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Forsås-Scott, H; (1990) Ebba Witt-Brattström, Moa Martinson. Skrift och drift i trettiotalet [Moa Martinson. Text and desire in the 1930s]. World Literature Today , 64 (1)

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Kord, S; (1990) The German School System and the Holocaust. In: (Proceedings) The German School System and the Holocaust.

Kord, S; (1990) Goethes Iphigenie und Charlotte von Steins Dido. In: (Proceedings) Goethes Iphigenie und Charlotte von Steins Dido.


LEAK, A; (1990) W) dans un réseau de lignes entrecroisées : souvenir, souvenir-écran et construction. In: Ribiere, M, (ed.) Parcours Perec. (75 - 90). Pr3sses universitaires de Lyon: Lyon.

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Palit-Sampouw, R; Groeneboer, CR; Salverda, R; (1990) Bahasa Belanda untuk Studi Hukum S-1 [= A course book of Dutch for Students of Law in Indonesia]. [Book]. Universitas indonesia: Jakarta, Indonesia.


Salverda, R; (1990) Linguistics and the Dutch. An Inaugural Lecture, at University College London, 26 November 1990. [Pamphlet]. University Colege London: London.

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Shamdasani, S; (1990) "Freud-Jung Scholarship". The Higher Education Research and Information Network in Psychoanalysis Newsletter , 1 pp. 11-12.

Shamdasani, S; (1990) "A woman called Frank". Spring: Journal of Archetype and Culture , 50 pp. 25-56.

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