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BERKOWITZ, M; (2004) review of Life between memory and hope: The survivors of the Holocaust in Occupied Germany. H-German

BERKOWITZ, M; (2004) Introduction: 1900 to 2000 and beyond: Taking nationalism for granted? In: Berkowitz, M, (ed.) Nationalism, Zionism and ethnic mobilization of the Jews in 1900 and beyond. (pp. 1-10). Brill Academic Pub

Berkowitz, M; (2004) review of Ze'ev Mankowitz, Life between Memory and Hope: The Survivors of the Holocaust in Occupied Germany for H-German. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.hnet.org/reviews/showpdf.cgi?path=13161...

Bhayro, S; (2004) The Madness of King Saul. Archiv für Orientforschung , 50/51 pp. 285-292.

Bhayro, S; (2004) “A Syriac Fragment from the Cairo Genizah”. Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes , 94 pp. 39-51.


de Blois, F; (2004) Elchasai - Manes - Muhammad. Der Islam , 81 31 - 48.

de Blois, F; (2004) Markiyuniyya. In: Encyclopaedia of Islam (Supplement).

de Blois, F; (2004) Mudjir al-Din Baylakani. In: Encyclopaedia of Islam (Supplement).

de Blois, F; (2004) Naqd-i bar kitab i qira’at i arami i suryani i qur’an. Tarjuman i wahy , VII (2)

de Blois, F; (2004) Nazoräer (Judenchristen) im Umfeld des frühen Islams. [Lecture]. Presented at: Historische Sondierungen und methodische Reflexionen zur Korangenese -Wege zur Rekonstruktion des vorkanonischen Koran, Berlin.

de Blois, F; (2004) Persian literature, a bio-bibliographical survey: Poetry of the pre-Mongol period. (second, revised edition ed.). Royal Asiatic Society: London.

de Blois, F; (2004) Quran 9:37 and CIH 547. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies , 34 101 - 104.

de Blois, F; (2004) Scribal interpolation and authorial afterthought in Haft paykar. [Lecture]. Presented at: Nizami Ganjavi: Artistic and humanistic aspects of the Khamsa, Cambridge.

de Blois, F; (2004) Thanawiyyat dar sunat i irani u masihi. Nama i parsi , IX (1) 99 - 126.

de Blois, F; (2004) A Zoroastrian apocalypse. In: Varia iranica. (59 - 72). : Rome.


Geller, M; (2004) Akkadian Evil Eye Incantations from Assur. Zeitschrift für Assyriologie , 94 pp. 52-58.

Geller, M; (2004) Akkadian Healing Therapies in the Babylonian Talmud. Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

Geller, M; (2004) Ancient medical traditions and practices. UNSPECIFIED

Geller, M; (2004) Anus and Kidneys. Le Journal des médecines cunéiformes , 4 (II) pp. 1-8.

Geller, M; (2004) Geoffrey Llyod and Nathan Sivin, The way and the word: science and medicine in early China and Greece, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2002, pp. xvii, 348, £25.00 (hardback 0-300-09297-0). [Review]. Medical History , 48 (4) 513 - 514. 10.1017/S0025727300008000. Green open access

Geller, M; (2004) Marie-Louise Thomsen and Frederick H Cryer, Witchcraft and magic in Europe: biblical and pagan societies, The Athlone History of Witchcraft and Magic in Europe series, vol. 1, London, Athlone Press, 2001, pp. xvii, 168, illus., £50.00 (hardback 0-485-89001-1), £17.99 (paperback 0-485-89101-8). [Review]. Medical History , 48 (1) 148 - 149. 10.1017/S002572730000733X. Green open access

Geller, M; (2004) Diet and Regimen in the Babylonian Talmud. In: Grottanelli, C and Milano, L, (eds.) Food and Identity in the Ancient World. (pp. 217-242). Sargon: Padua.

Greenberg, G; (2004) Indications of the Faith of the Translator in the Peshitta to the 'Servant Songs' of Deutero-Isaiah. Aramaic Studies , 2 (2) pp. 175-192. 10.1177/147783510400200202.

Guesnet, F; (2004) Chanukah and its Function in the Invention of a Jewish-Heroic Tradition in Early Zionism, 1880-1900. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Hayon, D.M.; (2004) Baqadami gabra igzi'abher: A Beta Israel liturgical text. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Klier, JD; (2004) Polish Shtetls under Russian Rule, 1772-1914. Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry , 17 pp. 97-108.

Klier, JD; (2004) Where We Are Going; Where We Have Been: The Study of Pre-Revolutionary Russian Jewish History in the US [in Russian]. In: Budnitsky, O and et, A, (eds.) Istoriia I Kul'tura rossiiskogo I vostochnoevreiskogo evreistva: Novye istochniki, novye podkhody. (pp. 40-65). Dom Evreiskoiknigi: Moscow.

Klier, JD; (2004) Traditions of the Commonwealth: Lithuanian Jewry and the Exercise of Political Power in Tsarist Russia. In: Nikzentaitis, A and Schreiner, S and Staliunas, D, (eds.) The Vanished World of Lithuanian Jews. (pp. 5-20). Rodopi: Amsterdam and New York.

Klier, JD; (2004) The Holocaust and the Soviet Union. In: Stone, D, (ed.) The Historiography of the Holocaust. (pp. 276-295). Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke.

Klier, JD; (2004) Aliyah, Goldene Medina or Neues Vaterland: Emigration Choices in the Late Soviet Jewish Press. In: Wallenborn, H, (ed.) Der Ort des Judentums in der Gegenwart, 1989-2002. (pp. 29-46). be.bra wissenschaft: Berlin.


Lochery, N; (2004) What Odds Sharon and Arafat. National Post

Lochery, N; (2004) Why Blame Israel: The Facts Behind the Headlines. [Book]. (hardback ed.). Icon Books: Cambridge.

Lochery, N; (2004) Zigzag as Strategy. Jerusalem Post

Lochery, N; (2004) The historian versus the political scientist: Works on the Arab-Israeli conflict and Israel in 2003 (review article). Middle Eastern Studies , 40 (3) pp. 159-173. 10.1080/0026320042000213500.


Ratner, T; (2004) Playing Fathers' Games: The Story of Achsah, daughter of Caleb,and the Princess's Blank Page. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies , 3 (2) pp. 147-161. 10.1080/1472588042000225820.

Ratner, T.; (2004) Playing fathers' games. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies , 3 (2) pp. 147-161. 10.1080/1472588042000225820.


SCHULTE, J; (2004) Wielka kronika kalendarza: Gwiazdy, żydowski kalendarz i mity astronomiczne w opowiadaniach Brunona Schulza. In: W ułamkach zwierciadła: Bruno Schulz w 110 rocznicę urodzin i 60 rocz¬nicę śmierci. (163 - 172). : Lublin.

Schulte, J; (2004) Eine Poetik der Offenbarung: Isaak Babelʹ, Bruno Schulz, Danilo Kiš. Otto Harrassowitz Verlag

Smelik, WF and Ter Haar Romeny, B (Eds). (2004) Aramaic Studies. [Whole issue]. Aramaic Studies , 2 (1-2).

Smelik, WF; (2004) Trouble in the Trees! Variant Selection and Tree Construction Illustrated by the Texts of Targum Judges. In: van Reenen, P and den Hollander, A and van Mulken, M, (eds.) Studies in Stemmatology II. (pp. 167-206). John Benjamins: Amsterdam/Philadelphia.

Stern, SD; (2004) Near Eastern lunar calendars in the Syriac Martyr Acts. Le Museon , 117 (3-4) pp. 447-472.

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