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Ashton, R; (1999) Review of Carlyle Studies Annual. The Times Literary Supplement pp. 34-35.

Ashton, R; (1999) Review of The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 12: Marginalia IV by H. J. Jackson and George Whalley (eds.). The Times Literary Supplement p. 33.

Ashton, R; (1999) Review of, The Bride of Science: Romance, Reason and Byron's Daughter by Benjamin Woolley. The Sunday Telegraph p. 13.


BODDY, K; (1999) 'And the coal on the fire', review of Alex Benzie, The Angel of Incidence. The Guardian

BODDY, K; (1999) Bruno Schulz (review essay). Irish Slavonic Studies (20) pp. 99-101.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Heart of America', review of Joyce Carol Oates, Broke Heart Blues. The Guardian

BODDY, K; (1999) 'John Ashbery in Conversation'. PN Review (Jan-Fe) pp. 18-21.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Kick-ass in pearls', review of Patricia Cornwell, Southern Cross. The Guardian 10-.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Punch lines', review of Thom Jones, Sonny Liston was a Friend of Mine. The Guardian

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Shards of God: An Epinician for the Heroes of the Peace-swarm'. The Review of Contemporary Fiction , 19 (1) pp. 61-80.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Tales to Tell', review of Maeve Brennan, The Springs of Affection and Cressida Connolly, The Happiest Days. The Guardian 8-.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Travelling as a Version of Being at Home'. The Independent

BODDY, K; (1999) 'A tale of two cities', review of Joseph Olshan, Vanitas. The Guardian 10-.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'The European Journey in Postwar American Writing and Film'. In: Elsner, J and Rubies, J-P, (eds.) Voyages and Visions: Towards a Cultural History of Travel. (pp. 232-251). Reaktion Books: London.

BODDY, K; (1999) 'Adam Mars-Jones'. In: Mosley, M, (ed.) British Novelists Since 1960. (pp. 178-182). Gale: Washington.


Dart, GC; (1999) The Reworking of Work. Victorian Literature and Culture , 27 (1) pp. 69-95.

Dart, GC; (1999) Rousseau, Robespierre and English Romanticism. [Book]. Cambridge Studies in Romanticism. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.


Ford, M; (1999) Poem: 'You Must'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 4.

Ford, M; (1999) Review article of Prometheus by Tony Harrison. London Review of Books, , 21 (10) pp. 25-26.

Ford, M; (1999) Review article of The Poems of Emily Dickinson (three volumes) by R.W. Franklin (ed), The Emily Dickinson Handbook by Gudrun Grabher, Roland Hagenbuchle and Cristianne Miller (eds), and Emily Dickinson and her Contemporaries:Women's Verse in America 1820-. The Times Literary Supplement (5033) pp. 6-8.

Ford, M; (1999) Review of 'Les Noces' by Raymond Roussel. The Times Literary Supplement p. 21.

Ford, M; (1999) Review of The Institutions of Modernism: Literary Elites and Public Culture by Lawrence Rainey. The Times Literary Supplement (5034) p. 26.

Ford, M; (1999) The Style It Takes. Review of What's Welsh for Zen? The Autobiography of John Cale, by John Cale and Victor Bockris. London Review of Books , 21 (18) pp. 14-15.


Hackett, H; (1999) Review of Bess of Hardwick: Portrait of an Elizabethan Dynast by David N. Durant. The Times Literary Supplement , 5031 p. 32.

Hackett, H; (1999) `Gracious be the issue': maternity and narrative in Shakespeare's late plays. In: Richards, J and Knowles, J, (eds.) Shakespeare's Late Plays: New Readings. (pp. 25-39). Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh.

Hackett, H; (1999) 27 biographical entries. In: Sage, L, (ed.) The Cambridge Guide to Women’s Writing. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.

Horne, P; (1999) Essay on Hitchcock's cameos. The Daily Telegraph: Arts and Books

Horne, P; (1999) Essay on London on film. The Daily Telegraph: Arts and Books p. 7.

Horne, P; (1999) Essay on literary biography. Financial Times VIII-VIII.

Horne, P; (1999) Essay on the art of the letter,. The Guardian p. 3.

Horne, P; (1999) Henry James: A Life in Letters. [Book]. Allen Lane, The Penguin Press

Horne, P; (1999) Literary Notes. The Independent p. 7.

Horne, P; (1999) 'Retreats and Recognitions: Scorsese's Kundun'. Film Studies: An international review (1) pp. 95-96.

Horne, P; (1999) Review of Martin Scorsese and Martin Henry, A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies. The Guardian p. 4.


Irvine, S; (1999) Review of AElfric's Catholic Homilies: The First Series: Text by Peter Clemoes (ed.) (OUP, 1997). Notes and Queries , Vol. 2 (no. 4) pp. 503-504.

Irvine, S; (1999) Review of Reading Old English Texts by Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe (ed.) (CUP, 1997). Notes and Queries , Vol. 2 (No. 3) pp. 374-375.

Irvine, S; (1999) Review of Words and Works: Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature in Honour of Fred C. Robinson by Peter S. Baker and Nicholas Howe (eds.) (Toronto, 1998). Notes and Queries , Vol. 2 (no. 4) pp. 501-503.


Mullan, J; (1999) The Labour of Being at Ease. Review essay of Characters of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, by Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury (two volumes) edited by Philip Ayres. London Review of Books , 21 (21) pp. 11-14.

Murray, S.E.; (1999) Mixed media : feminist presses and publishing politics in twentieth-century Britain. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Nelson, G; (1999) Landmarks in English Grammar: The Eighteenth Century. Survey of English Usage, University College London, London N1 - CD-ROM editions.

Nelson, G; Greenbaum, S; (1999) Elliptical Clauses in Speech and Writing. In: Collins, P and Lee, D, (eds.) The Clause in English. (p. 113). John Benjamins: Amsterdam.

North, R; (1999) Review article of The Long Arm of Coincidence: the Frustrated Connection between Beowulf and Grettis saga', by Magnus Fjalldal. Envoi: a Review Journal of Medieval Literature , 8 (1) pp. 52-58.


SHELL, A; (1999) Antiquarians, local politics and the book trade: the publication of Philip Morant's *History of Colchester* (1748). The Library (6th series) , 21 (3) 223 - 246.

SHELL, A; (1999) Catholicism, controversy and the English literary imagination, 1558-1660. Cambridge UP: Cambridge.

SHELL, A; (1999) Multiple religious conversion and the Menippean self: the case of Richard Carpenter. In: Catholicism and anti-Catholicism in seventeenth-century texts. (154 - 197). Macmillan: Basingstoke.

Sutherland, J; (1999) Where was Rebecca Shot? [Book]. Weidenfeld and Nicolson CY -

Swaab, P; (1999) 'The Man with Night Sweats' and the Idea of Political Poetry. AGENDA pp. 107-113.

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