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Abram, C; (2011) Myths of the Pagan North: The Gods of the Norsemen. [Book]. Continuum: London, UK.

Agar, JN; (2011) Queer in France: AIDS dissidentification in france. In: Queer in Europe: Contemporary Case Studies. (pp. 57-70).

Agar, JN; (2011) Developing gay con/texts in early Gael Morel. In: Grandena, F and Johnston, C, (eds.) Cinematic queerness. Gay and lesbian hypervisibility in contemporary Francophone feature films. (173 - 191). Peter Lang: Bern, Switzerland.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) East of Allegory: Yngvars saga víðförla. Presented at: Research Seminar - Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) The Genesis of Historical Writing in Medieval Iceland. Presented at: Scandinavian Research Seminar, University of Aberdeen, Edinburgh.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) The Icelandic Commonwealth and Historical Writing in the 12th Cenury. Presented at: Earlier Middle Ages Seminar - Institute of Historical Research, London.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) Theories and Conversion. Presented at: Pagan and Christian (Converting the Isle Network), University of Cambridge.

Antonsson, HT; (2011) Yngvars saga víðförla and the Beginning of Saga Writing in Iceland. Presented at: Research Seminar - Department of Scandinavian Studies, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.


Banos Pinero, R; (2011) Friends y Siete Vidas: ¿Parecidos razonables? Presented at: IV Setmana de la Traducció Audiovisual, Universitat Jaume I (Spain).

Banos Pinero, R; Toto, P; (2011) Challenges and Constraints in Designing a Localization Module for a Multilingual Cohort. Presented at: First international Conference “Tradumàtica, Translation Technologies and Localization”, UAB, Barcelona (Spain).

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Long review of Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya, ‘The Portuguese in the East. A Cultural History of a Maritime Trading Empire’. e-Journal of Portuguese History , 9 (1)

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Ruptura imperial ou realização de um velho plano português? O conturbado início da conquista de Ceilão em 1594. In: Governo, administração e representação do poder no Portugal e seus territórios ultramarinos no período dos Áustrias (1580-1640). (pp. 147-176). Centro de Historia de Alem-Mar / Tinta da China: Lisbon.

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Um outro Vieira? Pedro de Basto, Fernão de Queiroz e a profecia jesuítica na Índia portuguesa. In: Cardim, P, (ed.) António Vieira, Roma e o Universalismo das Monarquias Portuguese e Espanhola. (pp. 145-173). Centro de Historia de Alem-Mar / Università Degli Studi Roma Tre / Red Columnaria: Lisbon.

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Um viajante sem mapas? Figueroa e a cartografia da Pérsia. In: Loureiro, R and Resende, V, (eds.) Estudos sobre Don García de Silva y Figueroa e os “Comentarios” da embaixada à Pérsia (1614-1624). (pp. 367-393). CHAM: Lisbon, Portugal.

Biedermann, Z; (2011) Mapping the Backyard of an Empire: Portuguese Cartographies of the Persian Littoral, 1500-1600. In: Matthee, R and Flores, JM, (eds.) Portugal, the Persian Gulf and Safavid Persia. (pp. 51-78). Peeters: Ghent.

Borch-Jacobsen, M; Shamdasani, S; (2011) The Freud Files. Cambridge Univ Pr

Bowersox, J; (2011) Boy’s and Girl’s Own Empires: Gender and the Uses of the Colonial World in Kaiserreich Youth Magazines. In: Perraudin, M and Zimmerer, J, (eds.) German Colonialism and National Identity. (pp. 57-68). Routledge: Oxford.

Britton, CB; (2011) Dual Identities: The Question of ‘Départementalisation’ in Michel Leiris’s Contacts de civilisations en Martinique et en Guadeloupe. French Cultural Studies , 22 (1) pp. 61-72. 10.1177/0957155810386671.

Burdett, E.; (2011) The continent of murder: disability and the Nazi 'euthanasia' programme in the euthanasia debates of Britain and the United States, 1945-present. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Chaney, SJ; (2011) “A Hideous Torture on Himself”: Madness and Self-Mutilation in Victorian Literature. Journal of Medical Humanities , 32 (4) 279 - 289. 10.1007/s10912-011-9152-6. Green open access


D'Auria, M; (2011) The Anti-Enlightenment Tradition. EUR HIST Q , 41 (4) 726 - 728.

D'Auria, M; (2011) Risorgimento Addio? Alberto Mario Banti e la nazione italiana. Rivista di Politica (2)

D'Auria, M; (2011) Gerard Delanty. Tra Europeizzazione e Cosmopolitismo. In: Pendenza, M, (ed.) Sociologie per l’Europa. Rubettino: Soveria Mannelli.

D'Auria, M; (2011) The Ventotene Manifesto: The Crisis of the Nation State and the Political Identity of Europe. In: Wintle, M and Spiering, M, (eds.) European Identity and the Second World War. Palgrave Macmillan

Davies, MP; (2011) The price of an image: poetry, photography and the Vietnam war in West Germany. Modern Language Review , 106 (1) 164 - 178.

Davies, MP; (2011) An uncanny journey: W. G. Sebald and the literature of protest. Journal of European Studies , 41 (3-4) pp. 285-303. 10.1177/0047244111413702.

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2011) "Dubbing and the manipulation of films”. Radio Vienna

Diaz-Cintas, J; (2011) “Dealing with multilingual films in audiovisual translation”. In: Pöckl, W and Ohnheiser, I and Sandrini, P, (eds.) Translation - Sprachvariation - Mehrsprachigkeit. Festschrift für Lew Zybatow zum 60. Geburtstag. (pp. 215-233). Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main.

Dickie, J; (2011) Blood Brotherhoods: The Rise of the Italian Mafias. Sceptre: London.

Dickie, J; (2011) Ritratto di questore con mafia. In: Il tenebroso sodalizio. XL Edizioni: Rome.

Dickie, J; Magistretti, S; (2011) The press, polemic and identity in Italy's “mad cow” crisis of 2001. The Italianist , 31 (2011) 41 - 61.


Fenoulhet, J; (2011) Introduction to literary history for international studies. SPIEGEL LETT , 53 (2) 270 - 272.

Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2011) Elizabeth Schächter, The Jews of Italy, 1848-1915. Between Tradition and Transformation, London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2010, pp. 268. [Review]. Quest: Issues in Contemporary Jewish History , 2 pp. 415-417. Green open access

Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2011) Livorno ebraica dal Granducato allo stato unitario: emancipazione dei singoli, perdita di autonomia della comunità. Nuovi Studi Livornesi (18) pp. 101-117.

Ferrara Degli Uberti, C; (2011) Flaminio Servi. In: Levi, F., , (ed.) Gli ebrei e l'orgoglio di essere italiani. Un ampio ventaglio di posizioni fra '800 e primo '900. (pp. 61-101). Silvio Zamorani Editore: Torino.

Fisher, T; (2011) Giants on Parade, Tyrants Aflame in Quevedo's Sonnet, "Desengaño de la exterior apariencia". In: On Wolves and Sheep: Exploring the Expression of Political Thought in Golden Age Spain. (pp. 197-211). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle, UK. Green open access

Foot, J; Foot, J; (2011) Pedalare! La grande avventura del ciclismo italiano. Rizzoli: Milan.

Foot, J; Foot, J; Foot, J; (2011) Pedalare! Pedalare! A History of Italian Cycling. Bloomsbury Publishing: London, UK.

Fulbrook, M; (2011) Dissonant Lives. Oxford University Press, USA

Fulbrook, M; (2011) Dissonant Lives: Generations and violence through the German dictatorships. Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Fulbrook, M; (2011) ‘The State of GDR History’. Francia. Forschungen zur westeuropäischen Geschichte , 38 (11) 259 - 270.

Fulbrook, M; (2011) ‘Patterns of Memory’. In: Hall, K and Jones, K, (eds.) Constructions of Conflict: Transmitting Memories of the Past in European Historiography, Culture and Media. Peter Lang

Fulbrook, M; (2011) ‘Living through the GDR: History, life stories and generations in East Germany’. In: Pearce, C, (ed.) The GDR Remembered: Representations of the East German state since 1989. Camden House


Gilbert, J; (2011) Living Death in Medieval French and English Literature. Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature. Cambridge Univ Pr: Cambridge, UK.

Goeres, EM; (2011) The Many Conversions of Hallfreðr Vandræðaskáld. Viking and Medieval Scandinavia , 7 45 - 62.


HART, S; (2011) Black Magic and the Black Market in Contemporary Cuba. In: A World in Words. A Life in Texts. Revisiting Latin American Cultural Heritage. Festschrift in honour of Peter R. Beardsell. (pp. 213-230). Peter Lang: Oxford.

HART, S; (2011) Clarice Lispector. In: Davies, L, (ed.) A Companion to Latin American Women's Writing. (pp. 128-144). Tamesis: Woodbridge.

Haddour, A; (2011) ‘Being Colonized’. In: Reading Sartre. (73 - 89). Routledge: UK.

Hanrahan, M; (2011) Eigene Zahlen/Proper Numbers. In: Albrecht, A and Frick, W and von Essen, G, (eds.) Numbers, Signs, and Figures: Mathematical Inspirations in Literature and the Arts. (pp. 529-543). Walter de Gruyter: Berlin.

Hanrahan, MMC; (2011) Derrida héritier de Genet? Méthode: Revue de littéatures française et comparée , 11 53 - 59.

Hart, S; (2011) Documentary Film: Chiaroscuro: The Making of El Megano. Centre of Cesar Vallejo Studies, UCL, London.

Hart, S; (2011) Julio Garcia-Espinosa: A Biographical Essay. In: Chiaroscuro: The Life and Work of Julio Garcia-Espinosa. (pp. 4-38). Centre of Cesar Vallejo Studies: London.

Hart, S; (2011) Los autografos de Vallejo: un jardin de senderos que se trifurcan... In: Garcia, M, (ed.) Cesar Vallejo: estudios y panoramas criticos. (29 - 50). Instituto de Estudios Vallejianos: Trujillo, Peru.

Hermans, T; (2011) Jeptha's woord. Filter, tijdschrift over vertalen , 18 (4) 38 - 44. Green open access

Hermans, T; (2011) 'Tusschen europeaensche vermaerdheden': het vertalen van Hendrik Conscience. Filter, tijdschrift over vertalen , 18 (3) 27 - 34. Green open access

Hermans, T; (2011) Culture and translation in the Netherlands and Belgium. In: Kittel, H and Frank, A and Greiner, N and Hermans, T and Koller, W and Lambert, J, (eds.) Uebersetzung. Translation. Traduction. An international encyclopedia of translation studies. Volume 3. (2158 - 2166). Walter de Gruyter: Berlin.

Hermans, T; (2011) Uebersetzung. Translation. Traduction. An international encyclopedia of translation studies. Volume 3. Handbuecher zur Sprach- und Kommunikationswissenschaft. Walter de Gruyter: Berlin.

Hewitson, M; (2011) ‘In Defence of Lost Causes: Germany and the Outbreak of World War I’. [Lecture]. Presented at: School of Social Science Lecture Series., Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton..

Hewitson, M; (2011) ‘Norbert Elias and the Civilizing Process’,. Presented at: Moralities Seminar, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton..

Horan, GT; (2011) Aapkatt, Ramfotzn, Zierlabbe. What does the Schimpfwörterbuch tell us about the role of swearing in modern German? German as a Foreign Language (1)

Hung, J; (2011) Betriebsamkeit als Literatur. Prosa der Weimarer Republik zwischen Massenpresse und Buch. Monatshefte , 103 (1) pp. 135-137. 10.1353/mon.2011.0012.

Hung, J; (2011) Murder Scenes: Normality, Deviance, and Criminal Violence in Weimar Berlin. German History , 29 (4) pp. 666-667. 10.1093/gerhis/ghr025.


Inston, K; (2011) 'Du contrat social ou principe de droit politique'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.litencyc.com/php/sworks.php?rec=true&UI...


Jung, CG; (2011) Introduction to Jungian Psychology. Princeton University Press


KORD, S; (2011) Yixu Lü: Medea unter den Deutschen: Wandlungen einer literarischen Figur (Freiburg i. Br.: Rombach, 2009); Markus Winkler: Von Iphigenie zu Medea: Semantik und Dramaturgie des Barbarischen bei Goethe und Grillparzer (Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2009). Modern Language Review , 106 (1) pp. 277-279.

KORD, S; (2011) Donne potenti, donne assessuate: Regine nei drammi di Schiller e delle sue 'epigoni'. In: Dorowin, H and Treder, U, (eds.) Auguri Schiller! Atti del convegno perugino in occasione del 250 anniversario della nascita di Friedrich Schiller. (pp. 191-221). Morlacchi Editore: Perugia.

Keen, C; (2011) Cino da pistoia. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.litencyc.com/php/speople.php?rec=true&U...

Kord, S; (2011) Women's power and genderlessness: Queens in Schiller's Maria Stuart and in plays by women. Revista de Filologia Alemana , 19 pp. 115-136. 10.5209/rev_RFAL.2011.v19.6.


LACK, R; (2011) 'Tony Pipolo: Robert Bresson, a passion for film'. H-France , 11 , Article 29.

LACK, R; (2011) Una fotografía y una cámara: dos objetos en Film Socialisme. Lumière (Suppl.1) , Article 14.

LUMLEY, R; (2011) "Visual culture" and Cultural Studies: form, genre, history in the films of Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi. In: Baraldi, C and Borsari, A and Carli, A, (eds.) Hybrids, Differences, Visions. (255 - 277). Davies Group: Aurora, Colorado.

Lack, R; (2011) Sex power: Bernadette Lafont and the sexual revolution in French cinema circa 1968. In: Jackson, J and Williams, JS and Milne, A-L, (eds.) May 68: rethinking France's last revolution. (? - ?). Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke, UK.

Lack, R; (2011) 'A bout de souffle : les intertextes d’un plan'. In: Leutrat, JL, (ed.) Cinéma et littérature: le grand jeu 2. (467 - 478). De l'Incidence: Le Havre, France.

Lack, R; (2011) ‘Echoes of the horn’: intertextual variations on Vigny. In: Segal, N and Rye, G, (eds.) When familiar meanings dissolve: essays from the commemorative conference for Malcolm Bowie. (324 - 342). Peter Lang: Oxford.

Leak, A; (2011) Existentialism. In: The Cambridge History of French Literature. (pp. 585-593).

Liebscher, M; (2011) Libido und Wille zur Macht. [Book]. Schwabe: Basle, Switzerland.

Liebscher, M; (2011) Vom Beichtstuhl zur Couch. Psychologisierung religiöser Praxis im 19. Jahrhundert. In: Hans Gerald Hödl, VF, (ed.) Religionen nach der Säkularisierung.Festschrift für Johann Figl zum 65. Geburtstag. (pp. 200-214). LIT Verlag: Münster.

Liebscher, M; Fricker, C; Dassanowsky, R; (2011) The Nameable and the Unnameable. [Book].

Liebscher, M; Fricker, C; Dassanowsky, R; (2011) The Nameable and the Unnameable.

Liebscher, M; Fricker, C; Dassanowsky, R; (2011) The Nameable and the Unnameable.

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Lumley, R; (2011) Scambi transatlantici: Il contesto internazionale dell'Arte Povera. In: Celant, G, (ed.) Arte Povera. (? - ?). Mondadori Electa


MARLIERE, P; (2011) '10th anniversary postcard'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.opendemocracy.net/postcard/philippe-mar...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'Europe: le multiculturalisme, mal imaginaire des islamophobes'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/02/11/...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'From fiasco to debacle ?'. The Guardian 42 - 42.

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'Has Christine Lagarde got what it takes to head the IMF?'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/may/2...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'The IMF after Strauss-Kahn'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.counterpunch.org/marliere05302011.html

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'La droite est morte, il est temps que la gauche renaisse'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/04/10/...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'La gauche saura-t-elle combattre intelligemment le Front national?'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/03/14/...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'La social-démocratie, une force du passé'. La Revue du Projet 10 - 11.

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'Le PS peut enfin tourner la page Strauss-Kahn'. Le Monde 24 - 24.

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'Le strauss-kahnisme est un poison lent'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/06/13/...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'Les Britanniques ne croient plus aux contes de fées princiers'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/04/28/...

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'Neen aan Christine Lagarde'. De Standaard 14 - 14.

MARLIERE, P; (2011) 'No to Christine Lagarde as Head of IMF'. Qatar Tribune 8 - 8.

MORAN, M; (2011) Bound by History: Exploring Challenges to French Nuclear Disarmament. Defense and Security Analysi , 27 (4) pp. 341-357.

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Marliere, P; (2011) ‘La primaire socialiste: exercice innovant ou capitulation devant le présidentialisme ?’. Le Monde 3 - 3.

Marliere, P; (2011) 'La primaire socialiste: exercice innovant ou capitulation devant le présidentialisme?'. [Digital scholarly resource].

Marliere, P; (2011) 'Marliere: Narodziny podklasy'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.krytykapolityczna.pl/Wywiady/MarliereNa...

Marliere, P; (2011) 'Nicolas Sarkozy’s "blood, sweat and tears" austerity plan may backfire".'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/nov/0...

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Marliere, P; (2011) 'OccupyLSX. La indignación gana Londres'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.vientosur.info/articulosweb/noticia/ind...

Marliere, P; (2011) 'Pourquoi des émeutes à Londres, et pas à Glasgow ?'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/09/08/...

Marliere, P; (2011) 'Primaire socialiste: Martine la sociale ou Aubry la libérale?'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.rue89.com/philippe-marliere/2011/06/30/...

Marliere, P; (2011) 'Primaire socialiste: une fuite en avant qui fragilise la gauche'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.mediapart.fr/blog/philippe-marliere/3...

Marliere, P; (2011) 'Sarkozy’s austerity package for France'. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/11/08/sarkozys-au...

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