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Monthly statistics: July 2009

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Leicester, A. and Windmeijer, F. (2004) The 'fat tax': economic incentives to reduce obesity. Technical report. IFS Briefing Notes (BN49). The Institute for Fiscal Studies, London, UK.141
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6 Croxford, B. and Scott, K. (2006) Can PV or Solar Thermal be cost effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions for residential buildings? In: Campbell-Howe, R., (ed.) Solar 2006: renewable energy, key to climate recovery. National Solar Conference Proceedings . American Solar Energy Society, Denver, USA.96
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9 Mitchell, C. and Jordan, E. and Schinske, H. (2007) The letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske. [Database/dataset]79
10 Kassem, A.H. (2006) The legal aspects of seaworthiness: current law and development. Doctoral thesis, Swansea University.66
11 Chien, C.H. and Bucknall, R.W.G. (2007) Analysis of harmonics in subsea power transmission cables used in VSC-HVDC transmission systems operating under steady-state conditions. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 22 (4). pp. 2489-2497. ISSN 0885897766
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14 Paksukcharern Thammaruangsri, K. (2003) Node and Place, a study on the spatial process of railway terminus area redevelopment in central London. Doctoral thesis, University of London.61
15 van Ree, H. and McLennan, P. (2006) Facilities management service quality indicators - benefiting supplier and customer. In: Proceedings of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Construction Innovation's Second International Conference - Clients Driving Innovation: Moving Ideas into Practice. CRC for Construction Innovation, Brisbane, Australia.57
16 Reynolds, L.A. and Tansey, E.M. , eds. (2008) Clinical pharmacology in the UK, c. 1950.2000: influences and institutions. Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine (33). Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, London, UK. ISBN 978085484117257
17 Wang, H. (2009) New strategies for low noise, agile PLL frequency synthesis. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).57
18 Selviah, D.R. and Wang, K. and Xia, M. (2005) Modelling new backlight technologies. In: UK Displays Network "Lighting and Backlighting" Seminar, 2 Nov 2005, Bletchley Park, UK.55
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20 Reynolds, L.A. and Tansey, E.M., eds. (2008) Superbugs and superdrugs: a history of MRSA. Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine (32). Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, London, UK. ISBN 978085484114150