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Monthly statistics: April 2009

Rank Paper Downloads
1 Finkelstein, A. and Kramer, J. (2000) Software engineering: a roadmap. In: Finkelstein, A., (ed.) The Future of Software Engineering 2000: 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering. ACM Press, New York, US, pp. 3-24. ISBN 9781581132533185
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9 Paksukcharern Thammaruangsri, K. (2003) Node and Place, a study on the spatial process of railway terminus area redevelopment in central London. Doctoral thesis, University of London.99
10 Chien, C.H. and Bucknall, R.W.G. (2007) Analysis of harmonics in subsea power transmission cables used in VSC-HVDC transmission systems operating under steady-state conditions. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 22 (4). pp. 2489-2497. ISSN 0885897798
11 Adell, German (1999) Theories and models of the peri-urban interface: a changing conceptual landscape. Literature review. Development Planning Unit, UCL, London, UK.96
12 Mitchell, C. and Jordan, E. and Schinske, H. (2007) The letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske. [Database/dataset]86
13 Narband, N. (2009) Nanoparticles and photosensitisers; their interactions and antibacterial properties. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).83
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15 Vaughan, L. (2007) The spatial form of poverty in Charles Booth's London. Progress in Planning, 67 (3). pp. 231-250. ISSN 0305900676
16 Linardou, O. (2008) Towards homeostatic architecture: simulation of the generative process of a termite mound construction. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London).76
17 Davies, G. (1998) Networks of nature: stories of natural history film-making from the BBC. Doctoral thesis, University of London.73
18 Potts, H.W.W. (2005) Online support groups: an overlooked resource for patients. He@lth Information on the Internet, 44 (1). pp. 6-8. ISSN 1460414073
19 Cairns, S. and Sloman, L. and Newson, C. and Anable, J. and Kirkbride, A. and Goodwin, P. (2004) Smarter choices - changing the way we travel. Research report. Department for Transport, London, UK.72
20 Rothman, L.S. and Jacquemart, D. and Barbe, A. and Chris Benner, D. and Birk, M. and Brown, L.R. and Carleer, M.R. and Chackerian Jr., C. and Chance, K. and Coudert, L.H. and Dana, V. and Devi, V.M. and Flaud, J.-M. and Gamache, R.R. and Goldman, A. and Hartmann, J.-M. and Jucks, K.W. and Maki, A.G. and Mandin, J.-Y. and Massie, S.T. and Orphal, J. and Perrin, A. and Rinsland, C.P. and Smith, M.A.H. and Tennyson, J. and Tolchenov, R.N. and Toth, R.A. and Vander Auwera, J. and Varanasi, P. and Wagner, G. (2005) The HITRAN 2004 molecular spectroscopic database. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 96 (2). pp. 139-204. ISSN 0022407372