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Number of items: 85.


ALLINGTON, E; (2008) Column of Rails. [Artefact]. Rolled Steel and Cast Iron. Workington Cumbria, UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2008) A Flat Trophy for all round good work. [Artefact]. Mahogany and aluminium. Bruces school, Scotland, UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2008) I Have Reasons, work and writing 1993-2007. Art Monthly (320) p. 35.

ALLINGTON, E; (2008) Lead Pencil. [Artefact]. cast lead. london.

ALLINGTON, E; (2008) Portico and Column of Rails, and two groups of artist designed seating. [Artefact]. Stainless Steel and Light fittings. Workington Cumbria, UK.

ALLINGTON, E; (2008) The Shap. [Artefact]. Granite. Workington Cumbria, UK.

Alkayat, Z; (2008) Soho Archives: 1950s & 1960s; Dryden Goodwin: Cast.

Allington, E; (2008) Curwen's Column. UNSPECIFIED, Pow Street, Workington.


Bowen, R; Rideal, L; (2008) Drawing Self-portraits. [Digital scholarly resource]. https://www.npg.org.uk/learning/digital/portraitur...

Burrows, D; (2008) Readymades, Lavender Mist and Mirror Travel: Deleuze, Badiou and the time of art practice. In: O'Sullivan & Zepke, SS and Zepke, S, (eds.) Deleuze, Guattari and the production of the new. (pp. 116-127). Continuum Intl Pub Group


Callanan, M; (2008) Encoding experience. [Catalogue]. University of Tasmania

Callanan, M; (2008) An Ethnology of Solitude. Balsas Journal on Media Culture

Callanan, M; (2008) An Ethnology of Solitude. In: At Home in Europe. At Home in Europe

Callanan, MJ; (2008) Text Trends. greyisgood.eu, London, UK.

Campbell-Johnston, R; (2008) Top Galleries: Francis Bacon; Rothko; Cut and Paste Photomontage 1920-50; Dryden Goodwin - Cast.

Carter, W.; (2008) Figuring the New Deal: Policy and ideology in Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture in Washington, D.C., 1934-1943. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access

Collins, S; (2008) Music for The Williamson Tunnels. 67projects, Liverpool, UK.

Collins, SAR; (2008) Harewood. [Artefact]. networked website and digital prints. http://www.susan-collins.net/harewood.


Dean, ; (2008) Review: Dryden Goodwin’s Cast, Photographer’s Gallery. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://londonist.com/2008/10/review_cast_photograp...

Duijzings, G; (2008) Commemorare Srebrenica. Diario europeo , IV (1) pp. 34-41.


Faithful, S; (2008) Bipolar. In: Yusoff, K, (ed.) Bipolar. (pp. 91-93).

Florence, P; (2008) 'Colour, Sex and the Grey Mirror'. In: Verlic, B and Budak, A and Pakesch, P, (eds.) Zeichen der Psyche. Psychoanalytische Perspectiven zur Kunst. Verlag Turia + Kant: Vienna.


Goodwin, D; (2008) 12 Portraits. [Artefact]. 12 etched plates chrome faced (2008) each plate 10cm X 10cm.. Bristol.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Casting. [Artefact]. 5 Diptychs, Photographs and pencil on paper, diptych size 2000mm x 660mm. London.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Caul. [Artefact]. 7 diptychs, digital photographs with digital drawing, 1225mm x 450mm. London.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Cradle. [Artefact]. Series of 7, scratched black and white photographs, 1600mm x 1110mm. London.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Cradle Heads. [Artefact]. Series of 3, scratched black and white photographs, 960mm x 960mm. London.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Critic's Choice: Major Spaces. 47-. (In press).

Goodwin, D; (2008) Rock. [Artefact]. Animation, drawings made with digital stylus and tablet, 6 minutes 40 seconds loop. London.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Speaker at Brighton, Photo Fringe in association with Photoworks and the University of Brighton Photographer's Gallery, London. In: (Proceedings) Brighton, Photo Fringe.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Speaker at With the Hand in Mind: Princeton University Art Museum. In: (Proceedings) With the Hand in Mind: Princeton University Art Museum.

Goodwin, D; (2008) Speaker for A Holiday in Heathrow Airport with Alain de Botton. Organised by the School of Life, London. In: (Proceedings) A Holiday in Heathrow Airport with Alain de Botton.


Harder, M; (2008) Dryden Goodwin >Cast<.

Head, T; (2008) Salt Bridges, Contemporary Art Commissions for the University of Oxford Department of Biochemistry. UNSPECIFIED, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, Sout Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QU.


JACKSON, M; (2008) Mundos Locais Local Worlds. In: UNSPECIFIED Centre Cultural de Lagos: Lagos.

Jones, J; (2008) Dryden Goodwin's ordinary strangers.


Lowe, B; (2008) Brighid Lowe. Art World (Issue 4)


Malik, A; (2008) Homelands/Landmarks, Contemporary Art from South Africa, Haunch of Venison, London, May 31 - July 5 2008. Art Monthly

Malik, A; (2008) The Lure of the East, British Oriental Painting, Tate Britain, 2008, 4th June - 31 August 2008. Third Text , 22 (6) pp. 794-796.

Malik, A; (2008) The Lure of the East: British Orientalist Painting. THIRD TEXT , 22 (6) 794 - 796.

Malik, A; (2008) Mitra Tabrizian This is That Place, Tate Britain 4 June - 31 August 2008. Bidoun, art and culture in the middle east , 15

Malik, A; (2008) Surface Tension: Reconsidering Horizontality in the Work of Iranian 'Diaspora' Artists. In: Harris, J, (ed.) Identity Theft: Cultural Colonisation and Contemporary Art. (pp. 109-134). Tate Liverpool and Liverpool University Press: Liverpool.

Malik, A; (2008) Conceptualising 'Black' British Art Through the Lens of Exile. In: Mercer, K, (ed.) Exiles, Diasporas & Strangers. (pp. 166-188). Iniva and MIT Press: Cambridge Massachussetts and London.

Malik, A; (2008) Shame, disgust and idealization in Kara Walker's Gone: A Historical Romance of a Civil War as it Occurred Between the Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart (1994). In: Pajaczkowska, C and Ward, I, (eds.) Shame and Sexuality. Psychoanalysis and Visual Culture. (pp. 181-202). Routledge: Hove and New York.

Morris, S; (2008) Cylch Yr Ynys. UNSPECIFIED, Edinburgh Filmhouse.

Morris, S; (2008) Like Writing a Line in a Poem (extract). An interview with Sharon Morris by Jacqueline Gabbitas. Brittle Star (16)

Morris, S; (2008) Spoken text. In: Pope, S, (ed.) The Memorial Walks. (pp. 90-93). Film and Video Umbrella: London.

Morris, S; (2008) Fold. In: Pursglove, G, (ed.) Rome: A Collection of the Poetry of Place. (p.135-p.136). Eland: LONDON.


Parker, J; (2008) Film 'Blues in B-flat', 'Sonic Illuminations'. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2008) Film 'Foxfire Eins' in SPNM's 'Sound Source' event. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2008) Film 'The Reunion' shown as part of 'Opera' a programme curated by Artprojx. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2008) 'Jayne Parker: British Artists' Films', released 2008. BFI, London.

Parker, J; (2008) 'Stationary Music' at Diversions Film Festival, Edinburgh. UNSPECIFIED

Parker, J; (2008) Trilogy: Kettles Yard. UNSPECIFIED, UK.


Rideal, L; (2008) Bites. UNSPECIFIED, ESC Atelier Occupato, Via dei Reti, Rome.

Rideal, L; (2008) Monotype Auroras of Autumn. In: Bonnell, M and Mumberson, S, (eds.) Printmaking on a Budget. A & C Black


Sleeman, AJ; (2008) 'Like Two Guys Discovering Neptune': Trans-Atlantic Dialogues in the Emergence of Land art. In: (Proceedings) Anglo-American Exchange in Postwar Sculpture, 1945-1975.

Smith, D.; (2008) The presence of materiality and material culture in H.G. Wells's The Time Machine: rethinking a narrative text as constitutive of a material world. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Lablet, PAL/UCL Big Draw Legacy Discussion, Kent. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Monologue/Dialogue 2. Catalogue introduction by Andrew Stahl. Bischoff/Weiss Gallery, London. [Catalogue].

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Monologue/Dialogue 2. Essay on own work by Andrew Stahl. Bischoff/Weiss Gallery, London. [Catalogue].

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Review by Laura K. Jones on Andrew Stahl, Artnet Magazine London Dispatch. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Review by Martin Coomer on Andrew Stahl, Art 4D Artists in Monologue/Dialogue, 2 May. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Review on Andrew Stahl, Time Out highlight, 5th-11th March. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Stew. Online introduction. Artspace Gallery, London. [Catalogue].

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) Thai Television Arts programme ‘TV THAI PBS’ 15th April Interview with Andrew Stahl. UNSPECIFIED

Stahl, A; (2008) (2008) BLUNTER EDGE: Drawings published in journal. Blunter Edge

Sumpter, H; (2008) In the Studio: Dryden Goodwin. 43-. (In press).


Thomson, J; Craighead, A; (2008) Decorative News (The Junction, Cambridge). UNSPECIFIED, The Junction, Cambridge.


Volley, J; (2008) 'The Alexander Works' commissioned by Hull NHS LIFT Arts and Health Programme. [Artefact]. Alexander Primary Health Care Trust, Hull.

Volley, J; (2008) 'Silver Thread' Commissioned by City and County Museum, Lincoln for The Collection, Arts Council Funded. [Artefact]. City and County Museum, Lincoln.


Wade, G; (2008) Has Man a Function in Universe? In: UNSPECIFIED Bookworks: London.

Welham, J; (2008) Taking a stealthy interest in night lives around West End. 8-.


Young, CSR; (2008) Counter Offer. [Artefact]. Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Young, CSR; (2008) Hey Hey Glossolalia: Exhibiting the Voice. [Group exhibition]. Various venues in New York City. May 2008 - June 2008.

Young, CSR; (2008) Imagination Engineering. Paper given at Tate Modern symposium for 'Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia'. In: (Proceedings) Against the Avant-garde? Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia, Tate Modern, London.

Young, CSR; (2008) 'Innovation Changes Everything'. Paper given at 'Against the Avant-garde? Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia', international conference, Tate Modern. In: (Proceedings) Against the Avant-garde? Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia.

Young, CSR; (2008) Islands+Ghettos. [Group exhibition]. Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany. 06 June 2008 - 31 August 2008.

Young, CSR; (2008) Les Ateliers de Rennes: Biennial d'art contemporain. [Group exhibition]. Les Ateliers de Rennes, Rennes, France. 2008.

Young, CSR; (2008) Ours: Democracy in the Age of Branding. [Group exhibition]. New School, New York. 16 October 2008 - 09 February 2009.

Young, CSR; (2008) 'Perverse Institutions', paper given at 'Museum 21: Institution, Idea, Practice', international conference at Irish Museum of Modern Art. In: (Proceedings) Museum 21: Institution, Idea, Practice.

Young, CSR; (2008) Terms of Use. [Solo exhibition]. Montehermoso Cultural Centre, Spain. 23 May 2008 - 31 August 2008.

Young, CSR; (2008) Uncertain Contract. [Artefact]. video. The Power Plant, Toronto.

Young, CSR; (2008) Hard Bargain. In: Hansen, T and Iversen, T, (eds.) The New Administration of Aesthetics. Torpedo Press: Oslo, Norway.

Young, CSR; Weizman, E; Siekmann, A; (2008) Islands+Ghettos. [Catalogue]. Verlag Fur Moderne Kunst: Nuremberg, Germany.

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