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Quarterly statistics: Engineering, Q3 2014

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Liu, Q.; (2010) Efficiency analysis of container ports and terminals. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 1872
2 Eck, J; Chainey, S; Cameron, J; Wilson, R; (2005) Mapping crime: Understanding Hotspots. National Institute of Justice: Washington DC. 810
3 Balcombe, R; Mackett, R; Paulley, N; Preston, J; Shires, J; Titheridge, H; ... White, P; + view all (2004) The demand for public transport: a practical guide. (Transportation Research Laboratory Report TRL593 ). Transportation Research Laboratory: London, UK. 506
4 Denton, G.S.; (2009) CFD simulation of highly transient flows. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 473
5 Liu, M.; (2009) Wider application of additions in self-compacting concrete. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 414
6 Anandamanoharan, P.; (2010) Isolation of enantiomers via diastereomer crystallisation. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 405
7 Haklay, M. and Morley, J. and Rahemtulla, H. (Eds). (2010) Proceedings of the GIS Research UK 18th Annual Conference GISRUK 2010. University College London: London, UK. 383
8 Sheth, B.; (2009) Characterisation of chromatography adsorbents for antibody bioprocessing. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 335
9 Haklay, M; Weber, P; (2008) OpenStreetMap: User-Generated Street Maps. IEEE PERVAS COMPUT , 7 (4) 12 - 18. 321
10 Fujiyama, T; Childs, CR; Boampomg, D; Tyler, N; (2005) Investigation of Lighting Levels for Pedestrians - Some questions about lighting levels of current lighting standards. In: (Proceedings) Walk21-VI, Everyday Walking Culture. 6th International Conference of Walking in the 21st Century. (pp. 1 - 13). Walk21: Zurich, Switzerland. 308
11 Cairns, S; Sloman, L; Newson, C; Anable, J; Kirkbride, A; Goodwin, P; (2004) Smarter choices - changing the way we travel. UCL (University College London), Department for Transport: London, UK. 305
12 Boykov, Y.; Kolmogorov, V.; (2004) An experimental comparison of min-cut/max- flow algorithms for energy minimization in vision. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence , 26 (9) pp. 1124-1137. 10.1109/TPAMI.2004.60. 251
13 Ward, H; Christie, N; Lyons, R; Broughton, J; Clarke, D; Ward, P; (2007) Trends in fatal car-occupant accidents. (Road Safety Research Report 76 ). UCL (University College London), Department for Transport Publications: Wetherby, UK. 246
14 Morgan, RM; Bull, PA; (2007) The use of grain size distribution analysis of sediments and soils in forensic enquiry. Science and Justice , 47 (3) pp. 125-135. 10.1016/j.scijus.2007.02.001. 241
15 Lamanna, DD; Skene, J; Emmerich, W; (2003) SLAng: A Language for Service Level Agreements. In: (Proceedings) Proc. of the 9th IEEE Workshop on Future Trends in Distributed Computing Systems. (pp. 100 - 106). IEEE Computer Society Press 223
16 Goodwin, P; (2004) The economic costs of road traffic congestion. UCL (University College London), The Rail Freight Group: London, UK. 214
17 Wang, H.; (2009) New strategies for low noise, agile PLL frequency synthesis. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 212
18 Kim, Y; Rana, S; Wise, S; (2004) Exploring multiple viewshed analysis using terrain features and optimisation techniques. Computers and Geosciences , 30 (9-10) 1019 - 1032. 201
19 French, A.; (2010) Target recognition techniques for multifunction phased array radar. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 196
20 Morgan, RM; Little, M; Gibson, A; Hicks, L; Dunkerley, S; Bull, PA; (2008) The preservation of quartz grain surface textures following vehicle fire and their use in forensic enquiry. Science and Justice , 48 (3) pp. 13-140. 10.1016/j.scijus.2008.04.001. 190
21 Mazzei, L.; (2008) Eulerian modelling and computational fluid dynamics simulation of mono and polydisperse fluidized suspension. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 186
22 Cai, C.; (2010) Adaptive traffic signal control using approximate dynamic programming. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 168
23 Wang, B.; (2008) Zeolite deactivation during hydrocarbon reactions: characterisation of coke precursors and acidity, product distribution. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 166
24 Adams, A; Sasse, MA; (1999) Users are not the enemy. Communications of the ACM , 42 (12) 41 - 46. 10.1145/322796.322806. 162
25 Kpere-Daibo, T.S.; (2009) Plastic catalytic degradation study of the role of external catalytic surface, catalytic reusability and temperature effects. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 159
26 Doughty, S.R.; (2008) Development and performance evaluation of a multistatic radar system. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 159
27 Blades, N; Marchant, G; Greening, P; (2007) Impacts of crushed rock quarries on historic villages and cultural landscapes. In: Drdracky, MEA, (ed.) (Proceedings) Proceedings of the 7th European Conference "SAUVEUR", Safeguarded Cultural Heritage - Understanding & Viability for the Enlarged Europe. (pp. 61 - 70). : Prague, Czech Republic. 154
28 Wells, J.A.; (2010) Arterial spin labelling magnetic resonance imaging of the brain: techniques and development. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 154
29 Stelmaszewska, H; Blandford, A; (2004) From physical to digital: A case study of computer scientists' behaviour in physical libraries. International Journal on Digital Libraries , 4 (2) 82 - 92. 10.1007/s00799-003-0072-6. 152
30 Wong, K-K; Murch, RD; Letaief, KB; (2002) Performance enhancement of multiuser MIMO wireless communication systems. IEEE Transactions on Communications , 50 , Article 12. 10.1109/TCOMM.2002.806503. 150
31 Smith, G.E.; (2008) Radar target micro-doppler signature classification. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 149
32 Selviah, DR; (2010) Research at Electonic and Electrical Engineering, UCL, University College London. Presented at: An event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first working laser and the award of the 2009 Nobel Prize to Professor Charles Kao CBE FREng FRS, The Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK. 149
33 Ladommatos, N; Xiao, Z; Zhao, H; (2005) The effect of piston bowl temperature on diesel exhaust emissions. P I MECH ENG D-J AUT , 219 (D3) 371 - 388. 10.1243/095440705X6550. 149
34 MacColl, I; Millard, DE; Randell, C; Steed, A; Brown, B; Benford, S; ... Weal, MJ; + view all (2002) Shared visiting in EQUATOR city. In: Broll, W and Greenhalgh, C and Churchill, EF, (eds.) CVE. (pp. 88 - 94). ACM 146
35 Parris, P.; (2010) Molecular simulation studies in the supercritical region. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 145
36 Branston, S.D.; (2010) An investigation of the properties of bacteriophage M13 and the implications for its large-scale bioprocessing. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 145
37 Yang, Y; Yum, TSP; (2003) Delay distributions of slotted ALOHA and CSMA. IEEE Transactions on Communications , 51 (11) 1846 - 1857. 10.1109/TCOMM.2003.819201. 141
38 Teng, Y.; (2010) Fundamental aspects of netted radar performance. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 141
39 Schönborn, A.; (2009) Influence of the molecular structure of biofuels on combustion in a compression ignition engine. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 139
40 Bull, PA; Morgan, RM; Sagovsky, A; Hughes, GAJ; (2006) The transfer and persistence of trace particulates: experimental studies using clothing fabrics. Science and Justice , 46 (3) 185 - 195. 10.1016/S1355-0306(06)71592-1. 139
41 Christopoulou, K.; (2009) A geographic knowledge discovery approach to property valuation. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 138
42 Dui, D; Emmerich, W; (2003) Compatibility of XML language versions. In: Westfechtel, B and Hoek, A, (eds.) Software Configuration Management. Selected Papers of ICSE Workshops SCM 2001 and SCM 2003. (148 - 162). Springer Verlag 137
43 Fujiyama, T; Tyler, N; (2004) An explicit study on walking speeds of pedestrians on stairs. In: (Proceedings) Procs 10th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled People (TRANSED 2004), Hamamatu, Japan. (pp. 643 - 652). Japan Society of Civil Engineers/Transportation Research Board, USA 136
44 Heydecker, B.J.; Robertson, S.A.; (2009) Evaluation of Pedestrian Priority Zones in the European area. Centre for Transport Studies, UCL (University College London): London, UK. 134
45 Selviah, D.; (2007) Effective LCD back-lighting using gratings. Presented at: Successful Displays by Design, Bletchley Park, UK. 133
46 Emmerich, W; (2001) OMG/CORBA: An object-oriented middleware. In: Encyclopedia of Software Engineering. John Wiley & Sons 132
47 Stephenson, E.; (2009) Derivation of human embryonic stem cells to study early development and genetic disease. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 129
48 Sasse, MA; Brostoff, S; Weirich, D; (2001) Transforming the 'weakest link' - a human/computer interaction approach to usable and effective security. BT Technology Journal , 19 (3) 122 - 131. 10.1023/A:1011902718709. 128
49 Sasse, MA; Flechais, I; (2005) Usable Security: Why Do We Need It? How Do We Get It? In: Cranor, LF and Garfinkel, S, (eds.) Security and Usability: Designing secure systems that people can use. (13 - 30). O'Reilly: Sebastopol, US. 128
50 Keval, HU; Sasse, MA; (2008) Can we ID from CCTV: image quality in digital CCTV and face identification performance - art. no. 69820K. In: Agaian, SS and Jassim, SA, (eds.) MOBILE MULTIMEDIA/IMAGE PROCESSING, SECURITY, AND APPLICATIONS 2008. (pp. K9820 - K9820). SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING 123