. (1 vols). (2 ed.). Littman Library: Oxford.

Stern, S; Mancuso, P; (2007) An astronomical table of Shabbetai Donnolo and the Jewish calendar in 10th-century Italy. Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism , 7 pp. 13-41.

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