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Monthly statistics: October 2007

Rank Paper Downloads
1 McLeod, R. and Wheatley, P. and Ayris, P. (2006) Lifecycle information for e-literature: full report from the LIFE project. Research report. LIFE Project, London, UK. 200
2 Christie, N. and Towner, E. and Cairns, S. and Ward, H. (2004) Children’s road traffic safety: an international survey of policy and practice. Road Safety Research Report, no.47. Research report. Department for Transport, London, UK. 169
3 Washer, P. and Joffe, H. (2006) The hospital ‘superbug’: social representations of MRSA. Social Science and Medicine, 63 (8). pp. 2141-2152. ISSN 02779536 160
4 Kunze, J. (2005) The revival of high-rise living in the UK and issues of cost and revenue in relation to height. Thesis (Masters), UCL (University College London). 156
5 Bichard, J. and Hanson, J. and Greed, C. (2007) Who put the P in Policy? The reality of guidelines and legislation in the design of the accessible toilet. In: Include 2007: designing with people. International Conference on Inclusive Design, 2-4 April 2007, London, UK. 151
6 Milutinović, Z. (2007) Melanholija i humor J.S. Popovića. In: Simović, L., (eds). Jovan Sterija Popović. Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 77-89. 135
7 Tagalakis, Aristides D. and Owen, James S. and Simons, J. Paul (2005) Lack of RNA-DNA oligonucleotide (chimeraplast) mutagenic activity in mouse embryos. Molecular Reproduction and Development, 71 (2). pp. 140-144. ISSN 1040452X 134
8 Croxford, B. and Scott, K. (2006) Can PV or Solar Thermal be cost effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions for residential buildings? In: Campbell-Howe, R., (eds). Solar 2006: renewable energy, key to climate recovery. National Solar Conference Proceedings. American Solar Energy Society, Denver, USA. 131
9 Kalra, D. (2002) Clinical foundations and information architecture for the implementation of a federated health record service. Thesis (Doctoral.PhD), UCL (University College London). 130
10 Selviah, D.R. and Wang, K. and Xia, M. (2005) Modelling new backlight technologies. In: UK Displays Network "Lighting and Backlighting" Seminar, 2 Nov 2005, Bletchley Park, UK. 129
11 Abram, C. (2003) Representations of the pagan afterlife in medieval Scandinavian literature. Thesis (Doctoral), University of Cambridge. 126
12 Cassar, M. (2005) Climate change and the historic environment. Centre for Sustainable Heritage, University College London, London, UK. ISBN 0954483065 112
13 Adell, German (1999) Theories and models of the peri-urban interface: a changing conceptual landscape. Literature review. Development Planning Unit, UCL, London, UK. 102
14 Kulpa, R. (2004) Trylogia miłości: antropologiczne spojrzenie na film gejowski (Torch song trilogy: anthropological view on gay film). Kwartalnik Filmowy, 47-48. ISSN 04529502 99
15 Vaughan, L. and Penn, A. (2006) Jewish immigrant settlement patterns in Manchester and Leeds 1881. Urban Studies, 43 (3). pp. 653-671. ISSN 00420980 96
16 McLeod, R. and Wheatley, P. and Ayris, P. (2006) Lifecycle information for e-literature: a summary from the LIFE project. Research report. LIFE Project, London, UK. 95
17 Watt, Richard G. and Harnett, Robert and Daly, Blanaid and Fuller, Sabrina S. and Kay, Elizabeth and Morgan, Antony and Munday, Polly and Nowjack-Raymer, Ruth and Treasure, Elizabeth T. (2006) Evaluating oral health promotion: need for quality outcome measures. Community Dentistry And Oral Epidemiology, 34 (1). pp. 11-17. ISSN 03015661 95
18 Miller, William L. (1995) The picture and the letter: male and female creativity in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Thesis (Doctoral.PhD), University of New South Wales. 94
19 Vaughan, L. (2002) The unplanned 'ghetto': immigrant work patterns in 19th century Manchester. In: Cities of Tomorrow: the 10th Conference of the International Planning History Society, July 2002, University of Westminster, London, UK. 91
20 Holloway, E.A. and West, R.J. (2007) Integrated breathing and relaxation training (the Papworth method) for adults with asthma in primary care: a randomised controlled trial. Thorax. ISSN 00406376 (In press) 86