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Berkowitz, M; (1998) Judaism: Modern movements. Macmillan Reference, New York.

Berkowitz, M; (1998) review of Zakhor: Jewish history and Jewish memory. The European Legacy pp. 120-122.


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Geller, MJ; (1998) "An Incantation against Curses" for Festschrift fuer Rykle Borger zu seinem 65. Geburtstag am 24 Mai 1994. UNSPECIFIED, Groningen.

Geller, MJ; (1998) Reflexives and Antipassives in Sumerian Verbs. Orientalia , 67 pp. 85-106.

Geller, MJ; (1998) Review of E.Reiner, "Astral Magic". Orientalishche Literaturzeitung , 93 pp. 455-458.

Geller, MJ; (1998) Review of G.Veltri, "Magie und halakha: Ansatze zu einem empirischen Wissenchaftsbefriff im spatantiken und frumittelalterlichen Judentum". Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies , 61 p. 534.

Geller, MJ; (1998) Review of H.Avalos, "Illness and health care in the Ancient Near East: the role of the Temple in Greece, Mesopotamia, and Israel". Journal of Semitic Studies , 43 pp. 131-134.

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Klier, J; (1998) I.S. Aksakov and the Jewish Question, 1862-1886. Trudy po ludaike: istoria i etnografiia , v (17) pp. 155-169.

Klier, J; (1998) The Jewish Question in Slavophile Press, 1862 - 1886: I.S. Aksakov and His Publications" [In Russian]. Vestnik Evreiskogo Universiteta v Moskve , 1 (17) pp. 41-60.

Klier, J; (1998) "S.M.Dubnov and the Kiev Pogrom of 1882". In: Groberg, A and Greenbaum, A, (eds.) A Missionary for History: Essays in Honour of S.M.Dubnow. (pp. 65-72). : Minneapolis.

Klier, J; (1998) "The Dog that Didn't Bark: Antisemitism in Post Communist Russia". In: Hosking, G and Service, R, (eds.) Russian Nationalism Past and Present. (pp. 129-147). : London.


Loewenthal, N; (1998) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Habad Messianism: A Combination of Opposites.

Loewenthal, N; (1998) "Contemporary Habad and the Paradox of Redemption". In: Ivry, AL and Wolfson, ER and Arkush, A, (eds.) Perspectives on Jewish Thought and Mysticism. (pp. 381-402). : Amsterdam.


Rapoport-Albert, A; (1998) Hasidism Reappraised (P/B). [Book]. Littman Library of Jewish Civilization: London - Portland, Or..


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Stern, S; (1998) Dissonance and misunderstanding in Jewish-Roman Relations. In: Goodman, M, (ed.) Jews in a Graeco-Roman World. (pp. 241-250). Clarendon Press: Oxford.

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