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Quarterly statistics: Arts and Humanities, Q2 2013

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Mazzara, F. and Philippopoulou, D. (2001) The challenge of translating Brian Friel's translations. 1375
2 Williams, S and Terras, M and Warwick, C (2013) What people study when they study Twitter: Classifying Twitter related academic papers. Journal of Documentation , 69 (3) 892
3 Bowlby, R (2006) "I had Barbara": Women's ties and Wharton's "Roman Fever". DIFFERENCES-A JOURNAL OF FEMINIST CULTURAL STUDIES , 17 (3) 37 - 51. 10.1215/10407391-2006-010. 761
4 Mazzara , F. (2005) La traduzione come studio culturale. Presented at: Estudios culturales/Cultural Studies - El porvenir de las humanidades, Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo de Valencia, Spain. 477
5 Warwick, C. and Terras, M. and Galina, I. and Huntington, P. and Pappa, N. (2008) Library and information resources and users of digital resources in the humanities. Program: Electronic Library and Information Systems , 42 (1) pp. 5-27. 10.1108/00330330810851555. 469
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7 Brown, I (2001) End-to-end security in active networks. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 318
8 Mazzara, F. (2007) Il dibattito anglo-americano del Novecento sull'ékphrasis. In: Intermedialità ed Ekphrasis nel Prerffaellitismo: Il caso Rossetti. (pp. 1-70). University of Naples: Naples, Italy. 291
9 Luyombya, D. (2010) Framework for effective public digital records management in Uganda. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 277
10 Lack, RF (1990) Intertextuality or influence: Kristeva, Bloom and the Poésies of Isidore Ducasse. In: Worton, M and Still, J, (eds.) Intertextuality: theories and practices. (130 - 142). Manchester University Press 258
11 Fiorani, L. (2009) Roberto Calasso - deconstructing mythology: a reading of Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 257
12 Shepley, N.S. (2010) Henry Green: an oblique approach to the everyday. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 233
13 Gooding, P and Terras, M (2008) 'Grand Theft Archive': a quantitative analysis of the current state of computer game preservation. The International Journal of Digital Curation , 3 (2) 233
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15 Stibbe, A.H. (2007) Hans Nielsen Hauge and the Prophetic Imagination. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 190
16 Bright, K (2002) Shimmering Substance. [Group exhibition]. Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. 2002-04-27 - 2002-06-23. 188
17 Terras, M. (2010) Crowdsourcing cultural heritage: UCL's Transcribe Bentham project. Presented at: Seeing Is Believing: New Technologies For Cultural Heritage. International Society for Knowledge Organization, UCL (University College London). 182
18 Sjögren, K. (2010) Transgressive femininity: gender in the Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 177
19 Lee, K.-K.G. (2010) Power and the translator: Joseph Conrad in Chinese translations during the Republican era (1912-1937). Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 176
20 Mitchell, C. and Jordan, E. and Schinske, H. (2007) The letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://hdl.handle.net/10065/337 171
21 Worton, M. (2008) Reading Kate Chopin through contemporary French feminist theory. In: Beer, J., (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Kate Chopin. (pp. 105-117). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. 163
22 Hewitson, M (2001) The Kaiserreich in question: Constitutional crisis in Germany before the First World War. J MOD HIST , 73 (4) 725 - 780. 160
23 Abram, C. (2003) Representations of the pagan afterlife in medieval Scandinavian literature. Doctoral thesis, University of Cambridge. 148
24 Guesnet, F (1997) Zydowskie i niemieckie organizacje w Lodzi XIX wieku: typy i stosunki. In: Samusia, P, (ed.) Polacy - Niemcy - Zydzi w Lodzi w XIX-XX w. Sasiedzi dalecy i bliscy. (162 - 191). Ibidem: Kurowice, Poland. 147
25 Hadjimichael, T.A. (2011) Bacchylides and the emergence of the lyric canon. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 146
26 Marletta, D. (2011) Aspects of Dante's theology of redemption: Eden, the Fall, and Christ in Dante with respect to Augustine. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 140
27 Pickering, P.E. (1999) Verbal repetition in Greek tragedy. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 134
28 Evans, J (1996) A myth in time: Victor Erice's El sur. Journal of Hispanic Research , 4 (1995-1996) 147 - 157. 133
29 Champion-Smith, V.A. (1998) Pausanias in Athens: an archaeological commentary on the Agora of Athens. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 132
30 Tinker, E. (2009) Identity and form in alternative comics, 1967 - 2007. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 128
31 Choubey, C.A.M.T.W. (2011) Künstler dieser Zeit: Klaus Mann’s Novels of the 1930s. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 126
32 Woodward, L.H. (2009) Diogenes of Babylon: a Stoic on music and ethics. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London). 124
33 Lack, R.-F. (2004) A bout de souffle: the film of the book. Literature/Film Quarterly , XXXII (3) pp. 207-212. 123
34 Naylor, D. (1980) E.L.T. Mesens: his contribution to the Dada and Surrealist movements in Belgium and England as artist, poet and dealer. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 122
35 CAKIRLAR, C (2011) Cinephilic Bodies: Todd Haynes's Cinema of Queer Pastiche. KÜLT: Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies Journal , 1 (1) 162 - 200. 122
36 McGovern, N.Y. (2009) Technology responsiveness for digital preservation: a model. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 116
37 Schofield, C. (2011) Kretan cult and customs, especially in the Classical and Hellenistic periods: a religious, social and political study. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London). 109
38 Newton, M. (1996) The child of nature: The feral child and the state of nature. Doctoral thesis, University of London. 101
39 Bhambry, T and Griffin, C and Hjelm, JTO and Nicholson, C and Voronina, OG (Eds). (2011) PERPETUAL MOTION? Transformation and Transition in Central and Eastern Europe & Russia. Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe: Vol.8. School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL: London, UK. 101
40 Hermans, T (1999) Translation and normativity. In: Schaeffner, C, (ed.) Translation and Norms. (50 - 71). Multilingual Matters: Clevedon, England. 100
41 Thomson, CC (2003) Danmarkshistorier: National Imagination and Novel in Late Twentieth Century Denmark. Doctoral thesis, University of Edinburgh. 97
42 Palti, K.R. (2008) 'Synge we now alle and sum': three Fifteenth-Century collections of communal song: a study of British Library, Sloane MS 2593; Bodleian Library, MS Eng. poet. e.1; and St John’s College, Cambridge, MS S.54. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). 88
43 Hilson, MF and K, V and N, (2007) Reflections on trans-national comparative history from an Anglo-Swedish perspective. Historisk Tidskrift (Sweden) , 127 (4) 717 - 737. 87
44 Aarts, B. (2002) 'Grammatici certant. Review article of 'The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language'(2002) by Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Pullum. Journal of Linguistics , 40 (2) pp. 365-382. 10.1017/S0022226704002555. 84
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50 Hermans, T (2002) The Production and Reproduction of Translation: System Theory and Historical Context. In: Paker, S, (ed.) Translations: (Re)shaping of Literature and Culture. (175 - 194). Bogazici University Press: Istanbul. 78