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(1993) Ons erfdeel 36. Ons Erfdeel Algemeen -Nederlands tweemaandelijks cultureel tijdschrift , 36 (19 (1-5) -800 pp..

Davies, MP; (1993) Féminin singulier: Tristan Corbière. Tu Chwith , 1 50 - 55.

Dickie, J; (1993) 'Una risposta sul brigantaggio'. Passato e Presente (28) pp. 193-195.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1993) Ivar Lo-Johansson, Breaking Free. Swedish Book Review (2) p. 61.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1993) Scandinavian Women Writers: An Anthology from the 1880s to the 1980s, ed. Ingrid Claréus. Scandinavica , 32 (1) pp. 99-100.

Fulbrook, M; (1993) Contributor to ‘German history and German nationalism after unification: seven historians give their views’. Debatte , 1 (2) pp. 5-29.

Hart, SM; (1993) Review of Bergamann et al. (eds), Women, Culture and Politics in Latin America. Romance Quarterly , 40 (2) pp. 123-124.

Hart, SM; (1993) Review of Paul Julian Smith, The Body Hispanic & Malcolm Read, Language, Text, Subject. Romance Quarterly , 40 (2) pp. 107-110.

Henn, D; (1993) Francisca Gonzalez Arias, Portrait of a Woman as Writer: Emilia Pardo Bazan and the Modern Novel in France and Spain. Anales Galdosianos (28) pp. 235-238.

Henn, D; (1993) Ramon J. Sender, Requiem por un campesino espanol, ed. by Patricia McDermott. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies , 70 384-.

Hermans, T; (1993) On Modelling Translation. Models, Norms and the Field of Translation. Livius. Revista de Estudios de Traduccion , 4 pp. 69-88.

Kord, S; (1993) Hartmut Fröschle, Ed., Americana Germanica. Bibliographie zur deutschen Sprache und deutschsprachigen Literatur in Nord- und Lateinamerika (Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Olms, 1991). Zeitschrift fur Germanistik , 1 pp. 220-221.

Kord, S; (1993) Joy Wiltenburg, Disorderly Women and Female Power in the Street Literature of Early Modern England and Germany (Charlottesville & London: University of Virginia Press, 1992). Germanic Notes , 24 (1) pp. 41-43.

Kord, S; (1993) Karin Wurst, Ed., Frauen und Drama im 18. Jahrhundert (Köln: Böhlau, 1991). Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift , 2 pp. 237-238.

Kord, S; (1993) Sophie von La Roche, The History of Lady Sophia Sternheim. Trans. and with an introduction by Christa Baguss Britt (SUNY Press 1992). The Lessing Yearbook , 25 pp. 228-230.

Kord, S; (1993) Tugend im Rampenlicht: Friederike Sophie Hensel als Schauspielerin und Dramatikerin [Virtue in the Limelight: Friederike Sophie Hensel as actress and playwright]. The German Quarterly , 66 (1) pp. 1-19.

Kord, S; (1993) "Und drinnen waltet die züchtige Hausfrau”? Caroline Pichler's Fictional Auto/Biographies. Women in German Yearbook , 8 pp. 141-158.

Kord, S; (1993) Wolfram Mauser and Barbara Becker-Cantarino, Eds., Frauenfreundschaft - Männerfreundschaft: Literarische Diskurse im 18. Jahrhundert (Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1991). The Lessing Yearbook , 25 pp. 283-285.

Kord, S; (1993) Women as children, women as childkillers: poetic images of infanticide in eighteenth-century Germany. Eighteenth-Century Studies , 26 (3) pp. 449-466.

LEAK, A; (1993) Phagocitations : Barthes, Perec and the transformation of literature. Review of Contemporary Fiction , xiii (1) 57 - 75.

Marliere, P; (1993) 'Italie: la Démocratie chrétienne sans foi ni loi'. Les Temps Modernes (569) pp. 140-149.

Marliere, P; (1993) 'La Démocratie chrétienne en quête de salut'. La Revue Politique et Parlementaire (968) pp. 34-38.

Matlock, J; (1993) Review of James Smith Allen, In the Public Eye: A History of Reading in Modern France, 1800-1940. Libraries and Culture , 28 (3) 346 - 347.

Shamdasani, S; (1993) “Automatic Writing and the Discovery of the Unconscious”. Spring: Journal of Archetype and Culture , 54 pp. 100-131.

Shamdasani, S; (1993) “Spielrein's Associations: a newly identified word association protocol”. Harvest: Journal for Jungian Studies , 39 pp. 164-168.


Deleu, JEA; Salverda, R; (1993) The Low Countries 1. [Book]. The Low Countries. Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands. A Yearbook: Vol.1 (199. Stichting Ons Erfdeel: Rekkem, Flanders, Belgium.

Fenoulhet, J; Ross, J; (1993) Taking Dutch Further. [Book]. Hugo's Language Books: London.

Fulbrook, M; (1993) National Histories and European History. [Book]. UCL Press: London.

Garber, M; Matlock, J; Walkowitz, RL; (1993) Media Spectacles. [Book]. CultureWork. Routledge: New York.

Hart, SM; (1993) White ink. [Book]. Serie A, Monografias: Vol.156. (1st ed.). Tamesis Books Ltd: London.

Hermans, T; Salverda, R; (1993) From Revolt to Riches. Culture and History of the Low Countries 1500-1700. International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. [Book]. Crossways. Centre for Low Countries Studies, UCL: London.

Book chapter

Forsås-Scott, H; (1993) Eftervärld och samtid inför Elin Wägners skönlitterära texter [Elin Wägner's works of fiction as seen by her contemporaries and by posterity]. In: Elin Wägner omläst [New readings of Elin Wägner]. (pp. 67-77). Högskolan i Växjö: Växjö.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1993) Småland mitt i världen. En läsning av Svalorna flyga högt [Småland, the centre of the world. A reading of The Swallows are flying high]. In: Elin Wägner omläst [New readings of Elin Wägner. (pp. 13-33). Högskolan i Växjö: Växjö.

Forsås-Scott, H; (1993) Swedish Studies: Literature. In: The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies. (pp. 1036-1045). Modern Humanities Research Association

Matlock, J; (1993) Masquerading Women, Pathologized Men: Cross-dressing, fetishism, and the theory of perversion, 1885-1930. In: Apter, ES and Pietz, W, (eds.) Fetishism as cultural discourse. (31 - 61). Cornell Univ Press: Ithaca, NY, USA.

Matlock, J; (1993) Scandals of naming: The Blue Blob, gender, and identity in the trial of William Kennedy Smith. In: Garber, MB and Matlock, J and Walkowitz, RL, (eds.) Media spectacles. (136 - 159). Routledge: New York, USA.

Matlock, J; Garber, M; Walkowitz, RL; (1993) Introduction to Media spectacles. In: Garber, MB and Matlock, J and Walkowitz, RL, (eds.) Media spectacles. (ix - xiii). Routledge: NY, USA.

Salverda, R; (1993) The Indonesian connection: Dutch literature of the East Indies in comparative perspective. In: Snapper, JP and Shannon, TF, (eds.) The Berkeley conference on Dutch literature 1991. Europe 1992,:Dutch literature in an International Context. (pp. 83-108). University Press of America: Lanham, MD - New York - London.

Took, JF; (1993) Fiore: lettura dei sonetti XXXI-LX. In: Lettura del Fiore, Letture Classensi. (35 - 71). Longo editore: Ravenna.

Took, JF; (1993) Dante, Augustine and the Drama of Salvation. In: Barnes, JC and Petrie, J, (eds.) Word and Drama in Dante. (73 - 92). Irish Academic Press: Dublin.

Proceedings paper

Kord, S; (1993) Anonymous Was a Woman: On Women's Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Germany. In: (Proceedings) Anonymous Was a Woman: On Women's Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Germany.

Kord, S; (1993) Feminine Fictions: Anonymity, Pseudonymity, and Pseudonymous Behavior in Eighteenth-Century Germany. In: (Proceedings) Feminine Fictions: Anonymity, Pseudonymity, and Pseudonymous Behavior in Eighteenth-Century Germany.

Kord, S; (1993) She Was No Genius: Methods of Excluding Women from the Canon. In: (Proceedings) She Was No Genius: Methods of Excluding Women from the Canon.


(1993) Postmodernism in the Literature of the Low Countries. Stichting Ons Erfdeel, Rekkem.

Fenoulhet, J; (1993) Proza van 1930 tot 1990. Coutinho, Muiderberg.

Kord, S; (1993) Best Books of the Year (Swiss National Radio); interview about Kord, S., Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen (1992). UNSPECIFIED

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