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Ashton, R; (1998) Review of Imperialism at Home: Race and Victorian Women's Fiction by Susan Meyer and of Prose by Victorian Women: An Anthology by Andrea Broomfield and Sally Mitchell (eds.). Review of English Studies , 49 pp. 105-107.

Ashton, R; (1998) Review of, Mesmerized: Powers of Mind in Victorian Britain by Alison Winter. The Sunday Telegraph

Ashton, R; (1998) review of Coleridge: Darker Reflections by Richard Holmes. The Times Literary Supplement p. 27.

Ashton, R; (1998) England and Germany. In: Wu, D, (ed.) A Companion to Romanticism. (pp. 495-504). Blackwell: Oxford.


BODDY, K; (1998) 'Love after the fall', review of Philip Hensher, Pleasured. The Guardian 10-.

BODDY, K; (1998) 'When Mom stops smiling', review of A.M. Homes, Jack and The Safety of Objects. The Guardian 10-.

Boddy, K; (1998) How Writers Talk: The Literary Interview Reviewed. Borderlines: Studies in American Culture , 5 (1) pp. 60-69.

Butterfield, A; (1998) Review of Margaret Switten, Music and Poetry in the Middle Ages: A Guide to Research on French and Occitan Song 1100–1400, Garland Medieval Bibliographies, 19 (Garland: New York and London, 1995). Plainsong and Medieval Music , 7 pp. 174-176.

Butterfield, A; (1998) Review of Regina Psaki, ed. and trans., Jean Renart: The Romance of the Rose or of Guillaume de Dole (Roman de la Rose ou de Guillaume de Dole (Garland: New York and London, 1995). French Studies , 52 pp. 72-73.

Butterfield, A; (1998) Review of William Calin, The French Tradition and the Literature of Medieval England (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1994). Medium Aevum , 67 pp. 144-145.

Butterfield, A; (1998) 'The refrain and the transformation of genre in Le Roman de Fauvel; Appendix: Catalogue of Refrains in Le Roman de Fauvel, BN fr.146'. In: Bent, M and Wathey, A, (eds.) Fauvel Studies: Allegory, Chronicle, Music and Image in Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale MS français 146. (pp. 105-159). Clarendon Press: Oxford.


Ford, M; (1998) Genius in its Pure State. (The Manuscripts of Raymond Roussel). London Review of Books , 19 (10) pp. 21-23.

Ford, M; (1998) Poem: Snags and Syndromes. The Times Literary Supplement p. 7.

Ford, M; (1998) Poem: The Long Man. The Times Literary Supplement p. 5.

Ford, M; (1998) Poems: 'Contingency Plans', 'Brinkmanship' and 'Take These Chains'. P.N.Review (Novemb) pp. 41-42.

Ford, M; (1998) Two poems: 'Jack Rabbit' and 'Twenty Twenty Vision'. London Review of Books , 20 (6) p. 14.

Ford, M; (1998) poem: 'Sheep's Head Gulley'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 30.

Ford, M; (1998) Sly Breath of Eros: A Study of Desire in the Poetry of John Ashbery. In: Sakurai, S, (ed.) The View from Kyoto: Essays on Twentieth-Century Poetry. Rinsen Books Co.: Kyoto.


Grieveson, LJ; (1998) ‘Policing the cinema: Traffic in Souls at Ellis Island, 1913’. Screen (Oxford) , 38 (2)


Hackett, H; (1998) How they got at Gloriana, review of Dissing Elizabeth by Julia M. Walker (ed.) and Elizabeth the Queen by Alison Weir. The Times Literary Supplement , 4975 p. 24.

Hackett, H; (1998) Review of Echoes of Desire: English Petrarchism and its Counterdiscourses by Heather Dubrow. Yearbook of English Studies , 28 pp. 303-304.

Hackett, H; (1998) Review of Mary Chan's Life into Story: the courtship of Elizabeth Wiseman. The Times Literary Supplement , 4979 p. 32.

Hackett, H; (1998) Review of Seneca by Candlelight and other stories of Renaissance drama by Lorraine Helms. The Times Literary Supplement , 4954 p. 25.

Hackett, H; (1998) Review of Shakespeare's Troy: drama, politics and the translation of empire by Heather James. The Times Literary Supplement , 4947 p. 27.

Hackett, H; (1998) Review of The Long Fifteenth Century by Helen Cooper et al (eds). The Times Literary Supplement , 4978 p. 24.

Hackett, H; (1998) The Torture of Limena: Sex and Violence in Lady Mary Wroth's Urania. In: Chedgzoy, K and Hansen, M and Trill, S, (eds.) Voicing Women: Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Writing. (pp. 93-110). Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh.

Hackett, H; (1998) `A book, and solitariness': melancholia, gender and literary subjectivity in Mary Wroth's `Urania'. In: Gordon, M, (ed.) Renaissance Configurations: Voices/Bodies/Spaces 1580-1690. (pp. 64-88). Macmillan: Basingstoke.

Hackett, H; (1998) ‘“Yet tell me some such fiction”: Lady Mary Wroth’s Urania and the “femininity” of romance’. In: Pacheco, A, (ed.) Early Women Writers: 1600-1720. (pp. 45-69). Longman: Harlow.

Horne, P; (1998) `The James Gang' (article on film adaptations of Henry James). Sight and Sound pp. 16-19.

Horne, P; (1998) Review of David Crane's Lord Byron's Jackal: A Life of Edward John Trelawny. Evening Standard p. 47.

Horne, P; (1998) Review of Jon Avnet's Red Corner (film). Sight and Sound pp. 53-54.

Horne, P; (1998) Review of Lyndall Gordon's A Private Life of Henry James: Two Women and his Art. The Guardian p. 9.

Horne, P; (1998) Review of Peter Thompson's Jack Nicholson: The Life and Times of an Actor on the Edge. The Guardian pp. 12-13.

Horne, P; (1998) Review of Robin Waterfield's Prophet: The Life and Times of Kahlil Gibran, etc. The Guardian p. 8.

Horne, P; (1998) Review of Wim Wenders, The End of Violence (film). The Times Literary Supplement p. 20.

Horne, P; (1998) Henry James at Work: The Question of Our Texts. In: Freedman, J, (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Henry James. (pp. 63-78). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.


Irvine, S; (1998) Review of Koichi Jin, `Aspects of English Syntax and Style: A Comparative Study'. English Language and Linguistics , 2 (Part 2) pp. 351-353.

Irvine, S; (1998) Review of Robert E. Bjork and John D. Niles, eds., `A Beowulf Handbook'. Notes and Queries , Vol. 2 (No. 4) pp. 483-484.

Irvine, S; (1998) Boethian Translations: Alfred the Great and Chaucer. In: Waite, G and Murray, H and Hale, J, (eds.) World and Stage: Essays for Colin Gibson. (pp. 49-63). University of Otago: New Zealand.


Mullan, J; (1998) Swift, Defoe and narrative forms. In: Zwicker, SN, (ed.) English Literature 1650-1740. (pp. 250-275). : Cambridge PUB - Cambridge University Press.


Nelson, G; (1998) The Internet Grammar of English. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/internet-grammar/. UNSPECIFIED


Rennie, N; (1998) 'Far from Treasure Island'. The Independent

Rennie, N; (1998) Far-fetched Facts: The literature of travel and the idea of the South Seas. [Book]. Clarendon Press: Oxford.

Rennie, N; (1998) In the South Seas by Robert Louis Stevenson. [Scholarly edition]. Penguin Books: London.

Rennie, N; (1998) The Point Venus "Scene". In: Lincoln, M, (ed.) Science and Exploration in the Pacific. (pp. 135-146). Boydell and Brewer: Woodbridge, Suffolk.


SWAAB, P; (1998) Review of A Personal History through the Movies by Martin Scorsese. Evening Standard

Swaab, P; (1998) 'On First Hearing Beckett'. The Times Literary Supplement -6.

Swaab, P; (1998) Review of Beneath Mulholland by David Thomson. Evening Standard p. 49.

Swaab, P; (1998) Review of Lost and Found, by Peter Robinson,. The Times Literary Supplement p. 22.

Swaab, P; (1998) Review of The Day-Star of Liberty: William Hazlitt's Radical Style by Tom Paulin,. Evening Standard, p. 48.

Swaab, P; (1998) Review of The Hidden Wordsworth by Kenneth R. Johnston. Evening Standard p. 48.


Weis, RJA; (1998) Henry IV Part 2. [Scholarly edition]. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) 'Beardsley in Blackburn'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 34.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) 'The Caxton Chaucer and its sources'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 29.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) 'Fitch's filchings', review of `The Postmaster of Ipswich: William Stevenson Fitch, antiquary and thief' by Janet Ing Freeman. The Times Literary Supplement p. 14.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) 'Letters from the shore of Lake Geneva'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 31.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) Manuscripts at Auction: January 1993 to December 1994. English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700 , 6 pp. 237-258.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) 'Rudolph's paper museum'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 30.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) `Thick headed with the thunder'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 37.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) 'The first book about goldfish'. The Times Literary Supplement p. 26.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) review of A. G. Watson Festschrift,. Rare Books Newletter, , 58 pp. 51-53.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) review of Sir Walter Ralegh and his Readers in the Seventeenth Century by Anna Beer. The Times Literary Supplement p. 10.

Woudhuysen, HR; (1998) Love's Labour's Lost, by William Shakespeare. [Book]. Thomas Nelson: Walton-on-Thames.

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