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Top 50 most-downloaded, Quarter 2 2010

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Blow, L. and Leicester, A. and Oldfield, Z. (2003) London's congestion charge. IFS Briefing Notes (BN31). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 2903
2 Sinclair, J.R. (2010) Proteomic analysis of cell models of ovarian cancer tumour suppression. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 1097
3 Leicester, A. and Windmeijer, F. (2004) The 'fat tax': economic incentives to reduce obesity. IFS Briefing Notes (BN49). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 1065
4 Dustmann, C. and Casanova, M. and Fertig, M. and Preston, I. and Schmidt, C.M. (2003) The impact of EU enlargement on migration flows. Home Office Online Report (25/03). Research Development and Statistics Directorate, Home Office, London, UK. 1039
5 Dustmann, C. and Fabbri, F. and Preston, I. and Wadsworth, J. (2003) The local labour market effects of migration in the UK. Home Office Online Report (06/03). Research Development and Statistics Directorate, Home Office, London, UK. 955
6 Sharp, H. and Finkelstein, A. and Galal, G. (1999) Stakeholder identification in the requirements engineering process. In: Proceedings of 10th International Workshop on Database & Expert Systems Applications (DEXA). IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 387-391. 604
7 Brewer, M. and Clark, T. and Goodman, A. (2002) The government's child poverty target: how much progress has been made? IFS Commentaries (C088). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 565
8 Young, S.S. and Harris, R. (2005) Changing patterns of global-scale vegetation photosynthesis, 1982-1999. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 26 (20). pp. 4537-4563. ISSN 01431161 508
9 Mazzara, F. and Philippopoulou, D. (2001) The challenge of translating Brian Friel's translations. 495
10 Wakefield, M. (2003) Is middle Britain middle-income Britain? IFS Briefing Notes (BN38). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 477
11 Garety, P.A. and Kuipers, E. and Fowler, D. and Freeman, D. and Bebbington, P.E. (2001) A cognitive model of the positive symptoms of psychosis. Psychological Medicine, 31 (2). pp. 189-195. ISSN 00332917 475
12 Croxford, B. and Scott, K. (2006) Can PV or Solar Thermal be cost effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions for residential buildings? In: Campbell-Howe, R., (ed.) Solar 2006: renewable energy, key to climate recovery. National Solar Conference Proceedings . American Solar Energy Society, Denver, USA. 460
13 Owor, M. (2010) Groundwater - surface water interactions on deeply weathered surfaces of low relief in the Upper Nile Basin of Uganda. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 453
14 Kassem, A.H. (2006) The legal aspects of seaworthiness: current law and development. Doctoral thesis, Swansea University 448
15 Watson, J. (2005) The LIFE project research review: mapping the landscape, riding a life cycle. Literature review. London, UK. 419
16 Bate, S.P. and Robert, G. (2002) Knowledge management and communities of practice in the private sector: lessons for modernising the National Health Service in England and Wales. Public Administration, 80 (4). pp. 643-663. ISSN 00333298 395
17 Brewer, M. and Gregg, P. (2001) Eradicating child poverty in Britain: welfare reform and children since 1997. IFS Working Papers (W01/08). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 377
18 Pilling, S. and Bebbington, P. and Kuipers, E. and Garety, P. and Geddes, J. and Orbach, G. and Morgan, C. (2002) Psychological treatments in schizophrenia: I. Meta-analysis of family intervention and cognitive behaviour therapy. Psychological Medicine, 32 (5). 763 - 782. ISSN 00332917 376
19 Wardle, J. and Guthrie, C.A. and Sanderson, S. and Rapoport, L. (2001) Development of the Children's Eating Behaviour Questionnaire. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 42 (7). pp. 963-970. ISSN 00219630 345
20 Brewer, M. (2003) The new tax credits. IFS Briefing Notes (BN35). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 332
21 Doughty, S.R. (2008) Development and performance evaluation of a multistatic radar system. Doctoral thesis, University of London 322
22 Fujiyama, T. and Childs, C. and Boampong, D. and Tyler, N. (2005) Investigation of lighting levels for pedestrians: some questions about lighting levels of current lighting standards. In: Walk21-VI "Everyday Walking Culture", The 6th International Conference on Walking in the 21st Century, 22-23 Sep 2005, Zurich, Switzerland. 316
23 Parton, A. and Husain, M. (2004) Spatial Neglect. Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, 4 (4). pp.17 - 18. ISSN 14739348 310
24 Bekker, H. and Thornton, J.G. and Airey, C.M. and Connelly, J.B. and Hewison, J. and Robinson, M.B. and Lilleyman, J. and MacIntosh, M. and Maule, A.J. and Michie, S. and Pearman, A.D. (1999) Informed decision making: an annotated bibliography and systematic review. HTA Journal Series (3 (1)). The National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment, Southampton, UK. 309
25 Hillier, B. (2007) Space is the machine: a configurational theory of architecture. Space Syntax, London, UK. 301
26 Krashia, P. (2009) Recombinant glycine receptors: stoichiometry and kinetics. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 296
27 Loebinger, M.R. (2009) Mesenchymal stem cells as vectors for anti-tumour therapy. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 289
28 Adell, German (1999) Theories and models of the peri-urban interface: a changing conceptual landscape. Literature review. Development Planning Unit, UCL, London, UK. 286
29 Caprotti, F. (2009) China's cleantech landscape: the renewable energy technology paradox. Sustainable Development Law and Policy, 9 (3). pp. 6-10. ISSN 15523721 284
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31 Bate, P. and Bevan, H. and Robert, G. (2005) 'Towards a million change agents' A review of the social movements literature: implications for large scale change in the NHS. Literature review. NHS (National Health Service), UK. 275
32 Cooke, L.J. and Wardle, J. (2005) Age and gender differences in children's food preferences. British Journal of Nutrition, 93 (5). pp. 741-746. ISSN 00071145 270
33 Lababedi, Z. (2008) The urban development of Damascus: a study of its past, present and future. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London) 268
34 Devereux, M.P. and Griffith, R. and Klemm, A. (2004) How has the UK corporation tax raised so much revenue? IFS Working Papers (W04/04). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 263
35 Deveraux, M. and Griffith, R and Klemm, A. (2002) Corporate income tax reforms and international tax competition. Economic Policy, 17 (35). pp. 449-495. ISSN 02664658 263
36 Selviah, D.R. and Wang, K. and Xia, M. (2005) Modelling new backlight technologies. In: UK Displays Network "Lighting and Backlighting" Seminar, 2 Nov 2005, Bletchley Park, UK. 262
37 Alessandrini, M. and Buccellato, T. (2008) China, India and Russia: economic reforms, structural change and regional disparities. Economics Working Papers (97). Centre for the Study of Economic and Social Change in Europe, SSEES, UCL, London, UK. 254
38 Haklay, M. and Weber, P. (2008) OpenStreetMap: user-generated street maps. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 7 (4). pp. 12-18. ISSN 15361268 245
39 Chojnacki, P. (2009) The making of Polish London through everyday life, 1956-1976. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 243
40 Haq, M.I. (2009) The impact of a needs-based educational programme on General Practitioners' confidence and skill in managing common musculoskeletal problems. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 238
41 Paksukcharern Thammaruangsri, K. (2003) Node and Place, a study on the spatial process of railway terminus area redevelopment in central London. Doctoral thesis, University of London 237
42 Blades, N. and Kruppa, D. and Cassar, M. (2002) Development of a web-based software tool for predicting the occurrence and effect of air pollutants inside museum buildings. In: Vontobel, R., (ed.) ICOM Committee for Conservation, 13th Triennial Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, 22-27 September 2002. Maney Publishing, London, UK, pp. 9-14. 232
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44 Narband, N. (2009) Nanoparticles and photosensitisers; their interactions and antibacterial properties. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 226
45 Hillier, B. and Vaughan, L. (2007) The city as one thing. Progress in Planning, 67 (3). pp. 205-230. ISSN 03059006 226
46 Banks, J. and Blundell, R. and Smith, J.P. (2000) Wealth inequality in the United States and Great Britain. IFS Working Papers (W00/20). Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK. 219
47 Goodwin, P. (2004) The economic costs of road traffic congestion. The Rail Freight Group, London, UK. 218
48 McLeod, R. and Wheatley, P. and Ayris, P. (2006) Lifecycle information for e-literature: full report from the LIFE project. LIFE Project, London, UK. 216
49 Conroy Dalton, R. and Bafna, S. (2003) The syntactical image of the city: a reciprocal definition of spatial elements and spatial syntaxes. In: 4th International Space Syntax Symposium, 17-19 June 2003, London, UK. 214
50 Tinker, E. (2009) Identity and form in alternative comics, 1967-2007. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London) 212