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Quarterly statistics: Arts and Humanities, Q3 2013

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Bowlby, R; (2006) "I had Barbara": Women's ties and Wharton's "Roman Fever". DIFFERENCES-A JOURNAL OF FEMINIST CULTURAL STUDIES , 17 (3) 37 - 51. 10.1215/10407391-2006-010. 702
2 Mazzara, F.; Philippopoulou, D.; (2001) The challenge of translating Brian Friel's translations. 576
3 Warwick, C.; Terras, M.; Galina, I.; Huntington, P.; Pappa, N.; (2008) Library and information resources and users of digital resources in the humanities. Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems , 42 (1) pp. 5-27. 10.1108/00330330810851555. 496
4 Gooding, P; Terras, M; (2008) 'Grand Theft Archive': a quantitative analysis of the current state of computer game preservation. The International Journal of Digital Curation , 3 (2) Green and gold open access 368
5 Mazzara , F.; (2005) La traduzione come studio culturale. Presented at: Estudios culturales/Cultural Studies - El porvenir de las humanidades, Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo de Valencia, Spain. 325
6 Fiorani, L.; (2009) Roberto Calasso - deconstructing mythology: a reading of Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 318
7 Hermans, T; (1996) Norms and the determination of translation: a theoretical framework. In: Alvarez, R and Vidal, M, (eds.) Translation, Power, Subversion. (25 - 51). Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, England. 292
8 Luyombya, D.; (2010) Framework for effective public digital records management in Uganda. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 254
9 Geber, J.L.; (1998) The East India Company and southern Africa : a guide to the archives of the East India Company and the Board of Control, 1600-1858. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 210
10 Mazzara, F.; (2007) Il dibattito anglo-americano del Novecento sull'ékphrasis. In: Intermedialità ed Ekphrasis nel Prerffaellitismo: Il caso Rossetti. (pp. 1-70). University of Naples: Naples, Italy. 192
11 Williams, S; Terras, M; Warwick, C; (2013) What people study when they study Twitter: Classifying Twitter related academic papers. Journal of Documentation , 69 (3) 192
12 Lee, K.-K.G.; (2010) Power and the translator: Joseph Conrad in Chinese translations during the Republican era (1912-1937). Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 184
13 Abram, C.; (2003) Representations of the pagan afterlife in medieval Scandinavian literature. Doctoral thesis, University of Cambridge. 182
14 Stibbe, A.H.; (2007) Hans Nielsen Hauge and the Prophetic Imagination. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 179
15 Bowman, JH; (2005) Classification in British public libraries: a historical perspective. Library history , 21 (3) 143 - 173. 10.1179/002423005X62196. 172
16 Shepley, N.S.; (2010) Henry Green: an oblique approach to the everyday. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 170
17 Naylor, D.; (1980) E.L.T. Mesens: his contribution to the Dada and Surrealist movements in Belgium and England as artist, poet and dealer. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 167
18 Hadjimichael, T.A.; (2011) Bacchylides and the emergence of the lyric canon. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 167
19 Bright, K; (2002) Shimmering Substance. [Group exhibition]. Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. 2002-04-27 - 2002-06-23. 166
20 Tinker, E.; (2009) Identity and form in alternative comics, 1967 - 2007. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 150
21 Noussia, M; (1999) A commentary on Solon's poems. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 148
22 Terras, M.; (2010) Crowdsourcing cultural heritage: UCL's Transcribe Bentham project. Presented at: Seeing Is Believing: New Technologies For Cultural Heritage. International Society for Knowledge Organization, UCL (University College London). 131
23 Marletta, D.; (2011) Aspects of Dante's theology of redemption: Eden, the Fall, and Christ in Dante with respect to Augustine. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 131
24 Mitchell, C.; Jordan, E.; Schinske, H.; (2007) The letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://hdl.handle.net/10065/337 125
25 Champion-Smith, V.A.; (1998) Pausanias in Athens: an archaeological commentary on the Agora of Athens. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 124
26 Woodward, L.H.; (2009) Diogenes of Babylon: a Stoic on music and ethics. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London). 119
27 Sjögren, K.; (2010) Transgressive femininity: gender in the Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 116
28 Guesnet, F; (1999) 'Wir müssen Warschau unbedingt russisch machen'. Die Mythologisierung der russisch-jüdischen Zuwanderung ins Königreich Polen zu Beginn unseres Jahrhunderts am Beispiel eines polnischen Trivialromans. In: Behring, E and Richter, L and Schwarz, W, (eds.) Geschichtliche Mythen in den Literaturen Ostmittel- und Südosteuropas. (pp. 99 - 116). Franz Steiner Verlag GmbH: Stuttgart, Germany. 114
29 Blanco, M.-J.; (2010) Diaries, letters and reflections: life-writing in Carmen Martín Gaite's Cuadernos de Todo and her novels of the 1990s. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 112
30 Schofield, C.; (2011) Kretan cult and customs, especially in the Classical and Hellenistic periods: a religious, social and political study. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London). 108
31 Choubey, C.A.M.T.W.; (2011) Künstler dieser Zeit: Klaus Mann's Novels of the 1930s. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 106
32 Hewitson, M; (2001) The Kaiserreich in question: Constitutional crisis in Germany before the First World War. J MOD HIST , 73 (4) 725 - 780. 103
33 Evans, J; (1996) A myth in time: Victor Erice's El sur. Journal of Hispanic Research , 4 (1995-1996) 147 - 157. 101
34 Besson, A.; (1988) Classification in private library catalogues of the English Renaissance, 1500-1640. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 100
35 Brown, I; (2001) End-to-end security in active networks. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 98
36 Newton, M.; (1996) The child of nature: The feral child and the state of nature. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 96
37 Heinaman, R; (2002) Plato's division of goods in the Republic. Phronesis , 47 (4) 309 - 335. 10.1163/156852802321016523. 96
38 Lack, R.-F.; (2004) A bout de souffle: the film of the book. Literature/Film Quarterly , XXXII (3) pp. 207-212. 95
39 Lack, RF; (1990) Intertextuality or influence: Kristeva, Bloom and the Poésies of Isidore Ducasse. In: Worton, M and Still, J, (eds.) Intertextuality: theories and practices. (130 - 142). Manchester University Press 93
40 Thomson, CC; (2003) Danmarkshistorier: National Imagination and Novel in Late Twentieth Century Denmark. Doctoral thesis, University of Edinburgh. 93
41 Galina Russell, I.; (2009) Electronic resources and institutional repositories in informal scholarly communication and publishing. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 91
42 Bunn, J.J.; (2011) Multiple narratives, multiple views: observing archival description. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 90
43 Palti, K.R.; (2008) 'Synge we now alle and sum': three Fifteenth-Century collections of communal song: a study of British Library, Sloane MS 2593; Bodleian Library, MS Eng. poet. e.1; and St John’s College, Cambridge, MS S.54. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 90
44 CAKIRLAR, C; (2011) Cinephilic Bodies: Todd Haynes's Cinema of Queer Pastiche. KÜLT: Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies Journal , 1 (1) 162 - 200. 90
45 Parr, LJ; (2003) The history of libraries in Halifax & Huddersfield from the mid-sixteenth century to the coming of the public libraries. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 88
46 Goldstein, D; (1966) The commentary of Immanuel ben Solomon of Rome on chapters I-X of Genesis: introduction, Hebrew text and notes (edited from two manuscripts). Doctoral thesis, University of London. 82
47 Bhambry, T and Griffin, C and Hjelm, JTO and Nicholson, C and Voronina, OG (Eds). (2011) PERPETUAL MOTION? Transformation and Transition in Central and Eastern Europe & Russia. Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe: Vol.8. School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL: London, UK. 82
48 Ballstadt, C.P.A.; (1965) The literary history of the Strickland family: Elizabeth, 1794-1875; Agnes, 1796-1874; Jane Margaret, 1800-1888; Catherine Parr, 1802-1899; Susanna, 1803-1885; Samuel, 1809-1867. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 82
49 TERRAS, M; (2011) Mediated Memories in the Digital Age, J. van Dijck, Stanford University Press. [Review]. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews , 36 (1) pp. 90-96. 10.1179/030801811X12941390545843. 81
50 Gutwirth, E.; (1978) Social tensions within XVth century Hispano-Jewish communities. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 79