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Top 50 most-downloaded, Quarter 2 2009

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Smelik, W. (2001) Sources for manuscripts of Targumic literature in public collections. Selective bibliography: catalogues. Bibliography.657
2 Finkelstein, A. and Kramer, J. (2000) Software engineering: a roadmap. In: Finkelstein, A., (ed.) The Future of Software Engineering 2000: 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering. ACM Press, New York, US, pp. 3-24. ISBN 9781581132533473
3 Sharp, H. and Finkelstein, A. and Galal, G. (1999) Stakeholder identification in the requirements engineering process. In: Proceedings of 10th International Workshop on Database & Expert Systems Applications (DEXA). IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 387-391.412
4 Croxford, B. and Scott, K. (2006) Can PV or Solar Thermal be cost effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions for residential buildings? In: Campbell-Howe, R., (ed.) Solar 2006: renewable energy, key to climate recovery. National Solar Conference Proceedings . American Solar Energy Society, Denver, USA.345
5 Marmot, M. (2005) Social determinants of health inequalities. Lancet, 365 (9464). pp. 1099-1104. ISSN 01406736323
6 Marmot, M. (2005) Social determinants of health inequalities. Lancet, 365 (9464). pp. 1099-1104. ISSN 01406736323
7 Kassem, A.H. (2006) The legal aspects of seaworthiness: current law and development. Doctoral thesis, Swansea University.302
8 Mitchell, C. and Jordan, E. and Schinske, H. (2007) The letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske. [Database/dataset]252
9 Chien, C.H. and Bucknall, R.W.G. (2007) Analysis of harmonics in subsea power transmission cables used in VSC-HVDC transmission systems operating under steady-state conditions. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 22 (4). pp. 2489-2497. ISSN 08858977241
10 Christopoulou, K. (2009) A geographic knowledge discovery approach to property valuation. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).236
11 Makri, S. (2009) A study of lawyers. information behaviour leading to the development of two methods for evaluating electronic resources. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).229
12 Paksukcharern Thammaruangsri, K. (2003) Node and Place, a study on the spatial process of railway terminus area redevelopment in central London. Doctoral thesis, University of London.214
13 Adell, German (1999) Theories and models of the peri-urban interface: a changing conceptual landscape. Literature review. Development Planning Unit, UCL, London, UK.212
14 Emmerich, W. (2001) Component technologies: Java Beans, COM, CORBA, RMI, EJB and the CORBA component model. In: Proceedings of the 8th European software engineering conference held jointly with 9th ACM SIGSOFT international symposium on foundations of software engineering, Vienna, Austria. ACM Press, New York, New York, USA, pp. 311-312. ISBN 1581133901212
15 Narband, N. (2009) Nanoparticles and photosensitisers; their interactions and antibacterial properties. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).185
16 Kalra, D. (2006) Electronic health record standards. In: Haux, R. and Kulikowski, C., (eds.) IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2006. International Medical Informatics Association and Schattauer, Stuttgart, Germany, pp. 136-144. ISBN 9783794525256181
17 van Ree, H. and McLennan, P. (2006) Facilities management service quality indicators - benefiting supplier and customer. In: Proceedings of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Construction Innovation's Second International Conference - Clients Driving Innovation: Moving Ideas into Practice. CRC for Construction Innovation, Brisbane, Australia.179
18 Young, S.S. and Harris, R. (2005) Changing patterns of global-scale vegetation photosynthesis, 1982.1999. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 26 (20). pp. 4537-4563. ISSN 01431161178
19 Rothman, L.S. and Jacquemart, D. and Barbe, A. and Chris Benner, D. and Birk, M. and Brown, L.R. and Carleer, M.R. and Chackerian Jr., C. and Chance, K. and Coudert, L.H. and Dana, V. and Devi, V.M. and Flaud, J.-M. and Gamache, R.R. and Goldman, A. and Hartmann, J.-M. and Jucks, K.W. and Maki, A.G. and Mandin, J.-Y. and Massie, S.T. and Orphal, J. and Perrin, A. and Rinsland, C.P. and Smith, M.A.H. and Tennyson, J. and Tolchenov, R.N. and Toth, R.A. and Vander Auwera, J. and Varanasi, P. and Wagner, G. (2005) The HITRAN 2004 molecular spectroscopic database. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 96 (2). pp. 139-204. ISSN 00224073176
20 Linardou, O. (2008) Towards homeostatic architecture: simulation of the generative process of a termite mound construction. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London).175
21 Davies, G. (1998) Networks of nature: stories of natural history film-making from the BBC. Doctoral thesis, University of London.174
22 Vaughan, L. (2007) The spatial form of poverty in Charles Booth's London. Progress in Planning, 67 (3). pp. 231-250. ISSN 03059006174
23 Abram, C. (2003) Representations of the pagan afterlife in medieval Scandinavian literature. Doctoral thesis, University of Cambridge.161
24 Smith, Ben and Fowler, David G. and Freeman, Daniel and Bebbington, Paul and Bashforth, Hannah and Garety, Philippa and Dunn, Graham and Kuipers, Elizabeth (2006) Emotion and psychosis: links between depression, self-esteem, negative schematic beliefs and delusions and hallucinations. Schizophrenia Research, 86 (1-3). pp. 181-188. ISSN 09209964160
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27 Potts, H.W.W. (2005) Online support groups: an overlooked resource for patients. He@lth Information on the Internet, 44 (1). pp. 6-8. ISSN 14604140157
28 Thomson, Catherine Claire (2003) Danmarkshistorier: National imagination and novel in late twentieth-century Denmark. Doctoral thesis, University of Edinburgh.157
29 Hillier, B. (2007) Space is the machine: a configurational theory of architecture. Space Syntax, London, UK. ISBN 9780955622403156
30 Cairns, S. and Sloman, L. and Newson, C. and Anable, J. and Kirkbride, A. and Goodwin, P. (2004) Smarter choices - changing the way we travel. Research report. Department for Transport, London, UK.155
31 Delves, P.J. (2002) The development of contraceptive vaccines. Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs, 11 (9). pp. 1225-1237. ISSN 13543784155
32 Ward, H. (2003) The history and development of speed camera use in Great Britain. Research report. Monash University Accident Research Centre, Australia.154
33 Selviah, D.R. and Wang, K. and Xia, M. (2005) Modelling new backlight technologies. In: UK Displays Network "Lighting and Backlighting" Seminar, 2 Nov 2005, Bletchley Park, UK.151
34 Finkelstein, A. and Emmerich, W. (2000) The future of requirements management tools. In: Quirchmayr, G. and Wagner, R. and Wimmer, M., (eds.) Information Systems in Public Administration and Law. Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft (Austrian Computer Society).151
35 Baker, C. (2006) The politics of performance: transnationalism and its limits in former Yugoslav popular music, 1999-2004. Ethnopolitics, 5 (3). pp. 275-293. ISSN 1744-9057146
36 Hataya, Noriko (2007) The illusion of community participation: experience in the irregular settlements of Bogotá Doctoral thesis, University of London.145
37 Goodwin, P. (2004) The economic costs of road traffic congestion. Discussion paper. The Rail Freight Group, London, UK.144
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42 Selviah, D. (2007) Effective LCD back-lighting using gratings. In: Successful Displays by Design, 17 Oct 2007 , Bletchley Park, UK.140
43 Kunze, J. (2005) The revival of high-rise living in the UK and issues of cost and revenue in relation to height. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London).138
44 Wright, Lloyd (2004) The limits of technology: achieving transport efficiency in developing nations. In: International Conference for Renewable Energies, 1-4 Jun 2004, Bonn, Germany.138
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48 Blades, N. and Marchant , G. and Greening , P. (2007) Impact of crushed rock quarries on historic villages and cultural landscapes. In: Drdacky, M. and Chapuis, M., (eds.) Proceedings of the 7th EC Conference 'Sauveur' Safeguarded Cultural Heritage Underdstanding & Viability for the Enlarged Europe. Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic / European Communities, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 61-70.132
49 Reynolds, L.A. and Tansey, E.M. , eds. (2008) Superbugs and superdrugs: a history of MRSA. Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine (32). Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, London, UK. ISBN 9780854841141130
50 Lababedi, Z. (2008) The urban development of Damascus: a study of its past, present and future. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London).130