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ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Bee Brooch and pendantǨ. [Artefact]. Sterling Silver. Orchard Park Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, IK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Bee brooch and pendant. [Artefact]. Stainless Steel. Orchard Park Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, IK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) The Bees. [Artefact]. Cast aluminium. Orchard Park Primary Health Care Centre, Hull, IK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Curator: New Hang for the reopening of the Usher Gallery, Lincoln. UNSPECIFIED

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Ebi and Moulgai Hachioki. [Artefact]. Cast bronze. London.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) In Some Small Way, explorations in size and scale in recent Japanese sculpture. Frieze (128) pp. 98-101.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Lincoln Tree Ring. [Artefact]. Gold leafed, sand and lost wax cast bronze ring, polished glass “ diamond”. The Usher Gallery and The Collection, Lincoln, UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Maxwells Silver Hammer. Journal of Modern Craft pp. 339-348.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Some Interesting Shell Fish. [Artefact]. Cast bronze. London.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Sun Arch: (with Time Line: one million years in Purfleet). [Artefact]. Stainless Steel. Mardyke Bridge Project, Purfleet, Essex. UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Wave Motorcycle Barrier, with Wave Shadow. [Artefact]. Stainless Steel. Mardyke Bridge Project, Purfleet, Essex. UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2010) Wave Seats. [Artefact]. Bronze. Mardyke Bridge Project, Purfleet, Essex. UK.

Allington, E; (2010) Maxwell's Silver Hammer. J MOD CRAFT , 3 (3) 339 - 348. 10.2752/174967810X12868890612367.


BURROWS, D; (2010) Ficciones performance. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.tintank.es/

BURROWS, D; (2010) Performance Fictions. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.metamute.org/

BURROWS, D; (2010) An art scene as big as the Ritz: the logics of scenes. In: Zepke, S and O'Sullivan, S, (eds.) Deleuze and Contemporary Art. (pp. 157-175). Edinburgh Univ Pr

BURROWS, DM; O'Sullivan, S; (2010) The Chymical Wedding: performance art as masochistic practice. Angelaki: Journal of theoretical humanities , 15 (1) , Article 9.

Barnicoat, B; (2010) guardian.co.uk, 16th October 2010 Feature: Hang them - Very unofficial royal portraits. guardian.co.u


CALLANAN, M; (2010) Sculpting clouds. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.artsandecology.rsablogs.org.uk/2009/08/...

Callanan, MJ; (2010) Digital Lives. British Library

Callanan, MJ; (2010) Furtherfield (Pau Waelder). Furtherfield

Callanan, MJ; (2010) I Wanted to See All of the News From Today, NETescopio, MEIAC Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo, Spain. UNSPECIFIED

Callanan, MJ; (2010) I Wanted to See All of the News From Today, Web Biennial 10, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum. UNSPECIFIED, Web Biennial 10, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum.


Duijzings, G; (2010) From Bongo Bongo to Boston via the Balkans: anthropological contributions to the study of urban transformations in Southeastern Europe. In: Bohn, TM and Calic, MJ, (eds.) Urbanisierung und stadtentwicklung in Südosteuropa vom 19. bis zum 21. jahrhundert. (pp. 93-132). Verlag Otto Sagner: Munich, Germany.

Duijzings, G; Novaković, R; (2010) Lebensraum living space (soundpiece 73 min). UNSPECIFIED, Vienna, Austria.

Duijzings, G; Novaković, R; (2010) Lebensraum / living space (experimental film, 80 min). In: Marinescu, I and Mayer, K, (eds.) Bless my homeland forever: I, too, will try to forget. (pp. 18-19). Kunsthalle Exnergasse / WUK: Vienna.


Faithful, S; (2010) Skulpturenpark Berlin-Zentrum. In: Skulpturenpark Berlin-Zentrum. (pp. 196-199). Walther Konig: Köln, Germany.

Faithful, S; (2010) A brief history of working with new media art. In: Bliss, CRFUM and Lapp, A and Gfader, V and Graham, B and Cook, S, (eds.) A brief history of working with new media art. (pp. 215-217).

Faithfull, S; (2010) Liverpool-to-Liverpool. [Book]. Liverpool University Press


Goddard, J; (2010) Swan Song, Hospitality Transmission annual. [Book]. Hospitality: Vol.1. (1st ed.). arts word presss: uk.

Goodwin, D; (2010) Caul 8. [Artefact]. Photographic print mounted on light box.. London.

Goodwin, D; (2010) Cradle Head 4. [Artefact]. Scratched photograph.. London.

Goodwin, D; (2010) Linear. [Artefact]. 60 Portraits of Jubilee Line Staff, Pencil on paper with accompanying films, shot on video.. London.

Goodwin, D; (2010) Speaker at Understanding British Portraits with National Portrait Gallery, London, Annual seminar. In: (Proceedings) Understanding British Portraits Annual Seminar.

Goodwin, D; (2010) William. [Artefact]. Water colour on paper. Published in the Guardian's Weekend magazine - Unofficial Royal portraits - Saturday 16 October 2010. London.


Hall, L; (2010) One Thing Leads to Another, Everything is Connected - Article. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.artlicks.com/events/774/one-thing-leads...


JACKSON, M; (2010) International Fauna. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.animateprojects.org/films/by_date/2010/...

JACKSON, M; (2010) The Undesirables. Postcolonial Studies , 13 (2) pp. 150-153.

Jackson, M; shearman, Z; (2010) Human Cargo. [Book].

Jones, J; (2010) Review: Linear by Jonathan Jones guardian.co.uk. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/jonathanjon...

Jones, LK; Law, J; (2010) A Hedonist's Guide to Art. [Book]. HG2


MALIK, A; (2010) New Generation Sculpture, Minimalism and the work of Rasheed Araeen. In: Rasheed Araeen Before and After Minimalism 1959-1974. Aicon Gallery: London, UK.

Malik, A; (2010) 11th International Istanbul Biennial. Third Text , 24 (4) pp. 495-498. 10.1080/09528822.2010.491385.

Malik, A; (2010) On Art and Method, What Keeps Mankind Alive? THIRD TEXT , 24 (4) pp. 495-498. 10.1080/09528822.2010.491385.

Malik, A; (2010) Ritual and Repetition Beyond Conceptual Art: On Idris Khan. Portfolio Contemporary Photography in Britain (52)

Malik, A; (2010) Political Islam and the Time of Contemporary Art. In: Harris, J, (ed.) Contemporary Art and Globalisation. Blackwells: Oxford.

Malik, AABD; (2010) Under the Eyes of Colossus: Zadoc Nava's 'Shadowlands' (2005). In: Shadowlands: Zadoc Nava'. Black Dog Publications: London, UK.

Milroy, LK; (2010) Double Interview. Artspace Hue, Seoul, South Korea.

Morris, SM; (2010) 'Headlands'. In: Poetry tRend: Eine englische-deutsche Anthologie. W. Hopf Verlag: Berlin.


Newman, HJE; (2010) The Smelly Hillock. [Artefact]. London.


Padfield, D; Janmohamed, F; Zakrzewska, JM; Pither, C; Hurwitz, B; (2010) A slippery surface ... can photographic images of pain improve communication in pain consultations? INT J SURG , 8 (2) 144 - 150. 10.1016/j.ijsu.2009.11.014.

Park, M; (2010) Who will lead British art after YBAs?

Parker, J; (2010) Cold Jazz, Crystal Aquarium, Woman with Arms Crossed. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2010) 'K.' in 'Soapbox'. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2010) 'Trilogy: Kettle's Yard', 2nd Australian International Experimental Film Festival. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2010) 'The Whirlpool' in 'Artists' Film: Transformation - Space and Narrative'. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; Tilbury, J, ; (2010) ...but the clouds... UNSPECIFIED


RIDEAL, L; Pellicer, R; (2010) Photobooth: The Art of the Automatic Portrait. In: Pellicer, R, (ed.) Photobooth. (pp. 156-161). Harry N Abrams Inc: January 2011.

RUGGABER, K; (2010) Villas. [Book]. (Vol.750). (1st ed.). The Block, London: London, UK.

RUGGABER, K; (2010) Yeşilyurt: In conversation with Megan O'Shea. P.E.A.R. Paper for Emerging Architectural Research (No 2, Is)

Rideal, L; (2010) The Indian Portrait. [Digital scholarly resource]. https://www.npg.org.uk/assets/files/pdf/teachers-n...

Rideal, L; (2010) The Migration of Cloth; interconnecting views. In: (Proceedings) Wrapping and Unwrapping the body. Archaeological and anthropological perspectives.

Rideal, L; (2010) "No Subject" Palazzo Carpegna, Oratorio dei Filippini. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://oblidi.net/projects/1pro_nosubject.html

Ross, R; (2010) ITV News - London Tonight, Saturday 6th February 2010 - TV report: Linear Reporter Robin Ross.

Ruggaber, K; (2010) Systems - Contemporary Art Society 100th Anniversary. UNSPECIFIED


Schuppli, M; Pirotte, P; Lunn, F; Young, C; (2010) Yesterday Will Be Better. [Catalogue]. Kerber Verlag: Bielefeld.

Stahl, A; (2010) (2010) CALT UCL’s Teaching and Learning Network Global Skills presentation, February. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2010) (2010) CALT lecture on globalising the curriculum, UCL. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2010) (2010) Review on Andrew Stahl, Art in America: Chelsea Art May-June Highlights. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2010) (2010) Talk: The Transcultural Language of Art within UCL’s Internationalising the Curriculum programme at the Colloquium, UCL. UNSPECIFIED

Stevens, G; (2010) Mel Brimfield. [Pamphlet]. Camden Arts Centre: London.


Thomson, J; Craighead, A; Kirkup, W; Pope, N; Cosic, V; (2010) A brief history of working with new media art. In: Cook, S and Bliss, CRFUM, (eds.) A brief history of working with new media art. (pp. 45-67). The Green Box, Crumb

Thomson, JR; Craighead, A; (2010) The End. [Artefact]. vinyl lettering, picture window. UK.

Thomson, JR; Craighead, A; (2010) The time machine in alphabetical order. [Artefact]. modified feature film (digital video file). UK.

Thomson, JR; Craighead, A; Rushton, S; (2010) A short film about war (part two of Flat Earth Trilogy). [Artefact]. two channel video installation. London.

Thomson, JR; Craighead, AC; (2010) London Wall. [Artefact]. fly posters, digital archive. Museum of London.


Young, CSR; (2010) Atopia: Art and the City in the 21st Century. [Group exhibition]. Centra de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. 25 February 2010 - 24 May 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) By and Between (after Bernd and Hilla Becher). [Artefact]. Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zürich.

Young, CSR; (2010) Corporate Everything. [Solo exhibition]. Centre d'art de Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland. 14 February 2010 - 09 May 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Die Welt als Bühne / The World as Stage. [Book]. nbk Discurs: Vol.3. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König Köln: Köln, Germany.

Young, CSR; (2010) During Office Hours. [Group exhibition]. Feinkost Triennale, Berlin, Germany. 26 November 2010 - 27 November 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Fall Out. [Group exhibition]. Malmo Konsthall, Malmo, Sweden. 14 January 2010 - 21 February 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Hypnotic Show. [Group exhibition]. Centre Geoges Pompidou, Paris, France. 20 November 2008 - 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Memento Park. [Artefact]. Cornerhouse, Manchester.

Young, CSR; (2010) Missing Mass. [Artefact]. Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art.

Young, CSR; (2010) Obsidian Contract. [Artefact]. Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Young, CSR; (2010) The Perfect Exhibition. [Solo exhibition]. Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany. 22 May 2010 - 22 August 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Permanent Mimesis: An Exhibition About Simulation and Realism. In: UNSPECIFIED Electa: Rome.

Young, CSR; (2010) The Philosophy of Money / A Filosofia do Dinheiro. [Group exhibition]. Museu da Cidade (City Museum), Lisbon, Portugal. 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Redshift series. [Artefact]. Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Young, CSR; (2010) Ständige Rezeption (Permanent Reception). [Group exhibition]. Galerie nächst St. Stephan - Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna, Austria. 6 May 2010 - 12 June 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) The Talent Show. [Group exhibition]. Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; MoMA PS1, New York, USA. 10 April 2010 - 15 August 2010.

Young, CSR; (2010) Terminal Velocity. [Artefact]. Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Young, CSR; Beasley, M; Pendleton, A; Gillick, L; (2010) Hey Hey Glossolalia (BEFORE) and (AFTER). [Book]. Creative Time: New York.

Young, CSR; Rabottini, A; (2010) Permanent Mimesis. [Catalogue]. Cataloghi GAM Torino. Electa: Turin, Italy.

Young, CSR; Young, C; (2010) Disclaimer (Reality). [Artefact]. MoMA/PS1, New York.

Young, CSR; Zolghadr, T; Lin, H; (2010) Taipei Biennial 2010. [Group exhibition]. Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan. 07 September 2010 - 14 November 2010.

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